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Watch: Trailer For Brit Cop Thriller ‘The Sweeney’ Starring Ray Winstone & Hayley Atwell

Watch: Trailer For Brit Cop Thriller 'The Sweeney' Starring Ray Winstone & Hayley Atwell

How’s this for confidence? Months before the movie opened in the U.K., Vertigo Films felt so good about their big screen version of the cult Brit TV cop show “The Sweeney,” that they got development going on a sequel. Now whether that actually comes to pass remains to be seen (it divided critics and really, no one seems to be clamoring for one) but U.S. audiences will get a taste later this spring when it lands stateside. And a new trailer has arrived to get the word out.

Starring Ray Winstone, Hayley Atwell and Ben Drew (aka rapper Plan B), the film is an adaptation of the beloved ’70s TV show (one of the inspirations for the U.S. TV series “Life on Mars“) and it centers on the hard-living cops in the elite Flying Squad. The title, “Sweeney Todd,” is the cockney slang reference to their department– the branch of the London Metro Police who specialize in armed robbery and violent crimes. Following the usual template of this sort of thing, they will have to break the law and ethical codes of conduct to catch a no-good bad guy.

From director Nick Love (“The Football Factory“) it looks fairly pedestrian, though the cast certainly livens up the material. Anything with Winstone being grizzled we’d watch anyway, and Atwell seems to have a particularly intriguing and ass-kicking role. A decent popcorn movie? That’s all we can hope. “The Sweeney” hits iTunes and theaters on March 1st. Watch below. 

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I've seen this, not only is it terrible, it's also really boring. I fell asleep for about 20 minutes of Ray's snorting and grunting. Honestly. There's a shoot out scene in a library, that I bet Nick Love conceived in his most Donald Kaufman-esque state, to show his hatred of books 'it's bullets vs knowledge, right'. When the highlight of a movie, is a man putting some snooker balls in a sock as a nod to a TV movie he was in, in the the 70's you know you've been 'LOVE'd'. Poor Steven Mackintosh, he really gets shat all over in this, cuckolded nancy boy.. Plan B? do I need to expand on this?


I went into it thinking the same thing i.e. how bad could it be? Needless to say, I was shocked at how terrible it was despite Winstone, Atwell and Lewis. Nick Love shouldn't be allowed to direct or co-write any more thrillers. This thing is atrocious!

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