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Quentin Tarantino Says Smaller, ‘Jackie Brown’-Esque Film Might Be Next; ‘Django Unchained’ & ‘Pulp Fiction’ Connection Revealed

Quentin Tarantino Says Smaller, 'Jackie Brown'-Esque Film Might Be Next; 'Django Unchained' & 'Pulp Fiction' Connection Revealed

Now, before we dive into this little update from Quentin Tarantino on what he might direct next, let’s just remember that over the course of the press tour for “Django Unchained,” he’s had a lot of ideas. He’s already teased that ‘Django’ and “Inglorious Basterdscould be part of a loose trilogy, he’s talked about a possible ‘Basterds’ spinoff entitled “Killer Crow,” a desire to shoot a movie in Australia, or maybe make another slavery/western film or gangster picture. You get the idea. But continuing to promote “Django Unchained” as it opens overseas, Tarantino has added a new possible next movie to his list, and one that could find him drawing things down a bit.

Chatting with French publication Les InRocks, Tarantino was asked if he knows what he’ll do next. “[I have] a vague idea,” he said. “A ‘smaller’ film than ‘Django Unchained,’ in the vein of ‘Jackie Brown.’ ”

Now it should noted that “smaller” being in quotes may indicate the size of the production is probably relative to what he’s been doing over the past few years, but perhaps Tarantino wants to knock one out fast. Production on “Django Unchained” wasn’t exactly smooth, with a bakers dozen of actors coming and going as the schedule shifted and changed, and Tarantino rewriting on the fly (Anthony LaPaglia, who left the movie, called it “out of control”) and working on a tight deadline to get it finished in time. So maybe he’s just looking for something a bit more manageable in size and scope; a movie lighter on its feet and easier to maneuver from a production standpoint. 

We’ll leave the speculation to you as to which of the many, many projects Tarantino has mentioned over the years this could be. Maybe he resurrected something we thought had been left for dead. Or maybe it’s a movie he’s already mentioned on the press circuit so far. Essentially, who knows? “Django Unchained” basically took everyone by surprise when it was announced, so we’ll just have to wait and see, and we’d wager Tarantino likely still has to write a script first. But considering ‘Django’ is his biggest box office hit at home in his career, Tarantino can probably pretty much do whatever he wants at this point, so it’s a bit interesting that his next may be something smaller.

So until we know more, let’s revisit “Django Unchained” for a moment. As diehard Tarantino fans know, the director has a universe of characters (not quite Marvel sized) that have been referenced directly or not throughout his pictures. For example: Remember Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek) in “True Romance“? Well, Eli Roth‘s Donny Donowitz from ‘Basterds’ is his father. And eagle eyed viewers of “Django Unchained” have spotted a connection to “Pulp Fiction” which is admittedly minor, but still pretty interesting. It turns out that Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) from “Pulp Fiction” is a descendant of Crazy Craig Koons, of the Smitty Bacall Gang in “Django Unchained.” See the image below (via Movies).

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And NOOOO. Greeks killing Germans in a totally different continent, millennia ago in an empire that no longer exists is NOTHING at ALL like stealing a million people from one continent, bringing them to the US, abolishing their language, culture and identity, and then keeping them in your country to force them to build it, after which those slaves are freed and – now disconnected from any African country – are forced to stay IN the country of their oppressor for another century+ of political abuse. Totally different scenario. Ridiculous comparison to make. And my father isn't American, so at least half my line would have been unaffected. And you saying my existence here should make me appreciate slavery is probably the most ignorant, hateful, bigoted, obvious evidence of your disregard of any human outside of yourself. That's like saying coroners should be excited that 9/11 gave them so much work to do. You do sound like a Union supporter, which even further proves my point regarding the effects of one's past.

Meanwhile, wtf was so great about the movie? Actually, if YOU like it, then I'm even more glad I don't. You (and your total lack of understanding of the effects of US slavery on US Blacks today) are the reason I think it was a bad idea to make a film like that right now, and you are my proof that I'm right. AGAIN, good timing or bad, the film just wasn't a good Tarantino movie. It was an obvious, so-so B flick.


I didn't love Django.


Django finally came out in South Africa. Really appreciated the work. Question: Did they do some altering or something with words? I mean i didn't find the use of Nigger overdone or anything, and when Tarantino's group of slavers his the screen they were saying Black(s). So he didn't utter the disputed words in this film.
Anyway, i think his next film should feature the Kerry Washington character with Django as sidekick (Foxx doesn't really good when he plays a major supporting character).
In the last scene (not the very last with the Brother uttering the immortal words: Who was that Nigger?), in the last scene i did notice the way Broomhilda, while on her horse took a rifle out and galloped with it raised somewhat in the air. Was that a call to arms from the sister? With the two lovers go on a liberation streak across the old west? With their great-great-great grandchildren take up the fight in these modern times? Will the lineage come full circle and mount a modern liberation on the African Continent?
Will Negro (cinematic?) leaders/spokespeople allow (Quentin) the white boy to create any possibilities not claimed by their purview?
(Do they have any power to stop him? We can't even get a proper Nina…)
This on-going battle is not going away… (Yeah! We all love a good fight.)
One good thing; Spike (et al) will have to step-up their Game(s) and…


Westerns and slavery do not mix, obviously, inevitably resulting in the public death of a media figure that is anything but.

Hoyt deSkinee'

I really liked Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. Since then, not so much. It would be nice to see him make a film with a plot again.

Roy Munson

There are cops named Nash in Reservoir Dogs and Natural Born Killers — And there's one on that wanted posted pictured

Mr. White talks about a girl named Alabama in Dogs and she's one of the main characters in True Romance

Sune Jakobsen

Did anyone notice one of those slave owners which was in the character of "Tarantinos gang" at almost the end of the movie? I think one of them might be the grand grand grand father of that sheriff character in "From dusk till dawn", "Kill bill", "Planet terror" and "Death proof" named Earl mcGraw


Awesome, in my opinion, Jackie Brown was his best film. He needs to give up the revenge porn for awhile.


I'm suprised Tarantino hasn't worked with Tom Cruise. I think it could be great like what he did in Magnolia or Tropic Thunder

QT Fan

The Bride was also buried in the tomb of Paula Schultz, who could be somehow be related to Christoph Waltz's "King Schultz".

James Vega

what about gerald nash. also in the smitty bacall gang, decendant of the cops from resevoir dogs and natural born killers


i see you guys read Reddit and fail to give credit. that's nice.. :)

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