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Shawty Lo Responds To Critics: ‘You Can Hate All You Want To, I Didn’t Ask For It’

Shawty Lo Responds To Critics: 'You Can Hate All You Want To, I Didn't Ask For It'

Since it was announced, I’ve received a number of petitions requesting Oxygen Media shut down All My Babies’ Mamas.

Will any of them make a difference? We’ll see…

One thing I’ll say is that, as much as many of us criticize the upcoming reality TV series, there are likely just as many of us (maybe even more) who’ll watch it if/when it airs.

Anyway… the object of your wrath, Mr Carlos “Shawty Lo” Walker, responds to your criticism in the interview with MTV below… sort of:

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Mr. Lo should be featured on YKYDAW.


kudos? for what? he says he came out of the streets. who told him he is out of the streets? seems to me his mind and his ducky duck are still there. what a hot bankhead mess. all of them. sad for those children although you just never know what will emerge from rubble?

Vann Digital Networks

i guess this what you do when you cant sell no records & nobody dont wanna hear that frisbee music you stay droppin smh


"I didn't ask for it; it just happened." Nothing "just happens" eleven times with 10 different people. That's called a pattern. I'm glad he's still spending "Dey Know" and "Laffy Taffy" money, because he will need it to properly take care of that many children. America does not need to see a reality show documenting this guy taking negative stereotypes to new levels. It bothers me how much reality tv tends to celebrate the people who make the most ridiculous and over-the-top life choices.


What stuck out to me is that, Shawty Lo was opening up to this MTV rep like the reporter was Barbara Walters or as if he was sitting on Oparah's couch. Sure, a few (naw most) of the things he said were ignorant. But I noticed how forthcoming he was with revealing his story. It didn't just seem like bragging, it was as if he had been rehearsing his biographical reveal for some time now. You know, in the mirror like this MTV reporter is his Charlie Rose or James Lipton or something. I don't think he got interview prep, I just think this is his platform to tell his story and add another layer to the shine that invisibles sell there souls for. When black people over explain themselves by explaining nothing at all, that makes their need for recognition and validation more apparent. That's sad.

Tom Rideout

If what he says is true, give him kudos. However, he is not a role model for young black males who are acting as sperm banks for young confused women.


That interview is the most ignorant **** ever! This is what Harry Lennix meant by being niggerish. Shawty Low, why should we applaud you on the back for saying that growing up a s a child was hard for you then you over came the streets and selling drugs and escaped jail while having a basketball team of children? A lot of people had and have it hard coming up, me included but we make choices that decide our own fate. I will not applaud you on the back because you are successful from escaping the messes you've made and I damn sure don't support your trash of a show! My ancestors worked too hard to have the world see us as equals and not as animals. You would have made a fine buck back during slavery. Yup… A fine buck, strong and "Good for the sugar cane!", Mandingo.


This is the most dumb ass ignorant interview I have ever seen. My brothers have got to get it together


"I didn't ask for it, It just happened"<<<<This is what really bothers me. A person who makes this type of statement apparently does not understand basic biology. A person who does not understand basic biology should not be allowed to have unprotected sex. No one can argue that 11 kids by 10 different women just happens. I hated to hear about his parents and the loss of his grandmother. It is obvious from the video that he had little to no guidance/no role models growing up, and by the time his grandmother passed he was old enough to smell himself. He thought he was too grown to go stay with his aunt. What is interesting to me is that you would have thought he would have woken up after child #3 and decided to pay for some birth control with all of those millions he was making in the streets. Instead, like Lil' Wayne, he seems to see acting as a sexual stud as something to be proud of and to brag about. This is a perfect example of the importance of good parents or good guardians in a child's life. I wonder how his sister is doing since she went to live with their aunt?


It seems as if Shawty-Lo is just doing what he knows. I don't think people are hating on him, per se. The primary concern is this neo-Blaxploitation trend that's taking place on television now involving children.
It may well be all about the dollars, and as a people, we are well aware of the never-ending reach and persuasive powers of media/corporate money . Some of us who do more than just consume media, but are participating in the creation of these images, should have a level of understanding of how media manipulates world view. Projecting images of old pimp, hoe, hustler, and neighborhood gangster caricatures of the blaxploitation 70’s in revamped unconventional family situation is not the answer for a new Cosby show. As thinking adults, we just need to exercise a savvier perspective and approach when it comes to our images in the media, particularly the images of our children. People of Color in this country (and I mean those of us whose lineage goes back 200 years) are not feign naivety to this game. And if you don’t know because you’ve never contemplated the consequence of participating in cultural defamation, then when someone steps to you with a little wisdom, you should be able to move responsibility from that point. To attempt naivety after the fact is just plain sorry.
So, I’m not judging the Brother, because I know it’s hard to turn down good money and a little popularity, but depending on the scope of the script and the angle of the story, Shawty-Lo may want to navigate this “opportunity” in a direction that benefits his children’s pockets and cultural esteem in the long run, fo’ real. And if he don’t know, then… he needs to ask somebody.


How much do you want to bet that he will impregnate the newest girl before the show airs? If anyone cares to stop it from airing, I'm trying to pretend it's not happening, they need to target the advertisers, not the network.


Can I get Sub Titles for this nigga……

Uncredited Rewrite

Well THANK GOODNESS for that story. I mean it all makes sense now! He doesn't want to brag about his life, but he did have to say that he was one of the biggest drug dealers out of Bankhead (does Bankhead bounce). And of course he takes care of all of them…by exploiting the SHIT out of them by putting them ALL on a "reality" show. "Polishes off Father of the Year Award" for Shawty Lo. I need me some baby mommas stat!

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