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2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 85th Academy Awards through February 24th, when the winners are announced.

Of the 12 nominations that went the way of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” only one win is a true certainty. But it’s a big one. Daniel Day-Lewis has won essentially every single precursor out there, and it’s hard to imagine anyone not voting for his remarkable work portraying the 16th President of the United States — even if it doing so will help make him the first actor ever to win three Oscars in this category. But if someone is going to manage that feat, why not Day-Lewis, who is largely considered one of the greatest actors of all-time. And, really, who could beat him? The performances of his assumed closest challengers Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper seem so very insignificant up against Day-Lewis.

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here, and this list of all the Oscar-nominated films available ON DEMAND right now.

The nominees:
Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook”
Daniel Day-Lewis in “Lincoln”
Hugh Jackman in “Les Misérables”
Joaquin Phoenix in “The Master”
Denzel Washington in “Flight”

Will win: Daniel Day-Lewis
Could win: Bradley Cooper
Should win: Day-Lewis or Joaquin Phoenix

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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1. Bradley Cooper, "Silver Linings Playbook"
2. Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln"*(WINNER)
3. Hugh Jackman, "Les Miserables"*(Runner-up)
4. Joaquin Phoenix, "The Master"
5. Denzel Washington, "Flight"


Day-Lewis deserved it one hundred times over. If you don't agree then you haven't seen Lincoln.




3 actors who were snubbed

tom hardy ..LAWLESS

richard gere ..ARBITRAGE

matthew mcconaughey ..KILLER JOE


DDL has only been in 11 films in the last 23 years! He has been nominated for an Oscar in 5 of those 11. I would call it horrible luck for a guy like Cooper who made leaps and bounds in his acting ability with his performance in SLP, that it happens to be the same year DDL plays Abraham Lincoln. The Academy loves DDL and are not fans of the dramedy. When DDL wins, he should single out Cooper in his acceptance speech as someone whose performance shined a significant light on the disease that is bi-polarism. And 5 years from now when DDL wins for the movie Hitler, Washington, Bin Laden, or Caesar, he can acknowledge some other great performer that just had a case of bad timing.


Daniel Day-Lewis, hands down. You may not like Lincoln as a movie, but no denying that DDL played his role to a tee, with aplomb and outstanding, superb acting.


I'll be honest; I didn't really like Lincoln. I love Steven Spielberg, and I love Daniel Day-Lewis, but I thought he was the only interesting thing about the film, especially since we all know how it ends… On the other hand, I LOVED and was completely captivated by Silver Linings Playbook, and it really all was because of Bradley Cooper. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was good too (though Emmanuelle Riva deserves to win on Sunday), but Cooper just blew me away. And if we're talking about transformative performances, I think the character of Pat was a far cry from anything Bradley Cooper has done as of late. I just feel like people regard Daniel Day-Lewis as some sort of god, and Bradley Cooper as tabloid fodder, and don't fully take into account the actual caliber of their performances.


Could Cooper have played the Lincoln role? Probably not. Could DDL have played the Playbook role? Probably not. Sometimes there are roles in movies that aren't about a grand historical event or person that are more impactful. Bi-polarism may not be an epidemic, but it is horrible to witness those afflicted and their struggle to be "normal". Brad Cooper did a sensational job. He won't win. It won't be because he didn't help elevate SLP to a must see film. It will be because the Oscars are political.


Hugh Jackman's performance in Les Mis was simply astonishing. I actually think it may be one of the best male performance ever in a film. Cannot understand how it is not being recognized as such. The others do not even come close (did not see Denzel in Flight).


Watched Flight. Very GOOD movie, I like it very much. I think Denzel Washington performed EXTREMELY WELL, LOVE his performance, and he definitely deserved his nomination, if not, WINNER. @laurelhero

[As mentioned, Lincoln is still not shown in this region so haven't got the chance to watch Daniel Day-Lewis yet.]


i really so glad by these year best actor award winner…………..i proud of bradley cooper………………

Film Fan

There is a 99% chance Daniel Day-Lewis will win. And when he does win nobody should act surprised. He has been picking up every award he has gotten a nomination for (which is basically just about everything) and it is beyond well deserved. Every person in this category gave amazing performances (it was such a brilliant year for movies) and their nominations are rightfully so. But this is all Lewis. He is one of the best actors of all time and getting a 3rd Oscar was bound to happen soon for him. He became Lincoln fully and didn't hold back at all. During the movie you had to remind yourself it was an actor playing Lincoln and not the actual man. He was that good.

Left Hand of God

Bradley Cooper, Denzel then Phoenix. The other two films have been done and re-done dozens of times it's easy for anyone to portray those characters. But these subjective awards are nothing but pure popularity contests. If it was truly a performance based win then Bradley Cooper wins 100% of the time, no contest.


Denzel gave the best performance. Followed by a tie between Phoenix/Lewis, then jackman, lastly Bradley Cooper


Although Bradley Coopers performance in Silver Linings Playbook was better than i thought it would be. It was not oscar nomination material in my opinion, the whole movie in fact isn't, im slightly shocked at all the nominations it's received. For a movie that was trying to be realistic and present mental health in a realistic, serious and understandable way. I found that it almost mocked it.


Hugh Jackman
He really can sing


Deserves to win (most to least) : Joaquin Phoenix, DD Lewis, Hugh Jackman , Denzel Washington

Will Win : DD Lewis

d smooth

i think denzel washington or hugh jackman should win

Bradley Cooper

I will be so embarassed if I win. I shouldn't have even gotten nominated tbh .ithink if I do win I will just stay in my seat because it would be so embarassing.

Hugh Jackman

Joaquin why would any one care about where you came from. You need to see a doctor, SERIOUSLY, get help my friend. I did the best performance in a musical of all time which means I should definitely win best actor. Watch Oscar night for my name to be called for best actor.

Joaqiun Pheonix

Denzel how insulting of you to bring up nationality as a problem for me to win best actor.!!!! What about Day-Lewis from England and Jugh Jackman from Australia, why aren't you singling them out for being foreigners. You know what just shot up and F*** every one whose apart of the Academy Awards including you Denzel. I'm Puerto Rican and I'm proud of it and without a doubt I'm the best mother F***ing actor for the year. Oh and the guy from the movie Hangover, I have two words for you F*** YOU!!!!!!


It’s killing me having to wait to hear who wins the Oscars! I do hope Bradley Cooper wins though. It’s too bad that I will be at DISH working late on the 24th. It’s nice that my DISH Hopper DVR uses the PrimeTime Anytime feature to automatically record all four major networks during primetime. Since it’ll record the show for me, I won’t have to set up the recording and I can keep myself focused on staying off of Twitter where the show can potentially be spoiled.

Anna Christina

I hope Hugh Jackman wins- I've seen Les Mis nine times because of him lol


Bradley Cooper's nom is the like Quevnehzela Wallis or however her name is spelled. No chance of winning at all and no much hype about the acting.
Waste of a spot both of them. These two have got to be the most untalked about peformences ever this year for the Oscars.


I saw Hugh J. , Denzel Washington, Daniel Day Lewis and Bradley Cooper performancess' but I've no seen the Master that's why I couldn't choise who should win the oscar in this category.
J. Phoenix is one my Favorite actors but I saw Silver linings play book at the weekend and I liked Bradley Cooper's role. Hugh Jackmann was also great as Jean Valjean. Finally D.D. Lewis was much better in the There will be blood than Lincoln. The Spielberg movie wasn't a great picture. I still prefer Saving Privat Ryan from Spielberg. Denzel Washington wasn't bad in the Flight. We'll see it.


Bradley Cooper has no shot. I mean even less than everyone else, even though no one except DDL has a shot.

er nyzaz

joaquin best performance of the year, but he comented on the oscars in bad manner, so DDL or Hugh.

Denzel Washington

Guys relax ok. Daniel your my friend but I'm gonna take you down. That Cooper guy, all I have to say is go back to being that wasted frap boy from Hangover. Joaquin you should know that America wants born Americans to win not Puerto Ricans, sorry to be rash… Huge your one of my best friends and the only true real actors left in Holly Wood. Nonetheless, I have the best chance of winning…


Haha @ all against bradly cooper


Bradley Cooper has no chance of winning AT ALL and I don't get why he was nominated .
They should have given Suraj Sharma or John Hawlkes that spot!
Sorry but I still see Bradly Copper at the dude from the awful Hangover movies.


CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT IS BRADLEY COOPER DOING IN THIS LIST. Honestly, Bradley Cooper really… The other four nominees must be ashamed of the Academy Awards for even allowing Bradley to be amongst them. Denzel and Day-Lewis are the best actors of their generation. It should be a TIE between them both.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Bradley, can you do us all a favor and shot your filthy mouth. Quiet frankly I don't think you stand a chance of beating me for Best actor. Needless to say, your performance was tremendously tasteless and horrible. I would suggest you quit acting. I will win because I play one of America's most powerful and beloved President.


I really hope Bradley Cooper wins so everybody will shut the hell up


Bradley Cooper has no chance whatsoever of winning. He just barely manged to beat out John Hawkes for The Sessions for the nomination.

Bradley Cooper

I should win best actor people. I mean come on, just look at me, I'm so hot that it's impossible for you not to like me. Even straight men like me or wish they could be me. I will win base on my good looks. It feels good to be a handsome white men.

One Love

People How in the F***ING world did Bradley Cooper even got nominated…… Bradley was plain awful, terrible, disgusting, stupid and senseless…. There is no way Bradley will win. No Way. Day-Lewis please go back to England would you. If I was the president of the Academy Awards why would I give the best Actor to Joaquin who have clearly demonstrated in the past that he does not want to be affiliated with the Oscars. Either the Aussie actor Huge Jackman or Denzel Washington should win…


Daniel Day Lewis performance in Lincoln is SUPERB!!! He will win this award


How was anything from Silver Lining's Playbook nominated. Bradley Cooper for an Academy Award, the saying makes my ears bleed. How, How, How!
Daniel Day Lewis was Lincoln, he was completely Lincoln, it was incredible.
Joaquin Phoenix winning an oscar is long awaited, and he equally has a large chance, he should have won for Johnny Cash in Walk the Line frankly.

Sheldon Gaskell

Best Actor
* John Hawkes (The Sessions) – replacing Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook)

 Winner: Joaquin Phoenix (The Master) – It is highly likely Day-Lewis will take the Oscar.  Phoenix is the best choice, however, based on the direction in his acting and heart-wrenching depiction of a decaying man.  Hugh Jackman is incredible in Les Misérables, but the scope of his acting is no where near that which Phoenix and Day-Lewis offer in their performances.  The Academy also generally avoids awarding top prize to actors in musicals, which puts Jackman at a great disadvantage in the race.  Day-Lewis and Washington both delivered powerful appearances in Lincoln and Flight; however, these performances are not their greatest to date.
 Runner-ups: Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington


Suraj Sharma deserves a nomination for his acting. So they have that 6 year old in the Best Actress category but not Suraj Sharma for Best Actor? I saw both Beasts and Life of Pi and Surajs acting was far better. Thet little girls acting was boring and nothing special. She was a 6 year old acting like a 6 year old. Big deal.


Daniel D Lewis will win it. But i would give it to Joaquin Phoenix.


It's gross the support Washington is getting just for being Denzel Washington. People should be thankful he undeservingly got in over John Hawkes.


Its D D Lewis all the way


The best actor Oscar award for 2013 will be for the Lincoln role played by Daniel Day Lewis who also won Golden Globe award in 2013 for Lincoln. Good LUCK to Daniel Day Lewis. We all appreciate your wonderful acting and similarity in face and make up as 16th President of America as Lincoln.


Denzel gave the performance of the year. It's that simple.

Lewis, Phoenix, Cooper, Jackman were all great, but it would be unjust to not give it to Denzel. He shined in Flight.


Well i know there are some big names in these nominations and that they gave a great performance BUT i think that the oscar should go to hugh jackman who is very underrated. He is an excellent actor and his performance in les miserables was outstanding. I also think that di caprio should be a nominee for best supporting actor. Leo needs to win an oscar at last! He was unbelievable in Shutter Island and he got nothing. I mean come on!!


Elect your winner on

Michael M.



Well lets print fact Daniel Day Lewis is the biggest cert in Oscar history.I have 500e on at 1/1.He is now the shortest priced fav ever to be nominated at 1/20.


Who should win: It's close, but I have to say Daniel Day-Lewis.
Will win: Day-Lewis is a lock.


Well it is obvious that the top three contenders are Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel Washington and Joaquin Phoenix… Both Denzel and Daniel Day-Lewis has outstanding and compelling performances however both have already won twice in the past… Needless to say that both Washington and Day-Lewis have done similar roles. Denzel playing an alcoholic pilot similar to Jeff Bridges win in 2009 for an alcoholic musician and Day-Lewis iconic role as one of America's most signified President but isn't his role similar to Nixon's role in 1995 portrayed by Hopkins and gay politician activist Harvey Milk by Sean Penn… Aren't we all tired of the same old roles wining Academy Awards… So in all honesty Joaquin Phoenix will probably win that's if the Academy goes for performance and not politics(Favoritism)…


Joaquin Phoenix should win! He doesn't get enough credit for his work; he's performances so far have all been amazing, and his performance in The Master is outstanding! He deserves this Oscar, even if he thinks he doesn't.


Of those nominated, I think that Daniel Day-Lewis deserves to win. Denzel blew me away, until I saw Lincoln. But I am disgusted and disappointed that John Hawkes didn't get a nomination, just as I'm disgusted and disappointed that Marion Cotillard didn't get nominated for best actress for Rust and bone. I'm equally disappointed that Laura Linney didn't get a nomination as best supporting actress for Hyde Park on Hudson. Jackie Weaver over her? No way.


Hollywood doesn't give a third Oscar very easily. That puts a dim light on both Daniel Day Lewis and Denzel Washington. It took Meryl Streep decades and numerous nominations to win the third one. Joaquin Phoenix deserves it for his body of work but he's not a favorite in Hollywood. And, they hate to give Musical Performances a Best Actor or Actress Award. Supporting okay but never lead. So, I think Bradley Cooper sneaks in and carries it away.


denzel wiil win,your predicitions are horribe u suck go kill your selfs,,,


I want Joaquin Phoniex to win for jokes. I heard he really hates the oscar? I wanna see him go up that stage, get his award and start ranting and trashing the Oscar for what they really are.
I hope even comes dressed up like what he did back in 2008 lol.


IMHO, will and should win: Daniel Day Lewis


Check out my final predictions for Best Actor at


As usual, you white clowns underrate an absolutely amazing performance by Denzel Washington, the best actor of his epoch. Freakin' morons


I'm rooting for Daniel Day-Lewis, John Hawkes, Joaquin Phoenix, Denzel Washngton and Bradley Cooper. The underdogs would be Anthony Hopkins and Hugh Jackman.

Hopefully the Oscar would go to Joaquin Phoenix.


You know what's a real shame? Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena getting ignored, they were both great in End of Watch.


Day-Lewis was good, but his depiction of Lincoln was flat and poorly directed by Spielberg in my opinion. Phoenix was unique in his expression of a decaying man and should at least get a nom. Jackman is definitely a strong contender. I believe it will be a race between DDL and Jackman.


The Oscars will never nominate Bradley because he is "too pretty". Yes people love to ignore the fact that the Oscars are BIASED and superficial. They have never, and would never give their awards to "pretty boys" no matter how amazing they may be in a role. Why? Because the people handing out the Oscars are all old unattractive balding men, who don't want a "pretty boy" to win a serious acting award. So in this case, good looks actually HURT you. Brad Pitt, Leo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp- all have been deserving of an Oscar at one point in time but they will NEVER win because they're very attractive. Bradley is in the same boat. I don't think he SHOULD win but he sure as hell deserves a nom and Phoenix's ass should be out all together. What is this like the 1000th role he's taken as a crazy out of control retard? Thanks but no thanks, I'm not here for melodramatic overacting.


Bradley Cooper needs to be higher on that list…He was breathtaking in Silver Linings Playbook. Incredible movie with a powerful cast

James K

I think there are only 6 Actors that really have a shot at a nomination, and three of then are locks (Day-Lewis, Jackman & Hawkes). The other two spots are going to either go to Cooper, Washington or Phoenix. I'd probably say that Phoenix is missing out because of his complete disregard for the Academy. Although, any of the three really could. This, and Supporting Actress are the only two categories I would be in complete shock if Day-Lewis and Hathaway didn't win. Jackman and Fields (ironic) COULD win, but I doubt it.


Have you seen Hitchcock? Hopkins deserves more than a nomination his role was far better than Denzel in flight or Phoenix in the Master. I love Denzel and he is a terrific actor but Hopkins stole the show in Hitchcock. if ya wanna talk more about movies, I love movies

gerard kennelly

T O M …. H A R D Y …………. L A W L E S S


Take Denzel out and put Bradley in. Bradley Cooper did some incredible work in Silver Linings Playbook that we've never seen him do. He deserves a nomination, at least. Regardless of what Phoenix said about the Oscar, I think his performance in The Master was fantastic, I don't think he'll win but a nomination would suffice. I didn't really like Lincoln that much but Daniel-Day Lewis's performance was definitely a winner.

Robert Turner

What about Tom Holland in The Impossible? Youth never gets recognized, and this is one of the most emotional and gut-wrenching performances by anyone, young or old, from this past year.


Completely agree with the previous comment about Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. He doesn't deserve to even attend the Oscars, much less win one. The reason I even knew of his existence originally is because he threw a hissy fit over the tent scene in Brokeback Mountain and didn't take the part. Great role model for young actors. And p.s. – his acting was not that great in The Master. I left the movie theatre for the first time in my life before a film was all the way done. My time was too valuable to suffer through that hot mess for one minute longer.

If he is seriously nominated over Hugh Jackman for an Oscar, then the film industry has officially gone to the dogs.


Phoenix is the most overrated actor on earth. His performance, as usual, was his typical overacting. He can't do subtle acting he can only beat us to death with his annoying over the top "I'm so dark deep and twisted, see the way I make my deformed lip snarl" crap.

With that said I realize it is subjective but here is the other thing……he bashed the Oscars. He not only publicly bashed them in the article, but then went on his now deleted twitter account, and bashed the Oscars AGAIN. Why would anyone on here want an ungrateful brat to win an award he doesn't even care about or respect? Not only do I think he doesn't deserve it for his acting, but I think it should also be given to someone who APPRECIATES it. Someone who is humble, thankful and respectful. Not an ungrateful bitter man who disrespects something that is supposed to be flattering at the very least.


Daniel Day-Lewis will be getting a (very well deserved) nomination and is the biggest lock to win at this point. I would be surprised to see Jackman not grab a nomination at this point, his role has won rave reviews & he has been picking up a good amount of nominations in other awards. Plus he is running a great campaign. Denzel will get nominated, the Academy loves him and that performance was all kinds of amazing. Phoenix's performance was stellar and I hold it as some of the best acting of the year, however he has been trashing the Oscars & he (and the The Master itself) has been losing steam. Hawkes was fantastic (as usual) and with all of the buzz and other nominations I think his chances are pretty good however I could easily see him being this year's Michael Fassbender, being left totally snubbed. If Hawkes doesn't get a nomination Bradley Cooper will probably get in. Cooper was great and has been going strong this award season but because of the strength (and past) of the other possible nominees he could easily be the one left out.


My Oscar dream list consists of Bradley Cooper, Richard Gere, John Hawkes, Jack Black, and Joaquin Phoenix. This in no way reflects who I believe will be nominated—simply who I believe deserves it the most.


Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller gave absolutely revelatory performances in Perks of Being a Wallflower, with Lerman being the standout. Please watch the film before making a judgement. I doubt he will be considered for a nomination (though he was nominated for a critics choice award), and neither will the supporting performers, but they gave absolutely amazing performances. One of the best films of the year.


Seriously, just give it to Day-Lewis.


Hugh jackman is a cert thanks to great timing of release. he's fresh in the voters(especially female) minds. Could even snatch the damn thing from Daniels grasp!

Marcus Dunn

The best male actor last year was Michael Fassbender, and he didn't even get a nomination. Expecting major snubs this year, like Denis Lavant (the Academy would be complete fools to not nominate Joaquin Phoenix though).


How is The Avengers getting nothing?! It's making the whole thing look like a joke.


Ummm …don't kid yourself. Hugh Jackman is absolutely making the cut. He might not win but he will def snag a nom.


guys stop it, joaquin phoenix disappeared completely. There was no such a good performance since 2008 heath ledger. and Lohn hawkes might suprise. DDL not as good as there will be blood. Others just nomination formalities


I have never seen a Daniel Day-Lewis film, and thus I have nothing against him, but I seriously doubt that he will win the Oscar because of the fact that he has already won two Oscars in this same category. It's hard enough to get two Oscars, let alone three, which only two actors in Oscar history have ever done (and one Oscar was for supporting in both cases). Despite my great love for Leonardo DiCaprio I have to think that Hugh Jackman will win this time around, based on Oscar history and his amazing (and I mean amazing) work in Les Mis.


I have never seen a Daniel Day-Lewis film, and thus I have nothing against him, but I seriously doubt that he will win the Oscar because of the fact that he has already won two Oscars in this same category. It's hard enough to get two Oscars, let alone three, which only two actors in Oscar history have ever done (and one Oscar was for supporting in both cases). Despite my great love for Leonardo DiCaprio I have to think that Hugh Jackman will win this time around, based on Oscar history and his amazing (and I mean amazing) work in Les Mis.


Where on earth is Leonardo DiCaprio????????????????????????


Really thought Logan Lerman did a nice job in Perks of Being A Wallflower. Haven't seen it heard his name come up much


no christian bale?????…he deserved a normination for batman


Suraj Sharma really deserves a nomination, he carried the film virtually on his own.


How can you put Bradley Cooper, who I absolutely adore and know will one day rise to an ever higher occasion, and leave out Matthais? I understand you are part of the hollywood machine..but it's crazy to me after watching R&B that you would leave him off the list. You have much power indiewire, why are you going for the prom kings as if you're in high school. Are you not supposed to watch all of the films and judge based on talent? Not the rich pretty kids at school? Bizarre. Is this TMZ? Disappointing. Jamie Foxx? Ben Affleck? Is it because it's subtitled? Are you too busy? Or is your list based on number of followers on twitter in America?


After seeing Lincoln, Flight, Silver Linings and Les Mis I agree those will be the front runners for best actor. Denzil won't get it because the movie was good but not great. He was really good in it though. Bradley Cooper won't get it. He was really good but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets snubbed and doesn't get a nomination, even though he should get the nod. Hugh Jackman and DDL are going to be the top 2 fighting it out. Both were great in their roles. But here's the thing…. Lincoln was way too slow of a movie and we've all seen DDL do better. He was too soft and I never once got that one great powerful performance scene that we usually get from him in other movies. I didn't feel any emotion really from his character. There's a really good chance he could get it because first, he can sing and I do think he was born to play this role. There were a couple scenes where he nailed it and made a couple audience members cry. And 2nd, Les Mis was a better film than Lincoln. BUT………
From all the movies I've seen I do think Liam Neeson should get the 5th nod from The Grey. He was GREAT and probably the best I've ever seen him. The emotion and pain that his character carries in the film, Liam takes that and brings it to life on screen. Out of those top 5 I think Liam gave the most powerful performance of the year. He'll get snubbed though.


So I guess Ewan Mcgregor's stellar performance in "The Impossible" is to be ignored.


This is daniel's for the taking -he was amazing. If he doesnt get it then bradley cooper should, although I don't think that such an alternative should be made.


Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper or Richard Gere SIMPLE


With The Grey having been re-released for 2 weeks to qualify for the 2013 Oscars, why the heck would it, and more importantly Liam Neeson not even be in the running? He gave one of his most gripping performances I've ever seen in this movie.

Bob Vandever

I know he won't be recognized, but Jack Black was PERFECT in Bernie.

Juha Hovilainen

So…Richard Gere gave his best performance and everybody`s talking about Mr.Day-Lewis.
I am still hoping for a little miracle and Mr.Gere would at least get a nomination. Thank you !


I did not think DDL portrayed Lincoln as I thought he would. I still saw him through the character and DDL is usually good as transforming into his roles.

Hugh Jackman seems more deserving


I know Day-Lewis will probably win, but anyone for Martin Freeman? He kills as Bilbo.

Chasing the Dragon

Day-Lewis, Jackman, Hawkes, Washington and Cooper. Pheonix is great but unstable. God knows what he'd say or do and I doubt the Academy is going to chance having him trash their little shindig (more than he already has). The Oscars are not always about who gave the best performances. If so, then Rourke would have won for The Wrestler, Streep for Doubt, Fassbender for Shame and Davis for The Help and in no way would Witherspoon or Bullock have Oscars on their mantle nor would Swank have beaten Bening twice. This is really a two man race between between Day-Lewis and Jackman and bet on Jackman. No actor in the 80 some odd years of the Academy has won 3 Best Actor Oscars. Not Tracy, not Brando, not DiNiro. Only male two actors have won three, Walter Brennen (3 supporting) and Nicholson (2 lead, 1 supporting). It took the Academy nearly 30 years to give Streep her third (just her second lead, the other was a supporting and it probably wouldn't have happened if Weinstein hadn't campaigned hard for her) and Day-Lewis won his second lead just five years ago. At only 55, you've got to figure he's got another 20 years ahead of him to win another one and if he wins again so soon, that puts him in the running to eventually catch Hepburn with four and maybe even pass her. If it goes to Washington, that puts him on par with Nicholson with 3 wins (2 lead, 1 supporting). Cooper is too young, a pretty boy who up to now is known for sophmoric sex comedies. He's going to have to do a bit more to earn an Oscar. Hawkes is the real darkhorse and could pull an Adrien Brody. But look for Les Miz to take Best Picture as this one is right up the Academy's alley (especially with that older voting block) and it is a significant achievement in that it's raised the bar on how to make movie musicals and too, in many instances throughout the Academy's history, Best Picture and Actor tend to line up. My hunch is both Day-Lewis and Jackman will win the insignificant Globes and they'll split the two important ones with Day-Lewis taking the SAG and Jackman the Oscar. Hugh is recognized as one of the most all around talented people in the entire business. Name me one other A list action adventure, romantic leading man movie star with dramatic chops and who can also command a Broadway stage? You can't. There's only Jackman. His talent is that singular. He's not only having to act his azz off here playing one of the greatest characters in literature, he's got to sing the sh*t out of it too (and live). It's a double whammy. And it doesn't hurt that he's also one of the most beloved people in the business who finally landed the role to utilize all of his talents. Count on the Academy giving him his first and not giving Day-Lewis his third. At least if past is prolouge. Just an opinion.


Jack Black should definitely get an Oscar nod for his performance in Bernie this year. Funny and uncomfortable all at the same time, he just owned the role.


I would give anything to hear John Hawkes's name called out on Oscar night.

Michael M.

The fact that Joaquin Phoenix was historically snubbed at the SAG's, although Hoffman wasn't is purely atrocious. Very similar to last year's unprecedented snubs for Fassbender and Michael Shannon likewise. Fuck the academy, fuck their rampant corporatism, and lastly fuck their ill-repressed tendencies to overlook the most defiant and riveting performances demonstrated on screen. I hope Day-Lewis denies that unjustified win. Phoenix was right, "it's all bullshit." Any committed actor devoted to his craft would genuinely agree.

P.S And don't even get me started on Emanuelle Riva's snub, sickening. Elitist pigs, hope they enjoy the millionaire glamor trough.



After the SAG noms I can see why they moved down Joaquin Pheonix but why Denzel Washington? And I would be pissed if Joaquin Pheonix wasn't nominated.


Hugh Jackman will get nominated 100% switch him with Bradley Cooper

Eulalia Díaz Yagüe

I am also believe Daniel Day-Lewis will win.
My other great favourite is John Hawkes. He is fabulous in "The Sessions"!

Atom Saskal

What about a character in Cloud Atlas such as Tom Hanks or Halle Berry?


It will be Day-Lewis for "Lincoln"

Dave Traverso

There are 4 nominations in the bag (Day-Lewis, Hawkes, Phoenix and Washington) and that coveted 5th spot seemingly will fall to Jackson, Cooper or Hopkins. But I don't think we should count out Jean-Louis Trintignant. Last year we all watched Fassbender (Shame) and Michael Shannon (Take Shelter) get overlooked for a lesser known Demian Bichir.


my nominees list: (in alphabetical order by name)

1. Bradley Cooper, "Silver Linings Playbook"
2. Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln"
3. John Hawkes, "The Sessions"
4. Joaquin Phoenix, "The Master"
5. Denzel Washington, "Flight"

Michael M.

How Brad Pitt isn't a predicted contender suprises me, his performance will def. attain him a nomination. Who doesn't love the Gangster archetype.

Michael M.

How Brad Pitt isn't a predicted contender suprises me, his performance will def. attain him a nomination. Who doesn't love the Gangster archetype.


I consider Anthony Hopkins a frontrunner. There's no way he doesn't get a nomination. And where is brad Pitt on this list for Killing Them Softly?


I want Denzel to win for FLIGHT. He was so amazing and right on point with his portrayal. I still have to see LINCOLN. I'm a big DDL fan…but Denzel really affected me with his performance–I was haunted for days after seeing it.


I haven't seen Lincoln yet and I'm sure DDL's performance will be great. However I don't think Spielberg generally brings the best out of the actors especially in comparison to Paul Thomas Anderson. Also even though I am a huge DDL fan I thought Phoenix's performance in The Master was extraordinary. Perhaps as good as DDL in There Will Be Blood. I also think Hoffman will be nominated for best as he wasn't really a supporting role in the film. Somehow I highly doubt that DDL is as good in Lincoln as he is in There will be blood


How about a little love for Jack Black in "Bernie?" What a performance. He walked a tight-line that whole movie: you were never sure how to take him. He was funny and creepy, sympathetic yet odd, familiar yet removed. He was creative and went beyond impersonation, showcasing sides of him we've never fully seen before on-screen. And he sang a lot too, and well.

Isn't this the kind of Oscar is supposed to honor? Actors stretching, challenging – and, heck, playing controversial real-life characters doesn't hurt either, does it?


Les miserables reviews say Hugh Jackman was amazing and will definitely be nominated. Some said win but there's so much competition this year. I hope joaquin Pheonix wins but I think DDL will.

Shannon Burnett

I have seen many of the movies featuring the predicted actors for Oscar consideration, Flight, The Sessions, Silver Linnings Playbook and the Master. Joaquin Phoenix deserves the oscar. His portrayel of Freddie Quill was heartbreaking to watch as a man tortured that physcially and mentally decompses in front of our eyes.


What about Liam Neeson in THE GREY?!!! He killed it in that film. Also from what I've been hearing is that Hugh Jackman was so good in Les Mis that he has a good chance at winning.


I think DDL will be the winner but Suraj Sharma from Life of Pi should get a nomintation. That kid is brilliant.

Michael M.

I read an interesting article here once, explaining how DDL will not win Best Actor. One reason revolved around his character symmetry, arguing that his Lincoln interpretation does not touch the magnitude of his Plainview character. Second reason, because he's already won previously and the Academy rarely throw's out Best Actors to previous winners. To award DDL with a third Best Actor is pretty much acknowledging him as the greatest actor who's ever lived (Which is he obviously isn't). I hate the competitive awards season, art is subjective, so this process of recognition is essentially pointless. I'll stick with Phoenix though, he truly became something else in comparison to the rest of the contenders.


He is a supporting Actor


How on Earth is Javier Bardem not even here? His performance is Skyfall was awesome…


Martin Freeman should win for the hobbit, but he probably wont because he's not that well known. But he SHOULD definately win.


Daneil Day-Lewis. It will be his 3rd win like Meryl Streeps
if not him, then Joquien Phoenix. I hope Joquien doesn't pull that crap he pulled in 2007 or 2008. When he had the hair and beard.


Where is Logan Lerman? Best performance of the year.


Aster seeing Lincoln, I am still hoping both actors from The Master will win.


How about Robert Partinson in cosmopolis?


Daniel Day-Lewi's portrayal is magnificent in Lincoln. I believe he'll take this award hands down. Every image that I've even had of Lincoln has come to life in DDL's acting. I recommend going to see this film, truly a great American classic.

Brad S

Jake Gyllenhal for End of Watch. Just wait it will happen.


if Daniel Craig doesn't get a nomination for James Bond i will be extremely shocked and disappointed.

Stephen Earnest

I had heard some hopeful things about Jack Black getting some attention for "Bernie," but sadly, these rumors have not come true.

Mr. Anderson

While I don't see Phoenix getting a nomination (his attitude, plus I wasn't as high on his performance in 'The Master'), this is pretty much the race I was thinking of. Like Meryl Streep winning her third Oscar last year, I'll be surprised if the award for Best Actor goes to anyone besides Daniel Day Lewis.


Joaquin Phoenix has been out of the competition by himself. Mr. John Hawkes deserves the recognition by the Academy.

Joe Hughey

And I also think Brad Pitt has a definite shot at being nominated for Kill Them Softly. The critics' consensus is that his performance is spectacular, along with the rest of the cast, and he is after all an Oscar darling.


I think Anthony Hopkins is a definite contender. He is almost sure to snag a nomination. Why? Because he's Anthony Hopkins and he's playing one of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities.


I think Phoenix's latest tirade might hinder his chances.


Yes Channing Tatum for Magic Mike is much likelier candidate than Jamie Foxx playing the lead in the next Tarantino film, a high profile possible Best Picture candidate? WTF!!!!!!!!




How come Hopkins ins't in the top 5? Isn't his performance a definite nomination.

Michael M.

No way in CHRIST will DDL secure another coveted best actor. Indiewire's pathetic attempt at consumer skepticism. Phoenix, Hawkes, or Hopkins will win; end of story.


My prediction:

1. Joaquin Phoenix (The Master) (predicted winner)
2. John Hawkes (The Sessions) (maybe the spoiler?)
3. Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln)
4. Hugh Jackman (The Miserables)
5. Denzel Washinton (Flight)


Nothing seems wrong here at all. The only thing is, is Cooper getting out shined by Lawerence in there film, enough for him to be forgotten? I think I'd replace him with Hopkins. Even if Hitchcock is the worst film ever, if Hopkins is great, they're not snubbing him for playing the most famous and notorious Director of all time. Oh, and I'd bet money on Pheonix winning this category, with only Washington, not Day-Lewis taking it away from him (Lewis is too soon)


I think Jackman will get the last nomination instead of Cooper. The other four seem to be locks though, though I suppose Anthony Hopkins could be a spoiler.


My Favorite:
1. Joaquin Phoenix, The Master 2. Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
3. Denzel Washington, Flight 4. Anthony Hopkins 5.Matt Damon


How about some acknowledgement for Christopher Plummer in 'Barrmore'? I just saw the trailer and if the film/play (whatever you wanna call it) becomes eligible Plummer's gonna be a force to be reckoned with again for a second straight year.


Why is Channing Tatum in this list over Logan Lerman?


I'd give an Oscar nod to Eastwood, Hopkins, Affleck, or Murray before Bradley Cooper or Channing Tatum. I truly think that the Oscar race will change once Les Miserables and Hyde Park on the Hudson are released. The only reason that Bradley Cooper is garning attention for the Silver Linings Playbook is due to the fact that it was one of the first films screened at the TIFF and won the audience choice award. I'm not saying that Bradley isn't good in the film, one needs to keep an open mind considering that many films that feature Oscar worthy performances have yet to be released.


Replace Washington with Hopkins and exclude Cooper. In place of Coopers expulsion, insert Pitt or Jackman. Although; needless to say, Phoenix has this.

vivian pan

Channing Tatum is possible to get a nomination????what they are thinking…..i think hugh jackman and clind eastwood must be nominated…..!!!


What is it with the Washington/FLIGHT predictions? That's not an Oscar film, and I highly doubt he'll crack a Top 5 in such a strong year for Best Actor. Psh.

01) Joaquin Phoenix (THE MASTER)
02) John Hawkes (THE SESSIONS)
03) Daniel Day-Lewis (LINCOLN)
04) Anthony Hopkins (HITCHCOCK)
05) Jean-Louis Trintignant (AMOUR)
06) Ben Affleck (ARGO)
07) Hugh Jackman (LES MISÉRABLES)
09) Richard Gere (ARBITRAGE)
10) Matt Damon (PROMISED LAND)

I have a hunch that this year, Cooper has broken out and if the love is really strong, could carry him all the way. Just not sure if he'll be overshadowed too much by Lawrence and possibly DeNiro yet. Affleck could ride the wave, as his film is inclined to potentially take it all. I'm a little curious about HITCHCOCK, and if it's going to flop critically or not.

But Eastwood? You think HE'D get nominated after the whole Empty Chair brouhaha? Bitchplease!


Andrian Brody for Detachment, or was that last year?

Zachary paul

What about tommy lee jones in hope springs, I thought his preformance was worth some recognition, and I think hitchcock comes out next year.


Hopkins in HITCHCOCK? But you CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT be serious about Tatum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To even mention him near any list of the year's worthy performances kind of completely obliterates your credibility….

Expert Witness

Jake Gyllenhaal, End of Watch?

I like Bradley Cooper but really? The guy is a lightweight


Yeap, what about Gere in Arbitrage ??? – If anyone deserves a nod that should be Gere, they even owe him one !!!

Joanne C

What about Richard Gere in Arbitrage?

Michael M.

Insert Hugh Jackman for "Les Miserables" Or Jean-Louis Trintignant for "Amour" in replacement of Denzel Washington, I mean a Zemeckis film centered around aviation? INTERESTING aha, sarcasm intended. As well as Bradley Cooper (JOKE) and than you have yourself a competitive and fortified roster. Additionally with the teasure footage depicting DDL as the ruminative and contemplative Lincoln, Murray's chances at depicting any previous presidential figure has been tarnished, including the piss poor reviews.


easy for Joaquin, when i saw first teaser for The Master, i sayed he gona win it even from trailer.


Take out Denzel Washington and insert Sean Penn for "This must be the place" and you've got it pretty darn close. It's a shame that Bill Murray will lose to DDL ….


ewen mcgregor, The Impossible???


Flight probably will end up with not so good reviews and get no nominations.


1. Joaquin Phoenix РThe Master, 2. Hugh Jackman РLes Mis̩rables, 3. Denzel Washington РFlight, 4. Daniel Day-Lewis РLincoln, 5. John Hawkes РThe Sessions. Sorry Murray, but if your history with the AMPAS show us something, the AMPAS could reject you again -Especially with the 1998 historical snub-


Joaquin Phoenix WILL win. 3 Reasons:
1) Overdue
3)Weinstein film

randall gerber

bill murray will win an oscar plain and simple.


Hugh Jackman's chances are going to strengthen better and better as more trailers from Les Miserables are released. This is a tour-de-force role, taken from classic literature and musical theatre, and Jackman has the talent to deliver this much awaited portrayal on screen. The first teaser has shown only glimpses of his character portrayal ( no singing yet!) and there is already much anticipation of his forthcoming screen performance, where he seems to combine his prodigious stage and film talent! It is about time the Oscars recognize multi-talented actors in its yearly honors show!


1. Daniel Day Lewis- Lincoln
2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman- Master OR Jaoquin Phoenix- Master
3. Bill Murray- Hyde Park on Hudson
4. Hugh Jackman- Les Miserables
5. John Hawkes- The Sessions


Based on the trailers, is Joaquin Pheonix the lead role in The Master? Or are they both lead roles?

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