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Watch Episode One Of New College Set Web Series ‘Spicy Wit’ – ‘Hate’

Watch Episode One Of New College Set Web Series 'Spicy Wit' - 'Hate'

Yes folks here’s another new comedy web series, premiering today on the MLK Holiday and Inauguartion Day, for your perusal – Spicy Wit, created by young 22 year old writer, producer and director Lauren Neal (the one on the left).

Originally conceived by a couple of Brown University students who “identified a hole in popular culture around representations of the “post-racial” experience”, executive producer Nick White says that the series’ purpose is about what happens when “higher education ‘goes wrong.”

He further adds that: “We all know what it’s like to attempt to remain politically correct in this day and age. I think the moment when we fail, when we say the wrong thing—possibly revealing a bias—is where true comedy lies.”

According to the synopsis for the first episode, it tell what happens when “a student has been attacked and hate crime accusations are being tossed around the hallways, courtyards and Twitter feeds. The black students collect to argue over the appropriate course of action. Meanwhile, across the hall, the white students hurriedly evaluate the potential repercussions of this event with their concerned school counselor. But which room will the confused, biracial Alex Nation (played by Ms. Neal) choose?”

Below is the first episode, which, at 34 minutes, is much longer than most web series. To find out more about the show go HERE.

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This was odd. I keep coming back to it. Hopefully I can catch what they're trying to get across. It just seems weird.

Monique a Williams

Made it thru 6 very dry minutes with terrible acting. Yikes! Not for me at all.

Sha Bless

Some parts were pretty funny! Interesting concept, don't quit, stay with it!

Richie P.

ROTFL. The wittiness was on point, good pilot.Not an Ivy student, but it can be relatable to anyone attending private PWIs (predominantly white institutions). During the "integration scene" the audio did not flow well,I couldn't hear some characters.



Bohemian princess

How did they get Zoe Kravitz (circa 2009) on this project?


made it through 8 minutes…agree with Bee about the narrator's voice.
Maybe students at Brown will appreciate it.


I couldn't even get through the first couple of minutes. The narrator has the most annoying and pretentious voice/attitude ever.

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