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Weekend B.O. Jan. 11-13 (Marlon Wayans Surprises Everyone)

Weekend B.O. Jan. 11-13 (Marlon Wayans Surprises Everyone)

As expected, Zero Dark Thirty was the number one film this weekend. But what no one excepted was the surprisingly strong showing of Marlon Wayans’ comedy A Hanuted House.

House came in second this weekend, beating Gangster Squad, which came in third. The heavy promotion and coast to coast advance promo screenings for the film last month, with personal appearences by Wayans, evidently helped build buzz about the film; and obviously a lot of people were in the mood for a comedy.

Django Unchained came in fourth with $125.4 million to date, domestically, heading towards overseas openings next weekend.

Meanwhile, not even the presence of Trey Songz could help, and presumedly bad word of mouth hurt Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D, which dropped a whopping 76% from its number one position last weekend:

1)  Zero Dark Thirty Sony $24,000,000 Total: $29,481,000
2) A Haunted House ORF $18,170,000
3) Gangster Squad WB $16,710,000
4) Django Unchained Wein. $11,065,000 Total:  $125,399,000
5) Les Miserables  Uni. $10,127,000 Total:  $119,206,000
6) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey WB $9,080,000 Total:  $278,124,000
7) Lincoln BV $6,314,000 Total:  $152,579,000
8) Parental Guidance Fox $6,100,000 Total:  $60,650,000
9) Texas Chainsaw 3D LGF $5,150,000 Total:  $30,752,000
10) Silver Linings Playbook Wein. $5,000,000 Total: $41,306,000

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I watched Marlon Wayans on the Today Show last week and he said the studio that made the Scary Movie series, conceived by the Wayans I might add, decided to take control of the movie from the Wayans Brothers and put Charlie Sheen in their place. So, he decided to strike out on his own and make a parody of the Paranormal Activity movies. I am happy that it is doing so well in the box offices and for all of the haters out there, he is doing no more than any other star and promoting his movie by any means necessary. Don't hate, just appreciate. America has been through some very tragic days…let's laugh a little. Good job on you Marlon!


The theater I saw A Haunted House in was packed. Comedy is a nice relief amidst a war movie, a slave movie, and a gangster movie. 98% hit rate on Marlon's jokes and gags. Audience laughed, including me, throughout. Strong writing on the screenplay by Wayans and Alvarez. Strong comedic talent, and I suspect improv bits, and sharp parody of found footage trend in recent horror films. Good sport by Essence Atkins. Nice scares too. Congratulations to Marlon Wayans for bringing funny back to the game.


Congrats Marlon :) I know that this was a special victory for you, being that this was a solo try without your brothers.


That too Wayans was constantly pushing the film on Twitter getting people to comment on the film. He even asked me to do it when I met him. The social networking campaign no doubt helped the film. To say the film was just dumped in January sells short a really smart and strategic campaign Open Road did for the film


I'm not really surprised by Haunted House's numbers; the ads look funny and just about every single black (and black-identifying) comedian on twitter -from Kevin Hart to the ones unknown outside of LA/NYC – was pushing their followers to go see it. Good for Marlon.


Come on, Sergio

Everyone knows that January is when Hollywood squats and takes a dump. I pity the fools that lap films like this up simply because there`s nothing else being released. You think Gangster Squad, with it`s A-list cast, was released in Jan for any other reason?

Justin W

Gangster Squad……..ouch

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