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Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Gritty Street Drama ‘Straight Time,’ Starring Dustin Hoffman

Trailers from Hell: Josh Olson on Gritty Street Drama 'Straight Time,' Starring Dustin Hoffman

New Year's Potpourri week concludes at Trailers from Hell with screenwriter Josh Olson introducing "Straight Time," which star Dustin Hoffman directed for the first few days of production, and features a screenplay with uncredited contributions by Michael Mann.

Quartet, Dustin Hoffman's well-received 2012 directing debut, wasn't his first time behind the camera. In 1978 he began helming this gritty street drama but handed over the reins after a few days because, lacking video assist, he felt he couldn't fairly judge his performance as an incorrigible ex-con on parole. Screen debuts of Gary Busey, Theresa Russell and Kathy Bates.

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