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VICE & Snoop Lion’s Rastafari Documentary Feature ‘Reincarnated’ In Theaters March 15th

VICE & Snoop Lion's Rastafari Documentary Feature 'Reincarnated' In Theaters March 15th

Details, including dates, cities, new poster and trailer, via press release from VICE below…

NEW YORK, NY (January 30, 2013) – VICE Films and Snoopadelic Films today announce the March 15th theatrical release of Snoop Lion’s REINCARNATED, the feature film that traces the life and career of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, as he embarks on a “journey of reincarnation of self” that is equal parts career reinvention and spiritual reawakening. The close-up documentary, directed by Andy Capper, seamlessly showcases his journey and controversial transformation from hip-hop star to reggae singer while he was recording his forthcoming album REINCARNATED, executive produced by Major Lazer.

An official selection of the critically acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival, the highly anticipated film chronicles Snoop Dogg’s spiritual journey to SNOOP LION that grew from his recent trip to Jamaica – where the Jamaican people and culture positively affected him.

REINCARNATED will premiere in theaters in six cities, beginning on March 15th.

• Sunshine Cinemas – New York City

• Laemmle Monica and City Walk – Los Angeles

• Opera Plaza – San Francisco

• Century – Chicago

• Midtown Art Cinema – Atlanta

• O Cinema – Miami

REINCARNATED Hashtag: #Reincarnated

REINCARNATED, presented by VICE Films and Snoopadelic Films, delves into the legacy of Rastafari music culture as Snoop visits Trench Town, the birthplace of reggae and one-time stomping grounds of luminaries Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and the still living Bunny Wailer. The film gives viewers unprecedented access as Snoop reflects on his turbulent and rapid rise from Long Beach to international icon to his rechristening as “Snoop Lion.” REINCARNATED is produced by Suroosh Alvi of VICE Media and Ted Chung of Stampede Management.

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As a Rasta from the Caribbean, Snoop Dogs' documentary disappointed me. Rastas don't believe in drinking and using words such as the n-word. We believe in taking care of your temple which is your body. We believe in the uplifting yourselves from mental slavery. He simply smoke the herb all day. He didn't even really meet up with the real Rasta elders and learn the Solomonic lineage and history of Rasta. How are you going to claim Rasta, when you don't abide by the tenets. This is a mockery to I n I Jah Rastafari. You wearing the Lion of Judah and still singing gangster rap. Do you even abide by the Kebra Negat? I don't mind him coming and observing, but claiming it and infiltrating it with your Babylonian mentality is disrespectful! Fyah Burn pon Snoop Dogg!

Lets get Real podcast

When I think of this movie, I mentally lump it with 'I'm Still Here', Joaquin Phoenix' faux journey into being an actor-turned rapper. That said, I think this Snoop transformation comes from an authentic place. Both projects just have that feeling of contrivance because of the press releases and high-def documentation of the journey as its happening.
It's still fascinating as it documents a changing of mentality for an iconic person.


Well documented

Erik W

This doc has the Rastas pissed…


This whole project is a sham. It might be an entertaining work of fiction, but Snoop isn't a devout Rastafarian, they wouldn't have him, although they might take his money. Just because a Black dude smokes a lot of dope and has a funky hairdo, people assume there's something spiritual. You think every lecherous, balding man who secretly preys on kids is a Catholic Priest?


It would appear that Snoop Lion has already had a falling out with Rastafari Council, which counts Bunny Wailer as one of its members. Now I admit, I haven't been paying much attention to this conversion and I only listened to half of one of his songs (I simply couldn't get through it– I grew up on reggae and I have extremely high standards and that wasn't making it for me) and I didn't take it very seriously. Apparently the Rastafari council is taking him to task for his alleged fraudulent use of Rastafarian symbols and his lack of moral and financial support (pay your dues, lol) that was pledged.
Nonetheless, if this doc appears on Netflix, I would have a look.

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