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Watch: New Trailer For HBO Miniseries ‘Parade’s End’ With Benedict Cumberbatch & Rebecca Hall

Watch: New Trailer For HBO Miniseries 'Parade's End' With Benedict Cumberbatch & Rebecca Hall

Two weeks after announcing that they would be airing the popular U.K. miniseries “Parade’s End” and releasing an impressive teaser trailer, HBO is letting viewers have a longer peak at the imported literary adaptation with a new full-length promo. It similarly highlights the devastating pseudo-love triangle between Christoper Tietjens (Benedict Cumberbatch), his adulterous wife Sylvia (Rebecca Hall) and the alluring young suffragette Valentine Wannop (Adelaide Clemens), but this extended version gives a better feel of what looks like a chilling performance by Cumberbatch, whose character is crippled by allegiance to an outdated moral code.

And while some may draw simple comparisons between the hit show “Downton Abbey, and “Parade’s End” — both are set in the World War I era and explore class distinctions — this seems to offering a different, and perhaps slightly more epic experience all around.

This heart-wrenchingly repressed and romantic trailer certainly points to something perhaps bit more deeply woven, and we’ll certainly be watching when the series airs for three consecutive nights starting Feb. 26th at 9 pm.

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Brian F

Might want to mention that Sir Tom Stoppard wrote this.


Cumberbatch's quote about Downton was misquoted and taken out of context, and he had cleared it up on several occasions; even Dan Stevens said so (from what Cumberbatch had told him and from he understood) in his recent interview with The Daily Telegraph. Just because Downton is currently airing in the US, some of the film blogs and tabloid websites are taking advantages of this twisted non-news (actually created by the media right from the beginning) to evoke more hits again?


I loved 'Parade's End' and I thought Mr Cumberbatch was astonishing in it. Tiejens is a very different character from Sherlock but no less engaging. I'll be amazed if he doesn't finally win the Bafta for his performance.

This isn't TV to watch while you're doing something else. It requires concentration, but what dividends it pays.

Red Revan

The 'f***ing atrocious' comment was said to be a quote taken out of context or rather 'misquoted'. Cumberbatch was referring to the events of the WW1 that the characters of both shows(Downton Abbey and Parade's End) has to suffer. In fact, the writer, the main actors, and his father was in Downton Abbey so it's irrational to slam a show full of his friends and a family member; especially when we're talking about Mr. Cumberbatch. He seems to be one of the nicest guy in the world. Please don't revive an age old misunderstanding.


Up to this point I am still wondering if Rebecca Hall was actually great in this or just plain over-acted and hammed it up to unbearable levels. Her character is truly flashy. Cumberbatch's role is so far away from Sherlock. Though he is still highly intelligent here. Now I wonder if he is a genius himself in real life. Also, the guy has a great inner life for an actor… everything was so repressed yet you can pinpoint what he feels in a scene. What a gift to have.


Its a great series but not for people who like easily digestible mini morsals. Downton is a soap and that what people want these days. Something that they can look at while still on the laptop. Parade's End requires concentration. Cumberbatch is extraordinary in it.

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