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Trailer For New Web Series ‘Static Shock Phenomenon’ Based On Dwayne McDuffie’s Comic

Trailer For New Web Series 'Static Shock Phenomenon' Based On Dwayne McDuffie's Comic

While you’re waiting for that live action Static Shock big screen feature film… courtesy of the Black Folks Making Comics tumblr

Static Shock Phenomenon is a Yvz Productions adaptation of the comic book and tv show superhero character “Static Shock” created by Dwayne McDuffie for milestone comics who later became a character for DC comics. This is a Non Profit fan film mini web series that follows the stories of high schoolers Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley. After an incident later named the “Big Bang” which caused many of the gang youth in Dakota City including Virgil become gifted with meta human powers. Episode 1 takes you through Virgil’s first 48 hours the night after the “Big Bang” what he did and how he decided to become Dakota’s Hero and Protector.

You can follow the series on Facebook at

Also, the Youtube Channel is here:

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming web series:

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Gr8 news, hv bn following d updates 4 sum time.

Seriously applaud d effort….der was another Static Shock fanfilm calld STATIC SHOCK: BLACK OUT which was released in March last year.

Der was also anothr group working on a Static Shock fanfilm calld STATIC SHOCK:REDEMPTION but has since fallen of d grid late last last yr.

U can easily find all d abv on you-tube.

Seriously, we all need 2 get 2gethr, gather sum very serious cash, betta film tek/equips & talent 2 mk a real super-dope Static Shock live-action movie(or tv series or web-series). Perhaps sum1 shud holla @ d guys who did CVNATION.


LAUGH.OUT.LOUD. Shut it down. I applaud the effort. LOL.


Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking bout! All I hear about is black panther, black panther. How bout some ICON, STATIC, ROCKET, HARDWARE,….you follow me?


I applaud the effort.


I bought the whole Icon series for my son. I would love to see that series adapted for film or tv.

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