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Tom Hanks Narrates NatGeo’s ‘Killing Lincoln,’ Based on Bill O’Reilly’s Book

Tom Hanks Narrates NatGeo's 'Killing Lincoln,' Based on Bill O'Reilly's Book

There’s more Lincoln in store, and it’s lined up at the National Geographic Channel. “Killing Lincoln” is based on Bill O’Reilly’s book about the final days of the president and John Wilkes Booth’s plot to kill him. Tom Hanks narrates the story as it follows both men leading up to the fateful theater shooting, as well as the ensuing manhunt for Booth–a man who vehemently believed in what he was doing. Ridley and Tony Scott produced the TV movie directed by Adrian Moat. Ridley Scott describes it as “the Lincoln story you’ve never seen before.”

President Lincoln’s death was not central to Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” nor was the actual shooting shown.

Check out the first trailer at EW.

If you want to read more on Lincoln In Hollywood, The New Republic takes you from Griffith to Spielberg.

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Errors in book I hope aren't repeated in Hank's narration. You didn't know the story before because it didn't happen.

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