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Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenneger, et al… Where Are Carl Weathers, Mr T & Others…?

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenneger, et al... Where Are Carl Weathers, Mr T & Others...?

Sylvester Stallone is obviously back in brusing action hero form, with not only The Expendables, but he has Bullet To The Head coming up next month. And after that he’ll be co-starring with his buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Tomb.

Schwarzenegger himself is attempting his own come-back, after appearing in a much larger role in The Expendables 2 last year; and his latest effort, The Last Stand, opened earlier this month. He also plans to reprise his role as Conan the Barbarian in the 2014 film, The Legend of Conan.

I can’t forget Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Norris who saw some action in The Expendables franchise as well.

So the question is, with all these 1980s white male action heroes seemingly rebooting themselves in their, shall we say, senior years, what black male (or female) action heroes from that same period, in that same age group, would you like to see star in their own come-back, hardcore, violent action movies?

No, it’s not all that serious; I’m just having fun, so roll with it!

If we’re talking 1980s primarily, then the first name that’ll likely come to mind is Action Jackson himself, Carl Weathers. Since Hollywood seems to be all about recycling old material these days, I wouldn’t mind seeing Detroit Police Detective and Sergeant Jericho Jackson, known as “Action Jackson,” back on the big screen again in a sequel. Sharon Stone co-starred in it, before Basic Instinct would make her a big star, 4 years later.

Of course, I can’t forget Bill Duke, who co-starred as the Captain of Jackson’s police unit. 

But if not a sequel to Action Jackson, create a new character and build a new franchise around him!

Weathers did play action hero in 2 more feature films, Dangerous Passion opposite non other than Billy-Dee Williams, in 1990 (Michael Beach and Lonette McKee co-starred); and Hurricane Smith, in 1992. Unfortunately, neither really caught on the way Action Jackson did (although Dangerous Passion was a made-for-TV movie).

Lately you’ll find Weathers playing a parody of himself, as a thrifty, mooching Hollywood movie star, in the comedy sitcom Arrested Development.

Who else would you like to see make a come-back? I know pickings are slim, but I’m sure we can come up with 2 or 3 more. You know, before The Expendables, there was Original Gangstas, with Fred Williamson, Jim Brown and Pam Grier over a decade earlier…

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Sadly, the way the industry is structured the only person with a real chance of returning is probably Eddie in "Beverly Hills Cop", and it sounds like he has decided to produce the t.v. show instead of reprising the movie role again.


Arnold and Sylvester has a history of steroid usage. Carl doesn't and Bill Duke was never in shape like any of them.

willie dynamite

Carl Weathers and Bill Duke both went on to become members of the Director's Guild and both still direct. Both of these men are very insightful about the industry and are extremely supportive of new filmmakers of color. Just because you don't see them like Arni and Sly doesn't mean they aren't doing anything,


Black Zone, maybe, but washed up? I think he's still acting and directing. Sylvester Stallone opposite Arnold. Who cares.


They're in the Black Zone, i.e. marginalized, i.e. nonexistent k bye


Washed up….

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