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Sundance Entry ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ Builds Buzz on Disney Controversy

Sundance Entry 'Escape from Tomorrow' Builds Buzz on Disney Controversy

  First-time director Randy Moore’s “Escape From Tomorrow” is a weird piece of work.  Moore went undercover with a handheld Canon digital camera at Disneyland and Disney World to turn the idea of “the happiest place on earth” upside down, as a troubled father (Roy Abramsohn) freaks out all over the iconic Orlando landmark while on vacation with his wife and two young children.

Based on Moore’s unhappy trips to Disneyworld with his heavy-drinking father as a child, the film is worth seeing for its laughs and shock value alone.  The media reports on the guerrilla making-of story chronicled in the LA and NY Times are more entertaining than the movie itself. “To me this is the future. Cameras in your hand. Cameras in your glasses. Anyone can be shooting at any time. And I think it will explode,” Moore told the LAT, which reports that Moore has never tried to reach Disney, which in turn had not contacted him by press time.

“I was surprised the ride operators weren’t a little more savvy,” he said at his Sundance Q & A Friday night. Here’s a bit from the NYT:

“Escape From Tomorrow” underscores the difficulties that Disney, a company intensely vigilant about its intellectual property, faces at controlling the imagery flowing from its parks at a time when people are shooting increasing amounts of video with their smartphones.

While the film’s PR reps have milked the idea that Disney could make the Sundance showings the film’s last, legal experts suggest that Disney would have a tough time preventing the movie from being shown

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Randy Moore, Sr.

Suggest you verify you "facts" before writing disparaging remarks about others. My Son's memory of his trips to Disney World never included "a heavily drinking" Father… Moreover, all such trips were without any stress or complications and were at his behest. Disney World changed the 'face' of Orlando–transforming it from a quiet Orange growing wonder into a World renowned 'tourist wonder' impacted by the arrival of some 60 Million annual 'visitors'.

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