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Watch: James Gray-Directed Ad For Martell, Lensed By Darius Khondji

Watch: James Gray-Directed Ad For Martell, Lensed By Darius Khondji

It would appear that director James Gray has a found a new collaborator behind the camera. With his previous two efforts “Two Lovers” and “We Own The Night” lensed by Joaquín Baca-Asay, for the upcoming “Lowlife,” Gray teamed with Darius Khondji (“Se7en,” “Midnight In Paris,” Academy Award nominee for “Evita“), and he rang him up again for this quick job.

Gray has directed a new ad for Martell XO cognac entitled “Rise Above.” It’s a classy little spot, showing the before and after of creative inspiration in a variety of mediums. It’s always interesting to see a director adjust their skills for the purposes of marketing, and Gray comes off well, and at least this isn’t that Brad Pitt Chanel spot. Give it a spin below. [Fubiz]

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It's a beautiful spot, very captivating. I can't wait to see his next movie Lowlife, I really appreciate this director & I really consider him as one of the best american author/director of our time.

jean vigo

James Gray is so underrated and under appreciated, imho. He's "quietly" carved out an amazing body of work. His films are appreciated in Europe more than they are here. I suspect that because he largely deals with blue-collar, kitchen sink, crime sagas, elitist critics dump him into the cliche bin.

But, those same critics are myopic to the cliches in privileged white people, mumble core, whine-about-your-useless-hipster existence dramedies. Why? Because the latter films are about people who would be "critics." Sad but true

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