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Watch: Jessica Chastain Plays Bass & More In 4 Clips From ‘Mama’

Watch: Jessica Chastain Plays Bass & More In 4 Clips From 'Mama'

Jessica Chastain has done many things in her brief but busy career. She’s pondered love and death for Terrence Malick in “The Tree Of Life,” she got close to the grizzliest of the Bondurants in “Lawless,” and right now she’s hunting Osama Bin Laden in “Zero Dark Thirty.” And later this month, she’s going to try her hand at being a goth rocker (album cover up top).

Okay, not exactly, but sporting a black wig, tank top, and a “Don’t call me Mom, call me Annabelle” attitude, her world gets turned upside down by spooky kids in the upcoming “Mama.” Chastain gets the bass out in four new clips that have landed from the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror flick, and it feels like you’ve seen this movie twenty-nine times already. Basically, “Mama” is a parable about the folly of taking in some some creepy sisters who were found abandoned in the woods. Stuff will start appearing under your bed, and your electricity will go on the fritz, interrupting your jam sesh. JUMP SCARE!

See if Jessica And The Chastains make it to the top of the charts on January 18th. Watch below.

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It always makes me laugh when I see her with her haircut and dye job and then Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looking pretty much exactly like Jaime Lannister in a flannel shirt because the TV shooting schedule prevents him from cutting it.

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