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What Did They Do To Mila Kunis? 4 Character Posters For ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’

What Did They Do To Mila Kunis? 4 Character Posters For 'Oz The Great And Powerful'

So, in just over a month “Oz The Great And Powerful” will wave a magic wand and drop into theaters, and mostly, Disney is hoping this doesn’t “John Carter” on them. But they have a few things that will likely prevent that from happening. First, it’s riffing on a beloved movie that everyone has heard of. Next, it features a cast that people know, including James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis. Okay, great. But then why on Earth did they airbrush the hell out of the one cast member who has been named the Sexiest Woman Alive?

For whatever reason, while the rest of the cast look like themselves and who they’re supposed to be in the movie, it seems one savvy designer decided that Kunis needed to be improved. So a few Photoshop brushes and filters later, the actress has emerged with a smooth, circular head, and we’re not quite sure where her waist ends and legs begin. It’s just….disorienting…

Anyway, a more recognizable Kunis and everyone else plus monkeys and tornadoes will star in “Oz The Great And Powerful” when it opens on March 8th. [Recent Movie Posters]

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All I see is one more fairy tale of white princesses that we'll all carry our kids to go see…


In case you hadn't noticed, Mila gained a lot of weight last year, I think it's just her, a litte bit more fatty than usual (sorry for the english, I'm french)


All the ladies look completely airbrushed, not just Mila.


And here I thought Alice in Wonderland would be the ugliest movie in 20 years.


There is no way on earth you can compare this with John Carter. John Carter was great but bad promotion and a hate campaign by certain media outlets killed it. Oz The Great and Powerful will make a least a Billion easy, if not two. Note the fanbase is stronger and getting excited with each day.

It doesn't matter what angle the media use to form some kind of negative, even comparing it to Alice in Wonderland, which made over a Billion. Oz will rule come March.

The posters look great.


Yeah, that's not Kunis. It's a cartoon.

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