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Oscar Talk: 2013 Oscar Nominations are Indie-Friendly, Nine Best Pics, Oscar vs. DGA Nods

Oscar Talk: 2013 Oscar Nominations are Indie-Friendly, Nine Best Pics, Oscar vs. DGA Nods

On this week's Oscar Talk, Kris Tapley and I discuss Thursday's indie-friendly Oscar nominations, including frontrunners, surprises and snubs. We look at how the Directors Guild nods diverge from the Academy's nominations, and what this means for the Oscar race.

Here's the podcast, which is also on iTunes.

Full list of Oscar nominations is here.

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For those who have objected to the Academy nominating foreign directors, they have always done that since supposedly the Oscars nominated cinema from all countries, not just the United States. It's not the "American" Academy Awards. Also Ang Lee has lived in the United States since he went to college here and I wouldn't be surprised if he has American citizenship.


Anne, when you're at Sundance try to catch The Lifeguard, directed and written by Liz W. Garcia who's worked on Cold Case and created Memphis Beat for television. She's a Wesleyan graduate, like Benh Zeitlin, and a wonderful writer.

pol — The Campaign to Disqualify Zero Dark Thirty From Oscar Consideration


Don`t see a split Anne for best director Affleck and Bigelow were snubbed precisely so that Spielberg wins best director Lee already has an oscar and he`s a foreigner.


Anne Thompson and Kris Tapley sure were right about Emmanuelle Riva right from the beginning. Poor Marion Cottilard.


Benh Zeitlin getting a nomination. Really impressive. I wonder if he's Jewish.

Charley P.

I don't get it. Why nominate a foreign director when there are so many American directors to choose from? I mean, if it had been a weak year it would've been different, right? Ah well, maybe it's just me.


Poor Emmanuelle Riva! Now she has to go to the ceremony. And she probably doesn't even know who Seth MacFarlane is!


I don't think Mr. Tarantino will ever win an Oscar for directing. He will join Alfred Hitchcock, Samuel Fuller, Sam Peckinpah and many others. Did Howard Hawks win an Oscar by the way? I can't remember.

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