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Watch New iPhone TV Spot With Venus And Serena

Watch New iPhone TV Spot With Venus And Serena

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Apple’s new iPhone 5 TV commerical with Venus and Serena Williams which came out on New Year’s Day and the voiceover narrator is actor Jeff Daniels.

And, believe it or not, already it’s generating some discussion on various media business sites. One calls it ‘brilliant’  while another one called it “incredibly fun”.

However another site called it  “disturbing” though if you read the piece they never actually come around to saying what’s so disturbing about it.

Hmmmm. You think because it has two strong black women in it… ya think?

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I finally saw this commercial and thought it was incredibly cute.


Disturbing? I loved it! I love Venus and Serena!!


In our dreams…..this is exactly the only way that any of us can ever hope to beat Venus and Serena at anything. :) Love them both!


It's a nice commercial. Can't see how someone could hate on it…..but I hear Spike Lee has an opinion.

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