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Thoughts On BET Premieres Of ‘Second Generation Wayans’ & ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’…?

Thoughts On BET Premieres Of 'Second Generation Wayans' & 'Real Husbands of Hollywood'...?

BET debuted 2 new series last night – the semi-scripted faux series following the lives of Hollywood husbands, Real Husbands of Hollywood, and the new scripted comedy Second Generation Wayans.

The first features Kevin Hart recently divorced, Nick Cannon, husband of Mariah Carey, Boris Kodjoe, husband of Nicole Ari Parker, Duane Martin, husband of Tisha Campbell-Martin, J. B. Smoove, husband of the songstress Shahidah Omar and Robin Thicke, husband of Paula Patton.

The second stars Damien Dante Wayans, Craig Wayans, George O. Gore II and Tatyana Ali.

Did you watch?

I wasn’t home at the time, so I missed them both. However, I plan to catch up likely today; or before the next episodes air next week.

If you did tune in, thoughts on either or both, after one episode? Funny? Charming? Inventive? Dull? Tedious? Will you be returning for more, or are you done? 

Give me the goods…

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i have watched both show for 3 weeks. they suck. RHOH is not funny. KH is being obnoxious bc he is at the height of his career character I get but it isnt funny.

SGW: Isnt funny at all. ALSO, why is everyone portraying themself but Tatyana when she is the most recognized star


The Wayans are a very talented family BUT…if you're going to essentially do a "Black version" of something that's already been done, gotta have exceptional wrting to pull it off and not make it so OBVIOUS that you are doing a "Black version"

"I'm gonna git you sucka" clearly was influenced by Mel Brooks' spoofs of certain film genres but it is HILARIOUS in it's own right.

You can't line for line note for note copy Entourage so blatantly. I guess it's easier to pitch a "Black version" of something that's already been successful….but your target audience is aware of what you're copying . I think the film "Belly" had the same problem…every film they copied is already in the dvd collection of the target audience


I thought that RHOH did not live up to hype!!
There are a lot of premiers that start off with just an okay shows, so I will not judge by just watching the first show. I will continue to support both RHOH and The Wayans.


I enjoyed 2nd Generation more than I thought I would. I'll pass on investing any significant time on Real Husbands.


Someone on another forum said Dondre Whitfield would've made a good cast member; that is, if he and/or Sally would even be interested in a such a thing.


I like RHOH… and thought 2nd Generation was cool, just left me a bit perplexed a couple times… the editing and storyline was off a little in a couple pieces. I'mma watch it again, and let you know where on this comment section… Overall: A+ (for both)

Mike D

RHOH has great potential and I think as it develops, it can be a winner for BET. For the most part it delivered on it's premise. Did I expect Kevin Hart to be the center of the show? Of course. All of the BET award skits focused on him and with his style of comedy placing him at the top of his game right now: it's a no brainer. It's a parody of reality tv; which in itself is a joke. so, there can be no over the top. I do question some of the casting though. J.B. Smoove? Duane Martin? I find nothing funny about these two and there are many other comedians/actors who could fill their spots easily. 2nd Gen Wayans left me confused. I would love to see these young black men get their shine on but i'm not sure if they or the material are up to task. Part of the show's premise is that they are trying to make it in Hollywood without the "curse" of their family's name but in many shots I found Craig and George pretty much standing around with no lines. It left me wondering why? What was their purpose? I also couldn't understand why everyone else played themselves except Tatyana. It seems as a child star herself ( just like George ) she would fair better simply playing herself as advisor to the boys. I understand the show is trying to be a dramedy but they have their work cut out to find a balance and keep people interested. I'll hang in there for a bit and see where it goes.


i think the HBO series ,Entourage already mined this material rather well.
so the 2nd generation Wayans seemed kind of ho-hum to me

Edwina Moss

Second Generation Wayans was a good mildly entertaining drama. However, BET is classifying it as a comedy, so in that case it's not funny at all.

Real Husbands of Hollywood was trite and corny. A string of Comic View caliber jokes held together by a few celebrities and stale jokes. It would be better if it were centered around Kevin Hart's character's perceived inadequacy rather than trying to paint the motley crew as an ensemble cast.


Excluding the one bit where J.B. Smoove called Kevin's darker-hued arm piece a black jellybean(!!!), the writing was decent–much better than anything previously scripted for BET. Didn't watch the Wayans. Maybe if they would have done more marketing of their show, I would have known more about the concept other than "they're Wayans, so watch it," and considered tuning in.




Rhos was blah to me. Lets try next week


First, none of those Lil' Wayan's can act so watching them was a chore. The show was not funny, tired and predictable. Nothing new whatsoever. On the other hand, if one enjoys K. Hart's brand of humor, RHOH stole the night. The cast felt natural and their lines did not seem contrived (unlike the Wayans). I laughed several times. One down side of RHOH was Duane Martin's acting. That boy has never been funny and he always appears as if he's acting.


I agree that "Second…" was better than RHOH. I was actually surprised by the Wayans show. I'll definitely keep watching it.

With RHOH, maybe I was expecting something funnier and with less Kevin Hart. I don't know.

P. Branch

The Wayans show was more my speed. I wish Tatyana Ali were playing herself and an unknown had the role she has, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it.


Oh yeah, and JB Smoove's "mushmouthedness" is hard to listen to.


I liked "Second Generation Wayans" MUUUUCCCCH better than I did "RHOH." Like Dwann said, I think it's the writing and/or maybe the men who comprise the cast. K. Hart said those particular men were chosen because they are his real life boyz, and I get that, but still, collectively, something ain't quite right… I'm willing to ride it out/see this thing through, but as of now, eeeeehhhh…


Real House Husbands needs better writers. It has the potential to be funnier, but with more character development and plot. I really liked Second Generation Wayans. I think it was well acted and fresh. Good luck to both shows. I'm happy to see black sitcoms on TV.


I liked them both, and I think they both have potential.

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