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New Original Docu-Series ‘Blackboard Wars’ Premieres March 2 on OWN (Watch Preview)

New Original Docu-Series 'Blackboard Wars' Premieres March 2 on OWN (Watch Preview)

More new original series from OWN… this time a 6-episode series that follows the dramatic transformation of New Orleans’ John McDonogh High School.

All the details via press release from OWN… watch a preview of the series after:


Los Angeles – OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s new original docu-series “Blackboard Wars,” depicting the dramatic transformation of New Orleans’ John McDonogh High School, premieres Saturday, March 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with six weekly one-hour episodes.

“Blackboard Wars” centers on a high school tarnished by failing academic performance and stigmatized by a culture of violence. Granted unprecedented access, cameras go behind the scenes to follow education maverick Steve Barr and no-nonsense principal Dr. Marvin Thompson as they embark together on an unpredictable mission to reinvent and revive the struggling school.

In January 2012, the New Orleans state-run Recovery School District announced the selection of charter organization Future is Now Schools: New Orleans (FIN: NOLA) to operate a Type 5 Charter of John McDonogh High School starting with the 2012-13 school year. FIN CEO Steve Barr, who had previously overseen the transition of Locke High School in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, hired a new staff led by principal Dr. Marvin Thompson. Together, the new John McDonogh staff lay out clear expectations for student behavior and daily attendance while working to create a safe environment for students as they foster school pride and unity.

Throughout the series, viewers will witness the daily challenges the staff face as their students struggle with a range of emotionally demanding obstacles including homelessness, violence, drug use and teenage pregnancy. Tensions mount as teachers struggle to earn the trust of the students amidst intense scrutiny from the community. The staffmust pull together as they strive to establish the new vision for the high school and provide a better future for their students.

“Blackboard Wars” is produced by Discovery Studios, executive produced by Eddie Barbini and JeffKuntz.

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I have a son gose to John McDonogh high school and I have seen some thing s that kid shouldn't do they would fight every day the nopd was at school every day one day I went to school for my son I smell marijuana smoke comeing from the b ath room and they set the bath room trash can on fire last year and the staff kept the bath room lock some of the teacher quit because they coudn't handle the students class room was loud and wild students would eat, cell phone, i pods there was no repect for the teacher . The good stuffer for the bad because people thought that all students that went to John McDonogh high school was thugs and didn't have manners thats what gave the school a bad name where was some tough moments at school some parents is going to be mad about this show the black boards war but they are just telling the true storie that as parents they don't teach there children no manners at home or how to repect other they up hold there children when they do something wrong at school I as a parent of a seventeen year old son I tell him to be a leader not follower I teach my son repcet, manners . John McDonogh high school is a good school need a little work to make it "A" number one school again there are some good students then there the bad but they can be taught how to be good again they need some one who care they can talk to that understand what they are goning through as teenagers parents these days don't take time to talk to there children or teach them the right way to go in life thats why students at school act that way I think some parents just don't give a dam and think school is there play sitter so they don't have to be bother . This show is goning to tell the true that some parents an't doning there job at home I will watch the show on Own parents you need to watch to and make some changes in your and child life teach them how to repect there teacher and school teach manners do your job children are the future of the world.


This is Must See TV!


Another must-see OWN program and {gasp} there are black teachers and a black principal trying to put their black students on the right path. Six episodes doesn't seem like much though.


I'm inspired!!

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