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Quentin Tarantino Says ‘Prometheus’ Was Kind Of Dumb; Explains Why ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Wasn’t A Mini-Series

Quentin Tarantino Says 'Prometheus' Was Kind Of Dumb; Explains Why 'Inglourious Basterds' Wasn't A Mini-Series

Keeping in line with the newly developing trend of Hollywood types calling out movies, the always talkative Quentin Tarantino has now weighed in on last summer’s divisive sci-fi spectacle “Prometheus,” and well, let’s start with the good stuff.

The director recently stopped by “The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,” and about Ridley Scott‘s latest, he was positive at first. “On one had… it was actually kind of cool to see a big deal, serious science-fiction epic by a director like Ridley Scott,” he said. “Overall the experience was pretty cool having seen it.” However, that wasn’t enough for him to overlook the problems the picture had.

“But there was also a lot of dumb stuff in it,” Tarantino said with emphasis. “When it got to the point where they’re on another planet and then a space cobra literally shows up, opens up its hood and the guy who’s in charge of alien creatures goes, [adopts girlish dumb voice] ‘Hey, little fella! How ya doin??’ I was like, uhhhhh…. It’s a space cobra!” And that’s a sentiment many shared about the movie, that the characters often made horrifyingly dumb decisions.

But his appearance alongside Craig Ferguson wasn’t all about trashing movies, he was there to talk “Django Unchained” of course, and he dipped into “Inglourious Basterds” which he originally envisioned in a different format. “I initially, for a while anyway, was thinking about doing ‘Inglourious Basterds’ that way, as a mini-series,” he said. “I kinda even figured out how to tell the story in about a four to five hour way and even structure wise I kind of had broken it up… I had kind of worked it all out.”

As you may have heard in the past, his friend Luc Besson, director of “La Femme Nikita” talked him out of it, perhaps appealing to his sense of vanity. “I was telling him about my idea, him and his producing partner. His producing partner was getting really into the idea, but Luc was kind of, ‘Meh, I dunno.’ So I asked him, ‘Why?’ And he goes, ‘Well, you’re one of the few directors that I actually like to leave the house and go see your movies at the theaters. And now you’re telling me I’m going to have to wait years to do that? I’m a little disappointed.’ And you know, sons a bitches, they say something… and then you can’t unhear it,” Tarantino explained. “And it was running around in my head. So I said, ‘Let me try and turn this into a movie one more time.’ “

“Django Unchained” is in theaters now, in case you forgot. Watch Tarantino and Ferguson chat below. [via /Film]

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Tony Jamieson

Prometheus like most sci-fi these days had good special effects (yaddah yaddah). Story line, the beginning, with the world seeding was good. There were some holes like Mr. Tarantino commented about. Like what was the reason behind their seeding, why try to kill us off etc etc. I give it 3 1/2 stars. Possibly a lot of the answers to the movie was left on the editer's floor. But the point here is, when is Mr. Tarantino going to do a sci-fi. Cause I know it's going to be kick a.. when he does. None of that time-line buffalo chip stuff either. The latest, "Looper" with Bruce Willis was really really good. Unexpected endings always are. But the time-line topic has been done to death. Nope to have Mr. Tarantino's signature on it, the sci-fi has to be psychologically disturbing/blood curdling scary matched with an alien or alien culture. The most scary instance is when the familiar becomes alien. Totally alien.


Nice try YOD. That's an excellent defense of PROMETHEUS. "Well, well… uh… The Dark Knight Rises was dumber." Sure buddy.


Any hope of intelligence in Prometheus was lost when the chief scientist took off his hood in a unknown planet. It was plain stupid, nothing can save this lame excuse of movie.


Prometheus was kind of dumb but TDKR took dumb to a whole other level so I'm not sure why Prometheus gets a worse wrap than TDKR.


Prometheus did have a lot of dumb stuff in it. A lot of really stupid "for convienence" actions… but when did The Playlist become all about gossip? Seriously, you're last 15 articles have pretty much been "This guy dissed that guy's work & this girl doesn't like that guy".

You guys are better than that.

tristan eldritch

I love PROMETHEUS but what really frustrates me about the script is that the really dumb stuff in it would have been so easy to spot and fix. I mean, they could have put any character in charge of the surveillance "pups"; JUST NOT THE VERY CHARACTER WHO GETS EFFING LOST! It would have so easy to have the biologist get attacked and infected without that crazy, CABIN IN THE WOODS "You're so cute!" shit. I'll always be baffled as to how professionals working at that level made such blatant goofs.

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