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Sexist Movie Poster of the Day: Movie 43

Sexist Movie Poster of the Day: Movie 43

Another day, another objectification of women's bodies, this time in the form of Movie 43's poster, showing a barely clad woman for some ridiculous reason. Marketing? It's a pretty lazy, boring move. Is it that hard to come up with a new and original idea that doesn't have to do with the sexist same old, same old?  I guess not.   We wonder if the ladies in the film have any opinion of the poster.

Try harder next time. There was really something else you could have done, I swear.

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Movies nowadays tend to be stupid, even some of the so-called "good" ones. And I have no interest in seeing Movie 43, partially because of lazy titling. As for the poster, it's just like the other sexist poster for American Beauty, except cartoon-y and more tasteless.


Some critics are already calling this the worst movie of the year (and it's only January!). Tasteless poster for a tasteless movie.


Agreed. Pretty sick of these types of posters. Frankly sick of these tasteless movies too. Just saying.

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