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Watch: ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Scares Up Brand New Red Band Trailer

Watch: 'Evil Dead' Remake Scares Up Brand New Red Band Trailer

It takes a lot of balls to announce that your film will be The Most Terrifying Movie You Will Ever Experience. But the folks behind the “Evil Dead” remake are feeling ballsy, because that’s the tagline on the poster for their upcoming film. If you’re going to talk the talk, you’re gonna have to walk the walk, and a new red band trailer has arrived to make the case that this one will leave you shaking.

Suburgatory” star Jane Levy switches gears and leads the film that will find a new group of young folks headed into the woods, where the Book of the Dead will once again be the source of some unruly havoc. Of course, horror heads already know this is a remake of Sam Raimi‘s beloved 1981 cult film, but everyone around the movie is swearing up and down that this effort is worth the do over. So tell us, does us the restricted trailer below deliver the goods? Are your pants sufficiently soiled? Will this be the rare remake that matches or even trumps its predecessor?

Directed by Fede Alvarez with some script help from Diablo Cody, “Evil Dead” is coming on April 12th.

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The original Evil Dead was not a comedy at all even though it had unintentional elements of dark humor. The remake is geared towards the straight forward aggressive horror portrayed in the first and not the shtick of part 2 or Army of Darkness. Either way I am one excited horror fan and this trailer only fuels the fire!! Can't wait for April!


This looks boring. I thought the evil dead series were supposed to be comedies. this looks like another boring horror movie were they spray blood everywhere and people die painfully in a cabin.


Well that doesn't leave much unless there's another cabin with 5 people staying there too


stop the fucking remakes!
create something new, lazy "creatives".

tyrannosaurus max

is anyone else bothered by how 'serious' this remake takes itself?


WAY too many spoilers for a horror film. Lost interest.



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