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Second Season Of David Fincher’s ‘House Of Cards’ Will Begin Production In The Spring

Second Season Of David Fincher's 'House Of Cards' Will Begin Production In The Spring

Do you have plans next weekend? Well, you might want to cancel them. In case you forgot, on February 1st, Netflix is dropping the David Fincher-produced and directed (well, the first two episodes anyway) political drama series “House Of Cards” in its entirely. That’s right, every episode will be available. If there’s a better way to beat the winter cold than with a marathon of that show, we don’t know what it is. But morever, it appears that Netflix is in for the long haul on this one.

A recent press release regarding the upcoming projects of executive producer, showrunner, writer and co-creator Beau Willimon revealed quite simply: “The drama’s second season is due to begin production in spring 2013.”

The news is surprising at first, but less so when you stop and think about it. With Netflix looking to become a content provider to rival the likes of cable networks such as HBO, AMC, FX and more, it only makes sense that they would want to keep “House Of Cards” moving right along (also, as their first venture, it wouldn’t look so good to yank “House Of Cards” after one season). But it also indicates that Netflix believes this will have a long and lucrative shelf life on their service, that even if you’re not able to watch it February 1st, the buzz may have you tuning in a few weeks from now, or maybe sitting down when you’re on vacation in the summer to watch it. In short, unlike TV shows which are dependent on those week-by-week ratings, Netflix seems be going by a different criteria altogether.

Either way, it’s an interesting nugget to keep in the back of your head as you settle in to see where Kevin Spacey‘s Francis Underwood, the House Majority Whip, goes in his ruthless rise to power in Washington. No word yet on if Fincher will return to helm any episodes, but considering the talent they nabbed for episodes in the first season – James Foley (“Glengarry Glen Ross”), Joel Schumacher (“Falling Down”), Charles McDougall (“The Good Wife”), Carl Franklin (“Devil in a Blue Dress”) and Alan Coulter (“The Sopranos”) – it’s likely they won’t be short on quality options.

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Absolutely wonderful, I watched complete season one Saturday , morning and finished around 8:30 pm cannot wait until next season.


House of Cards is everything I've seen and experienced in Washington, D.C., and so much more. Please please please let there be a second season…and soon!

Sherry Simpson

EXCELLENT series! Husband & I are holding our breaths, awaiting Season 2 to hit our screen!!!

Amanda Lay

We just happened upon this series and SO happy that we did!
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are excellent actors and made it seem as if we all were stepping in on the behind the scenes of Washington! Language was kinda rough, but figured this is the way Washington talks anyways. We cannot wait for Season 2 and was excited to read that it is in production now! Way to go Netflix! You really outdid yourselves on HOUSE OF CARDS.

Connie Kahn

Came across this on netflix, and was so happy that I did. The 1st day I watched 7 episodes and couldn't wait for the next morning to watch the rest. Really enjoyed the Series. I can't wait for the next episode . One of the best. Thank You.


Series is outstanding and I can't wait for the second season…. Way to go Netflix. you knock the nutworks (misspell intended) right out of the box.


Loved the series so much, my husband and I watched the 13 episodes in 2 days. Can't wait for season 2.


Joel Schumacher is still the biggest WTF of this whole project


Didn't Netflix commission 26 episodes at the start of the deal with MRC? Guess that's 13 episodes per season which would seem ideal for the cable model they're striving to achieve.


If they continue to follow the plot of the BBC series, I wonder how they're going to adapt things like Urquhart/Underwood's conflict with the new king.

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