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Project of the Day: She Saved So Long to Buy ‘The Red Car,’ and Then It Was Stolen

Project of the Day: She Saved So Long to Buy 'The Red Car,' and Then It Was Stolen

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The Red Car
Tweetable Logline:
A hard-working woman finds salvation in a used red car. But when that car is stolen, she must decide how far she’ll go to take it back.
Elevator Pitch:
Marilyn is a hard beauty who’s saved up all her money from working at the local lumber mill to buy a bright red used car. But right after she buys it, the car is stolen. Suddenly, her solitary world falls apart–carpools to work, shift changes, and the man she’s been secretly sleeping with is now eating dinner with her kids. Marilyn is desperate to get back to how things were. So when she sees a woman driving the same kind of car she had stolen, Marilyn must decide how far to go to reclaim her independence, and at what cost.
Production Team:

Writer/Director: Steven Wilsey
Producers: Daniella Kahane, Dominique Lefebvre
Director of Photography: Andres Karu
Casting Director: Adrienne Stern

About the Production:
“My mother saved up all her money to buy a used red car, only to have it stolen right after. Later on, she saw a woman washing the same kind of car and said, “I just wanted to get out and beat the shit out of her.” That was so specific and honest that I knew there was story there. This film is also a chance to begin exploring my mother as a character–she worked as everything from a cross-country truck driver to a secretary in a short, spontaneous life and I know she’ll be in my feature work.” — Steven Wilsey
Current Status:
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The Red Car will be an outstanding movie, seen through the eyes of a young son, who holds this one very specific last memory of his mother. Marilyn was a very ambitious, beautiful woman, struggling to be independent and trying to accomplish one small dream, only to have it vanish in a quick moment. Anyone who has ever worked for anything or any dream and believed they attained it, just to have it taken away in an instant, can relate to the deep emotions of Marilyn.

Great Work! Can't wait to see it!


Looking forward to seeing the movie!


I'm super excited to see it!

Judson Dry

The filmmaker seems to have a deeply personal reason for telling us a story about human emotion and how a person struggles with, processes, and acts upon a range of emotions that are both the direct and indirect result of an abrupt and unfortunate change in circumstances that is beyond that person's control. Anyone who sees this film will, through their own personal experiences, be able to relate, at least indirectly, to this woman's sense of loss (of hard-earned money, of independence, and of the freedom to escape the mundane, even if just for a few minutes, both afford) and need for resolution. — An honest look at real human emotion related to something intensely personal that I imagine will tell us a lot about ourselves and force us to think about – and subconsciously recall – how we react to both major and minor events in our lives and how we let these events change both our perceptions and our reality.

Sherrie Deaton

I am interested in seeing this movie. Unlike a lot of the movies out there this is a story about real people in real life situations. Having had a car stolen I can empathize with the anger and desire for revenge.

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