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OOPS! ‘American Idol’s’ Ratings Drop Big

OOPS! 'American Idol's' Ratings Drop Big

Of course everyone knows that Fox brought in Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as judges on American Idol this season to boost the ratings of their flagging reality talent show.

Well, looks like it’s not working…

The show’s 12th season opener premiered with the lowest ratings ever since 2002, down some 19% from 2011’s opening premiere. And that show’s ratings were down 24% from 2010’s opening show; and the year before that the ratings were down by 17%.

Which begs the question – is anyone watching this show anymore? Why not just cancel it and call it a day?

Still, despite the terrible numbers AI still gave Fox one of it’s highest rated nights for this seasons. Which begs another question – if that’s the case, then is anyone watching Fox anymore?

The head of reality programming at Fox, MIke Darnell, tried to put a spin on the disappointing numbers: “We knew the show would be down, but god bless it did a very good number; it was much bigger than The Voice’s premiere.”

He went on to blame the low numbers for the show on tough competition from NBC’s The Voice and America’s Got Talent and Fox’s own The X Factor, and said that all three shows “are eroding.” 

But he remains optimistic about AI this season: “There is so much talk and buzz about the new judging panel that I’m bullish that we will cut the (ratings) deficit…We have several really good contestants, and the show is more dynamic with the judges; it feels very refreshed,”

In other words, we’re f____d.

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I actually watched an episode and could not believe that the most engaging and, dare I say, likable? – people were Minaj and Urban. Randy was tired and Mariah non-existent. SYTYCD is still my one and only favorite reality show, but Fox is screwing with its winning formula.

Jake Agrosia

Yup, and as long as they have the Minaj thing on there, I won't be watching it.


These shows don't produce stars anymore and the public knows that so they're over it.
"X Factor" this season was soooo forgettable. They tried to make use of the reality tv drama formats by showing contestants dissing each other through auditions.
In the end another white male with a guitar won (which is what happens with Idol)
I did enjoy the last season of "American Idol" but I knew that they wouldn't be too huge too soon. The runner ups have better chances.
"The Voice" is the best talent wise, but hasn't produced a star yet, maybe it will be different this year since Usher is judging and he did help Justin Bieber.

I don't remember any of the contestants on "American Idol" but I do remember the judges quipping and it might be funny to some but after 3 episodes it will be grating to hear.


Actually according to TV series finale, it's doing well. And holding on to it premiere numbers, only slightly down from last year.


They should throw in the towel already. You know the show has run its course when they decided to put that cartoon character Niki on the show…smdh.


Well, the only reason the ratings keep going down is because AMERICA WANTS A FREAKIN BREAK FROM ALL THE BAD SINGING!! Its a one trick pony, take off a season or two, and then come back….I mean come on!. Who is going to miss watching American Idol? I haven't watched it in 2 years simply because I got VERY bored with the program. They need to step up their game. Put them in 3 different groups each episode. Maybe develop the next Destiny Childs or Backstreet Boys who knows. That is why I choose SYTYCD as my very top program to watch. Got bored with Glee also. I guess its just something about over the top performances I don't like at all. What is up with all the vocalizing. Oh yeah, they want to be the next Mariah Carey.


Nicki Minaj is a train wreck… and that show needs to be dropped in the toilet.. where it belongs..


It does not matter that the ratings are down year over year. It still dominated the night in the demo. Doubling the nearest competitor. But more importantly, it still commands one of the highest prices for 30 second ads. As long as the show can make money, it will be on the air. And as of 2012 season, they still pulled in $340K per 30 seconds for the performance shows.

"Meanwhile, the average cost of a 30-second spot in the Wednesday edition of "Idol" plummeted from $502,900 last season to $340,825. Even less expensive is the results show: The average cost of a 30-second ad in Thursday's "Idol" is $296,002, down from $468,100 last season, according to the survey."


Minja is a turnoff for a lot of folks. You hear more about her antics than you do about her music. I knew the ratings would suffer once she was on there. Who wants to see an attention whore? Also how many of the Idol winners are doing anything? I hear more about those who lost than I do about the ones who won. It's better to be on that show and lose than it is to win. Because the losers are still active in other things than most of the winners.


In a short time Minaj has gone from a celebrity darling (well before she deserved to be IMO) to a celeb pariah. And let's just say that what remains of the AI's audience (mostly red states) probably never thought it was a cool idea to bring her on in the first place.


This show focuses more on the judges than actually finding new talent :/

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