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Watch: ‘Spike Lee Was My Hero’ By Skyzoo Featuring Talib Kweli

Watch: 'Spike Lee Was My Hero' By Skyzoo Featuring Talib Kweli

We've gotten over the *hump* so what better way to start a Thursday than with a new music video for a track titled Spike Lee Was My Hero, from Skyzoo and Talib Kweli, which pays tribute to the one and only, who actually makes a appearance towards the end of the video.

Might this be the first hip-hop track to pay homage to Spike Lee, or have there been others?

Regardless, I dig the track… homage or not.

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I'm a music blogger and can tell you Skyzoo is one of the best yet one of the most underrated lyricists in hip-hop right now. His current works have included mixtapes inspired by 'The Cosby Show' and 'Good Times' (he can relate to both lifestyles growing up). But to answer your question, no this isn't the first time artists have been inspired by directors like Spike Lee. Not too long ago The Nappy Roots (a hip-hop group) released a video for "Hey Love" in which they recreated scenes from 'Do The Right Thing'. Back in 2008, Ludacris had a track on his 'Theatre of the Mind' album called 'Do The Right Thing' featuring Common and Spike Lee. I'm sure there is more.

Black Sun Tzu

What actually intrigued me was the use of the past tense in the tittle. "Spike Lee was…". Why not "Spike Lee is…"?


I was wondering why I'd never heard of Skyzoo before now. Then I listened to the song, and I was like, "Ahhhhh . . . that's why."

Katrina T.

As an African American history professor…I must say Spike Lee has contributed greatly to discussions from minstrelsy to X to urban life for minorities…He is the voice of those who fought to be heard and those who we can't forget…And as someone who went to graduate school in NYC…I finally got the complexity of his messages and setting!…We need more Lee's and less Perry's and Tarantino's!

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