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‘Stories From The Road To Freedom’ – 2-Hour Doc On Black Movement In USA (Emancipation To Civil Rights)

'Stories From The Road To Freedom' - 2-Hour Doc On Black Movement In USA (Emancipation To Civil Rights)

Stories from the Road to Freedom is a new 2-hour documentary special that premieres Saturday, February 16 at 8 p.m. on the History Channel.

Deon Cole narrates the special that offers a fresh perspective of the black movement in America, from Emancipation to the Civil Rights era.

Full details via press release from History…

Ordinary people laid the groundwork for a revolution from slavery to the White House – just by living their lives. Theirs are the stories we don’t know…


New Two-Hour Documentary Special Premieres Saturday, February 16 at 8 p.m. on HISTORY(R)

New York, January 15, 2013 – The iconic images and sounds associated with America’s Civil Rights movement are well-known. By now, several generations of school children are familiar with the “Colored” signs on water fountains, the march on Washington, and Martin Luther King’s Dream. But what happened before the heroes and protests; court orders and riots? We’ve come a long way, but how did we get here?

STORIES FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM, a new two-hour special narrated by Deon Cole, premiering on Saturday, February 16 at 8 p.m. on HISTORY(R), gives a fresh perspective of the black movement in America, from Emancipation to the Civil Rights era. The special uses first-hand accounts, rare audio recordings, never-before-seen archival footage, and home movies to chronicle African American life as lived by regular people, in their own words, through 150 years of social upheaval.

STORIES FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM features an extraordinary collection of source material. In one of the only known recorded interviews of its kind, former slave Fountain Jordan describes the early days of emancipation. There is recently-discovered, never-before-broadcast footage of Ernest Beane, a Pullman Porter who documented his life on the rails, and an audio recording of an interview with World War I veteran Edward Nichols, who witnessed the 1919 Red Summer Riots in Duluth.

Other rarities include color footage of Richard and Mildred Loving, the interracial couple whose Supreme Court Case ended race-based legal restrictions on marriage; and outtakes from interviews with the first African American family to move into all-white Levittown, PA and the white neighbors who opposed it. Glimpses of everyday life can be seen in some of the earliest known African American home movies that were shot in wealthy black communities in Oklahoma in the aftermath of the Tulsa Riots; in the earliest known photographs of a Juneteenth celebration in Austin, TX in 1900; and in very rare and never-before broadcast footage from the 1954 All Black Memphis State Fair.

STORIES FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM is an unparalleled opportunity to see and hear from remarkable individuals who – for better or worse, whether they were aware of it or not – paved the way through the greatest social movement in American history.

STORIES FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM is produced for HISTORY by New Animal Productions. Executive Producer for HISTORY is Susan Werbe. Executive Producer for New Animal Productions is Nicole Rittenmeyer and Seth Skundrick.

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Jacqui Boykin

Where can I purchase DVD? Can you suggest other films of this caliber to obtain also.
Thank you, Susan Werbe, Nicole Rittenmeyer, Seth and Deon Cole.

Professor Karen Cudjoe

I would like to purchase a copy as well.

James A. White Sr.

Absolutely outstanding. Every American citizen needs to see this series. It provides excellent insight and answers that so many are seeking. How can I order a copy? Thanks for this opportunity.

rosida burton

so good! thoughtful, insightful, mind blowing history watching actual footage from the history of the black struggle.. so accurate i want to buy a copy to teach kids today to show them what the struggle involved. equality is not to be taken for granted!!

Keith Barnett

I want to buy a copy for myself.

Jacqueline Watson

I wanted to know how I could get the list of songs played in this documentary.

James A Manning

Would very much like to purchase this CD if it is available.


Pat, I just ordered the video from the History Channel website


I would like to purchase a copy as well


Very well put together. And powerful. I like to own this video, please let me know if it can be purchase.


Awesome documentary!! so much unseen and rare information..had to call my relatives to have them tune in, like we used to do back in the day when black folks were first on TV! Where can I purchase this video? I would like to show it in my high school classroom.


Bump QT, because its all right here,spike!

Aubrey Williams

I would to see the documentary

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