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Watch: Halle Berry Is A 911 Operator In Trailer For ‘The Machinist’ Director Brad Anderson’s ‘The Call’

Watch: Halle Berry Is A 911 Operator In Trailer For 'The Machinist' Director Brad Anderson's 'The Call'

Okay, can we say that whatever good will Brad Anderson had from the (somewhat overrated) “The Machinist” has now officially evaporated? Since then, he’s delivered “Transsiberian” and “Vanishing On 7th Street,” but mostly worked in TV.  And now he has teamed up with WWE (yes, the wrestling company) for “The Call” (formerly “The Hive“). And it’s a movie that looks so cheap, we’re surprised it’s getting a theatrical release.

The trailer has dropped today for the thriller, and while it features the talents of Halle Berry, it seems that she only took the job because she gets to sit in a chair for most of the movie. The actress plays a 911 operator who tries to atone for her mistake in getting a caller killed, by helping that kid from “Little Miss Sunshine” who is kidnapped by a maniac who can’t find a parking spot (or something). It’s basically two single-location movies rolled into one — the call center where Berry works, and the car where Breslin is. And oh yeah, there’s Michael Imperioli! Oh, but it looks like he dies.

“The Call” dials up theaters on March 15th.

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I thought it looked okay for what it is, guess they could have thrown money at it and made it look like Panic Room but that's to do with budget, why cover a trailer in order to smear film you haven't seen, just ignore it?


Is this written by Donald Kaufman?!

Anderson has been doing some great work on Treme too.

Tom DeCillo

Man, harsh, but Truth bombs in this post.


Anderson made Session 9, one of the best psychological horror films in recent years.


Despite the fact that he has had few movies recently and has worked primarily in television, everything I've seen from him has been extremely well made. He's also directed eps of excellent shows like The Wire, Rubicon, Treme, Boardwalk empire. And rather than being generic and unremarkable like most TV directing tends to be, I always notice something more when its him behind the camera.

Stephen B

I actually think Anderson's best work was Session 9. He did an excellent job of creating a real sense of dread and creepiness (though assisted by his fantastic location). This doesn't look as bad as the plot description would make you believe. Here's hoping he can deliver some scares.


Looks suspenseful, gripping and powerful. For a Lifetime
TV movie.


Man, the film industry is so cruel to women-especially women of color. Halle is a Oscar winner starring in this preposterous B-movie.


I worked as a Post Production Coordinator on this film and I think it would be beneficial to reserve judgement until you see the film. Brad Anderson did a tremendous job, the performances are great, the villain is creepy and interesting, and it is quite a nice little thriller. I would advise people go see the movie in FULL before they post their "opinion".

Enjoy the film, everyone!


He also delivered Vanishing on 7th Street.


I actually think that it looks interesting. it could be a neat little thriller or at least something fun. Sony must have faith in it if they put it against that competition (or maybe they are dumping it there) but it could work, even if it has that straightforward plot.

What i can't understand is the bitterness of this article. jejejej . Dude, the movie is not even out yet and you're making it look like if is the shittiest shit ever. Hoping here that this ends up surprising you.

P.S: I really hope that berry rebounces. She really is talented and charismatic. A shame that her agent is sinking her down.


..And Meg Ryan is a Helicopter pilot & Keanu Reeves is an Architect

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