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Watch The Sci-Fi Short Film That Reportedly Has Hollywood Studio Execs Salivating…

Watch The Sci-Fi Short Film That Reportedly Has Hollywood Studio Execs Salivating...

This happens about once every 3 months it seems; a short film that’s *discovered* on Vimeo or YouTube, goes viral, gets the attention of Hollywood studio executives, eventually leading to talk about the potential for a feature film adaptation for the director.

This one’s the first of 2013. It’s titled R’ha, and is directed by a German filmmaker (specializing in animation, which is what he’s studying currently) named Kaleb Lechowski, who will turn 23 years old this year.

Kaleb is said to have done this with no money, just a computer, some software and 7 months.

The short immediately went viral after it was uploaded to Vimeo 2 weeks ago, and has been played over 1 million times since the (on Vimeo alone; it’s probably on YouTube as well).

Lechowski has already picked up representation in the form of managers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers at IAM Entertainment and is expected in Los Angeles (if he’s not already there) to do the Hollywood dance.

Let’s see what comes of all this, if anything. He’ll be joining a club that includes the recently-released horror film Mama, which stars Jessica Chastain, and was produced by Guillermo del Toro. Mama was first a 2008 short film which got del Toro’s attention, and, well, the rest is history.

Watch R’ha below and see what all the hype is about:

R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.

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So many jaded comments here by people who can't draw stick figures, I imagine. Oh, I'm just too sophisticated and self-involved to acknowledge someone else in the world made a talented debut.


'it's probably on Youtube as well.' the writer couldn't do a minute of research before they posted the article to verify this assumption?


7 months on animation, 7 second on story.


This website really has issues with what is good and what is inferior. One moment, it bashes romantic comedies (and women in general) in the "worst of the year,"

Yet, at the same time… deifies stuff like this.


And this is different how?



The D

For a second, I thought Christian Bale was doing one of the voices.


Oh God, I was bored. Typical of Hollywood. Every year those idiot execs over there drool over a short film , usually with sci-fi concepts and great special effects, to make into some potential tentpole film. Of the many, only one of them I thought was impressive. This one isn't the one. I couldn't care less about what was going on. And none of them have been made into feature films yet. These execs are killing the motion picture industry, the result of just pure laziness.


Watched…ok…..but how is this part of the 'African Diaspora'?

Charles Judson

The musculature, emoting, textures and lighting is fairly sophisticated. Even the detail on the city, without zooming in, is top notch. Really impressed with the clouds. Creating that level of natural randomness, while still having a "soft" look and diffused light, is hard without the brain defaulting to it's fake. Will this make him a great storyteller? Time will tell. The "story" is very Halo 3 meets Matrix. If he really did this all on his own, he's still working at a pretty high level and I see why he's gotten some buzz.


Meh. Good rendering…

It's the "new" way to break in, utilizing tech skills to make a digital sci-fi short. Writing and/or directing a live-action story is so old-school huh? VFX supervisors like Joseph KOSINKSI (Tron Legacy), Zack SYNDER, Len WISEMAN, and Jonathan LIEBESMAN (Battle Los Angeles) made their (mediorce-to-decent) genre pieces by coming up through the system; this way via R'HA is the fast track. Of course, to build an original story is still key – unless Hollywood execs see this guy and his aspirational peers as journeymen for the next superhero/tentpole film.


Of course "Hollywood" loves it; it's got torture. That's what excites those little dick cretins.


visually, it's okay, though hardly breath-taking, but the story elements seem like something i've seen a million times post-Cameron. maybe better as a video game than a movie, tho' it gets harder every day to tell the difference.

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