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Watch Trailer For Intriguing Short Film About Nigerian Scam Artists ‘Four One Nine’

Watch Trailer For Intriguing Short Film About Nigerian Scam Artists 'Four One Nine'

We’ve previously mentioned filmmaker Alexander Etseyatse’s short film, Four One Nine, but now the film is completed and a trailer for it has just been release, which you can watch below.

Four One Nine is the latest in what seems to be a trend of films dealing with those Nigerian email scams, like the British made feature, Woolwich Boys, which Courtney profiled last fall HERE.

Etseyatse, who has a backgound working as a production assistant on several TV series and feature films, in New York, has previously directed five short films, including  Mikel’s Faith which made the film festival circuit last year.

And for his latest film, which deals with two British/Nigerian brothers who are involved in an illegal mail business, which one brother wants to end while the other “just wants to do one more job” is already scheduled to be shown at some film festivals in February, including the Pan African Film Festival in L.A., the San Diego Black Film FestivalNew Voices in Black Cinema in Brooklyn and Anecdotes of a Nigeria: 4 Short Films in New York.

Here’s the trailer for the film; just judging form the complexity of the story and the solid production values, it’s hard to believe that it’s only a 15 minute short and not a feature length film. 

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this is amazing. this is good.


I go chop your dollar!!!

Bill Johnson

It was a Great film to shoot. I'm glad people like what they see.

Colin Seed

Terrific trailer, I want to see the feature. Only 15 minutes wow!

stacey muhammad

Yes indeed!

Vann Digital Networks

trailer for a short film??? might as well show the whole damn movie


I recognize a face from Alaskaland!
This looks like it might be good…


I am excited for this film. And the talent. It looks sharp. Concise. Interesting to see the tumultuous issue of the '419' stigma for Nigerians addressed in this way. I've worked with Vlad before. He is DEFINITELY a new, rare talent to watch. Go VLAD GOOOO!

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