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Robert Downey Jr. Out, Joaquin Phoenix In For Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’

Robert Downey Jr. Out, Joaquin Phoenix In For Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Inherent Vice'

Joaquin Phoenix may come off as somewhat mercurial, perhaps even unapproachable, but his talent is unassailable, and it seems he forges strong creative connections. One need look no further than the four films he’s made with James Gray, and now it looks like he’s ready to re-up with his “The Master” director Paul Thomas Anderson.

THR reports that Robert Downey Jr. has passed on the upcoming “Inherent Vice,” and Phoenix is now in talks to join. Damn. While this is exactly the kind of role we were hoping RDJ would take after basically playing Tony Stark for the past few years, it’s hard to argue with Phoenix slotting in for what could be a total gear shift. Based on the book by Thomas Pynchon, the story follows a private detective uncovering a plot to kidnap a billionaire land developer in drug-kissed 1960s Los Angeles.

Earlier in the month, Charlize Theron was tipped as a potential co-star with the promise of more big names to come in rounding out the cast, and obviously, things are still coming together. It does seem as if this is quickly becoming what might be the fastest turnaround between pictures for PTA. But Anderson and Phoenix back together to tackle a “Big Lebowski“-esque crime tale? Um, yeah, that works. And yes, Megan Ellison‘s Annapurna Pictures is producing.

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great news. but RDjr. passed? what the fuck is his deal?


Yes …si….yesss…..siiiiiiiiiii….OMG! oh dios míooooooo! Si. RobertDollarJr….OUT!!!! YESS. Joaquin IN! Perfect! Groovy!


Gee, too bad I was really hoping for RDJ to lay off the blockbusters for a while and work with Anderson. Both the Pinoccio and esp that Judge project don't sound too interesting to me.


Yes ! Great fucking news right here. While I agree with the people on here saying this is not Pynchons best novel it will still work good as a movie, especially with PTA on board. The problem with adapting Gravitys Rainbow is actually not just the density but the fact that with the way most directors would approach it it most likely would come out like a Cloud Atlas style clusterfuck. Inherent Vice is far more linear and PTA has already proven he's canny about distilling the essence of a time period without beating you over the head with it. What i wonder about most is to what extent he is going to include/use music in it. Pynchon is famous for putting dumb songs in his books and I'd think you would be tempted/ possibly feel obligated to use one or two just for the fans, though doing it wrong could possibly derail the movie IMO. I'm just imagining PTA sitting there at his writing desk right now with the book open on his lap reading some limerick of a talking lava lamp singing about mitosis or something and going 'Huh'.


somewhat mercurial / perhaps unapproachable / talent unassailable — Like a slant rhyming haiku


RDJ got over his inherent vices, now he has no need for the inherent awesomeness of this movie.


"…somewhat mercurial, perhaps even unapproachable…"

What a great euphemism for "ginormous douchebag".


hell yeah! like best news ever..and two thumbs up for future joaquin+pta collaboration

oogle monster

Freddie Quell and Mavis Gary in one film… at last! Also PTA rocks.

Richard Harris

RDJ is the new Johnny Depp, stuck in blockblusterland and playing caricatures of himself.


Robert Downey Jr sold out. The man used to actually be a compelling ACTOR. Now he just riffs off himself & is certainly going to come back for another round of Marvel paychecks.


Great for Joaquin! But damn, Robert Downey Jr. missed a major opportunity!

Jean Robie

If any of PTA's fans had actually read this godawful book, they might be less excited about any news concerning it. It sounds promising–pot smoking hippie private eye in 60s Los Angeles–but it's a pointless, confusing mess and one of Pynchon's worst novels. I would get excited if it were one of his earlier works–"V," "The Crying of Lot 49," or most of all "Gravity's Rainbow." But not this one.


way better than RDJ!


This = Best News of the Year (thus far (movie-wise)) + WOOOooOooooo


Excellent choice. Joaquin is much better than Downey Jr.


I really wanted to see RDJ in this and out of his recent comfort zone.



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