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Trainwreck? Judge For Yourself With 3 Minute Clip From ‘The Canyons’ With Lindsay Lohan & James Deen

Trainwreck? Judge For Yourself With 3 Minute Clip From 'The Canyons' With Lindsay Lohan & James Deen

To be certain, the recent must-read New York Times Magazine article on the making of Paul Schrader‘s “The Canyons” brought the movie to the attention of a public that was probably not aware it was even happening. But even while movie sites and tabloids kept abreast of the developments on the low budget indie starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen, the feature article revealed not only just how painful the shoot was, but also the friction between the director, writer Bret Easton Ellis and producer Braxton Pope.

Included in the article, but not available to be shared online until now, a three minute clip for “The Canyons” pretty much explains why Steven Soderbergh offered to give it an edit. Tediously paced, a bit nonsensical and poorly acted all around (though the score by Brendan Canning isn’t too bad), this is a long elaborate set up to reveal that Deen’s character knows that Lohan is cheating on him. But there are a few questions: what up’s with the superfluous shot of Lohan almost dropping a water bottle? Wouldn’t a ringing phone be more apt to wake someone up? If you’re hiding someone’s phone, why would you leave the ringer on? On the other hand, that house looks really nice.

“The film is so languorous. It’s an hour 30, and it seems like it’s three hours long,” Ellis complained to the magazine. We have to say, we kinda see what he means. 

In case you forgot, the film was actually turned down by the Sundance Film Festival so no word yet on where or when this might show up. But see for yourself if the trainwreck hype is deserved below. [via The Film Stage]

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Soooo…she caught the water bottle in fear it'd wake him up. Yet, she calls her phone and it constantly rings. THAT didn't wake him up at all???

Train wreck indeed. I've seen actors in student films act better than crack ho.


I will say, cinematography-wise, it looks more like a real movie than I was expecting.

Steven Flores

Yikes… it's worse than I thought.


What are you guys being so sarcastic about? I thought it was pretty good for a student film.

I especially liked the kung fu whoosh sound effect as James Deen grabbed Lindsay Lohan's arm. That was more fun than a Wilhelm Scream.


Water bottle falling off of the desk definitely deserves three different angles.


Lots of drama. I think the film is an easy target for criticism.

Lots of talent too!

It will take some time before the film realizes appreciation and respect emerges.


Rifftrax. ASAP.


I could make a better film with my eyes closed.


Lots of films get turned down by Sundance. Not saying this will be good, but being turned down by Sundance doesn't really mean much. I'd say it's a compliment these days.

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