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Watch 1st Trailer For Halle Berry’s ‘Slender Thread’ w/ A ‘Serial Killer Twist Thriller – ‘The Call’

Watch 1st Trailer For Halle Berry's 'Slender Thread' w/ A 'Serial Killer Twist Thriller - 'The Call'

Maaaan! Can Halle Berry buy a hit movie… soon? Might this be it? Based on the below trailer, I’m going to say that’s a negative.

Brad Anderson directs Ms Berry and Morris Chestnut as Halle’s cop lover in the thriller The Call (previously titled The Hive – and to be frank, while I don’t particularly care for either title, if I had to choose one, I’d have stuck with The Hive).

The WWE Studios and Troika Pictures jointly production also co-stars Abigail Breslin, and is described as follows:

Set against the backdrop of a 911 call center, this fast-paced suspense pic will find Berry playing a 911 emergency operator who takes a call from a teenage girl (Breslin) who has been abducted and carried away in the trunk of a car. Berry’s character must face her own fears in order to save the teenage girl from a disturbed killer. The kidnapping plays out in real time as the pair work together to track down the killer. 

Written by Rich D’Ovidio (Exit Wounds, Thir13en Ghosts), principal photography is took place last summer in and around Los Angeles. 

After the shark drama Dark Tide, released earlier last year, and the underwhelming Cloud Atlas, which has been all but forgotten at this point, Halle tackles her own version of The Slender Thread, with a serial killer twist.

Whatever luster her career once seemed to have post her Monster’s Ball Oscar-winning performance seems to have all-but faded. Is she even much of draw anymore? Will Halle Berry’s name on any movie theater marquee encourage you to buy tickets to see whatever film it is that she’s in?

I can smell a Halle Berry career retrospective coming up soon…

The Call opens on March 15.

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I'll watch it. It reminds me of that BMW Driver film with Clive Owen.


Trailer actually looks good–which surprised me. It actually reminded me of the the silly scenarios that Liam Neeson has been put through to winning results. Yet know one screams that his recent film concepts are far fetched. Well, they did with the Not Without My Daughter Part 2 but then that took a sequel before folks screamed foul. Why the hate upfront for Berry? Oh yeah, we love to self-hate. :eyeroll:


It was going "ok" until you get to the part where the 911 Dispatch lady all of a sudden goes rogue and kicks a serial killer's ass? She becomes detective, tracks the guy down, then round house kicks him huh? oh ok..


it got a reaction from the early screenings, ill check it out


Def. not hating on Halle, but it seems like she could have gotten something meatier than this. This looks straight to dvd at best. But I'll try to check it out, there's no way it can be worse than Dark Tide. –right?


How many times has Ms. Berry fired her agent? Has she simply lost the ability to discern a good script from a bad one?

D.C. Kirkwood

It looks awesome to me. Ill be supporting it. GO HALLE!!!!!


Actually, I like the trailer. How well it does will depend on the competition that weekend for the film's intended demo.

brown bomber

Give it chance people! And stop sitting behind computers as faceless individuals and hating on actors, and put negative print online just cause you can. Seriously, its this is their lively hood. And you have your's. How would you like it if every time you premiered your next "work move/plan" the general public weighed in on it. Just because they could.


Honestly, I can't stand Halle flicks. Her acting just makes me cringe, and this wig/hairdo is just all kinds of wrong. With that said, this trailer looks very interesting. I might just go ahead and support Halle in this one.

ojie king

It looks interesting…..


You all need to calm down with the Halle hate. This looks slick.

Erik W

What's up with the wig? It irritates me more than the trailer.


You know it's getting rough for Halle if she's going back to black men for love interests.

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