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Watch: ‘I Ain’t From Africa’ The Documentary

Watch: 'I Ain't From Africa' The Documentary

The conversations we be having about ourselves… posted in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, on a Friday. 

But really, the attention-grabbing title of the documentary, and production values aside, having watched it this morning (courtesy of the Black German Heritage & Research Association), I can say that it's much more than its title suggests.

So if you have about an hour this weekend, check it out:

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What's funny and embarrassing is how people don't understand the African Diaspora. Sweetie how do you think black people arrived in the Caribbean? Do you know nothing of the slave trade?What's also sad is how quick to point out their relatives of a more caucasian descent. The girl says her family just got with people with black skin totally disregarding the fact that she has African ancestors on some side of her family. Lastly, the Sudanese man was telling the truth. Why do we (other than white people) have to always say what our race is when we claim our American heritage? African American I never here the term German-American used widely or Irish American used all the time. For me I am black and I am an American. Don't put me in box. We have to educate our youth better because they're just falling in as sheep. The beginning of this doc is a horrible reminder smh.


The Sudanese man was talking the most sense.


such stupidity such foolishness i want to slap some people in this video


Africa contains three races Hamitic, Semitic and Bantu


Great selection. It is truth, eye-opening truth if you haven't already been enlightened to that point. Get past the first 30 minutes then you'll get to the good stuff. Abasi needs his own show :D


Judging from the comments posted, I guess I should brace myself before viewing this doc.


soul crushing ugliness and ignorance exposed in the doc.

tell you what, don't know how people chose to identify racially or ethnically but I guarantee after watching ANY parts of this vid that you will be PRO-Choice if not an outright advocate for abortion rights.


I watched this last week and couldn't finish watching it because it was really pissing me off because it was hard truth. So many of our people still walking with that self-hate and don't even realize it. I know and embrace my African heritage and am currently taking the necessary steps to find out exactly where my ancestors came from.

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