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Watch: Paul Walker’s Car Rental Goes Awry In Trailer For Action Flick ‘Vehicle 19’

Watch: Paul Walker's Car Rental Goes Awry In Trailer For Action Flick 'Vehicle 19'

Here’s proof that not every Black List-approved script is worth the merit or attention it receives. With movement first happening way back in the spring of 2011, we sort of forgot this movie even existed, and now nearly two years later, the first trailer has arrived. And it looks ready for the DVD bin or VOD wasteland.

Written and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil, the movie once again puts “Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker behind the wheel, in what looks like a riff on the one-location movie, except this time, it’s within the confines of a moving vehicle. The actor plays an ex-con who travels to South Africa to visit his ex-wife, but thanks to a car rental mixup, he gets wrapped up in some scheme involving transporting a hostage to testify against some corrupt cops or something.

It all looks pretty tedious and there’s probably a good reason why there’s no U.S. distribution, but considering it has Walker driving something with explosions in it, somebody will probably take a chance on it. See for yourself below.

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It's not always the script. In fact, it's almost always the execution when a screenplay has been collectively lauded over the way VEHICLE 19 was. Having not yet scene South Africa's critically-acclaimed RETRIBUTION (also by Writer/Director Mukunda Michael Dewil) I'll venture to say that either the trailer has been cut unexceptionally well or the action genre is a bit more than Dewil can direct at this early stage in his career.


That's only proof that a good script can be screwed up royally by a bad filmmaker… hardly a revelation.

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