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2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 85th Academy Awards through February 24th, when the winners are announced.

Jennifer Lawrence for the win? That was the story back in September, when “Silver Linings Playbook” soared out of the Toronto Film Festival with somewhat unexpected Oscar buzz, particularly for Lawrence — who took charge in a category that had been a big mystery until then. And she held that position until Jessica Chastain popped up in mid-November even more out of nowhere for “Zero Dark Thirty.” No one had any idea whether her role was lead in the film or if she/the film were any good.  All cases turned out true. So the race was soon pegged as J.Law vs. J.Cha. They pretty much evenly split the precursor awards, though Lawrence started to hold a growing edge over Chastain, particularly after “Thirty” didn’t do quite as well at the Oscar nominations (and “Linings” did better than expected). But something else happened at the Oscar nominations: L’amour for “Amour” across the board, and a nomination for Emmanuelle Riva. Riva — who will turn 86 years old on Oscar night — is the oldest best actress nominee ever, and represents a rare case where she’s both a sentimental choice and the most deserving winner.  If voters actually see “Amour” (which given voting hasn’t even started yet, they have plenty of time to), Riva could very well take that Oscar from Lawrence and Chastain. Or not. Though this Oscar prognosticator’s totally impossible fantasy? Riva ties the youngest nominee in this category — Quvenzhané Wallis of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” — and the two of them walk up to stage hand in hand, adorably play-arguing on stage (“I’m the man!”; “No, I’m the man”).

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here, and this list of all the Oscar-nominated films available ON DEMAND right now.

The nominees:
Jessica Chastain in “Zero Dark Thirty”
Jennifer Lawrence in “Silver Linings Playbook”
Emmanuelle Riva in “Amour”
Quvenzhané Wallis in “Beasts of the Southern Wild”
Naomi Watts in “The Impossible”

Will win: Emmanuelle Riva
Could win: Jennifer Lawrence
Should win: Emmanuelle Riva

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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All Naomi Watts can do is cry. That's all she does. It's not some revelation anymore. If I had a vote it would be a toss up between Riva and Chastain, but I'd have to give it to Riva. She's heartbreaking in L'Amour. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but she wasn't the focus of Silver Linings Playbook and didn't have to do too much. I think Academy voters gave her the award due to her likeability. She always comes across as real and unpretentious


All Naomi Watts can do is cry. That's all she does. It's not some revelation anymore. If I had a vote it would be a toss up between Riva and Chastain, but I'd have to give it to Riva. She's heartbreaking in L'Amour. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but she wasn't the focus of Silver Linings Playbook and didn't have to do too much. I think Academy voters gave her the award due to her likeability. She always comes across as real and unpretentious


Naomi Watts deserved the award. Jennifer Lawrence isn't even on Naomi Watts level of talent and her role was not even a modicum as challenging as Watts', who was playing a real life mother who went through the most traumatic experiences imaginable during one of the worst natural disasters in history. Naomi Watts had to go through hell shooting this film and brought such a beautiful and heartbreaking spirit to her character. She should have won her second Oscar this year, for she was devastatingly amazing and heartwrenching in 21 Grams and incredible in Mulholland Drive. She is one of our finest actresses and the fact that she doesn't have an Oscar yet just goes to remind us that Adrien Brody and Al Pacino have the same amount of Academy Awards. Now, how is that justice?


Emmanuelle Riva was the one to be by mile, Lawrence was good, but it was a mistake to give her the Oscar


academy members voted for Jennifer Lawrence because her performance for SLP deserve an oscar. and not just the academy even the other awards think so.


just because people think that jennifer lawrence did not deserve the oscar, doesnt really mean that they hate her. l love jennifer lawrence. i think she is one of the most talented actresses right now, but an oscar for slp? i really dont think so. she was good, layered, and had a sort of dark comedic aura around it, but it was the performance of a commercial artist. one of the high levels of art in commercial cinema, but still not art. not the kind that world cinema produces. the kind that riva portrayed.
i think ree in winter's bone was a MUCH better performance than tiffany in SLP. unfortunately, that year, natalie portman's nina was better than that. so jennifer lawrence lost an oscar when she had a pretty good claim, if not the best, over it. but just because she CAN deliver nomination worthy performances, doesn't mean she deserves to win an oscar every time she acts. and she has a great career ahead of her, she can get plenty more chances. let's not decide that she deserves an oscar just because she once delivereed a performance that could have got her the statuette.

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How I think it should have been:

1. Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty"*(WINNER)
2. Marion Cotillard, "Rust and Bone"
3. Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook"*(Runner-up)
4. Quvenzhane Wallis, "Beasts of the Southern Wild"
5. Naomi Watts, "The Impossible"


Well first off ive seen all 5 performances and I'm not stating my opinion on who i think should have won, but being "the best" is all a matter of opinion. So in YOUR opinion Jennifer lawrence didn't deserve to win. However in the majority of the academy's opinion she did, and considering theirs is the one that matters no one except the academy really has the right to say anyone did/didn't deserve to win.


Hey, Jennifer Lawrence did not deserve that Oscar. There were older, more experienced and better actors who had every right to win one, but didn't. Ralph Fiennes, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter, Jason Isaacs, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and soo many others. The Oscars are stupid. They don't know what acting is.


I knew Naomi Watts couldn't win but it's sad that she didn't get as many mentions as she deserved. She is fantastic in The Impossible. At least she should've been considered as a frontrunner.I also think that Emaunelle Riva delivered the best performance and she should've won for Amour. Both of them are better than Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is great too but she really didn't deserve to win, it's not her fault of course.


I knew Naomi Watts couldn't win but it's sad that she didn't get as many mentions as she deserved. She is fantastic in The Impossible. At least she should've been considered as a frontrunner.I also think that Emaunelle Riva delivered the best performance and she should've won for Amour. Both of them are better than Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence is great too but she really didn't deserve to win, it's not her fault of course.


Jennifer Lawrence did not deserve to win Oscar!
Before anybody call me a hater, I want to explain something!
I have nothing against her as a person – but after watching SLP and knowing that she win Oscar for this, I lost all my credibility to Academy.
Naomi Watts and Emaunelle Riva delivered breathtaking perfomances and make me cry, Jessica Chastain do the best as she can with that ZD30 script and if her role play any other less powerfull actress – in will be mega bomb, she literally carry whole film, Hushpuppi was good, but still better than Lawrence because at least she was LEAD and movie work on her.
Jlaws character was poorly developed – there was no info who she is, what her job, family, friends, home -only that she is widow – which is clearly supporting role, but Harvey Weinstein knew there is no any chance win over Anne Hathaway so put it in Lead, which is FRAUD! just like he put Christoph Waltz in supporting, while it was lead. All Jennifers dialogues in movie (besides one) very short and not really impressive. It was too easy role for the Oscars category.
Think about last years nominees and all hard massive complex work that Roony Mara made for Lisbeth Salander or Michelle Williams for Marilyn Monroe, or Meryl Steep for Margaret Thatcher – that is what traditionally called Oscars caliber role, not some “Tiffany” with 2 screaming scene and 1 crying.
What work Jennifer Lawrence did for her character??? Did she change her look, lost weight, studied singing, some phisical training or intelligence research??? NO! She even didnt manage learn how to dance and she moves really BAD! Remember Natalie Portmans finale dance in Black Swan? That is what DESERVE Oscar! Tiffany too superficial, banal, mediocre and even unlikeble.
And I didnt felt her pain like I felt Viola Davis in THE HELP. She was just Ok – average, not more, So FOR WHAT actually that Oscar was given?
And I find it absolutely ridiculous craziness that really great brilliant actors like Leonardo dicaprio, Tom cruise, Gary oldman, Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Clint Eastwood Matt damon, Bill Murray, Tom Wilkinson, Annette bening, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and many many others did not has Oscar, but some 22 year old upcoming actress that alredy dissed Meryl Streep from Golden Globe stage and her fellow nominees, endlessly takling about her farts, boobs, butt, admitted that she didnt learn her lines before movie set – HAS!
There is only one explanation to it madness -God Bless Harvey Weinstein!

PS. Sorry for all mistakes if there is ones, my native language not English,
And will be interesting to know what you think about subject of discussion)))


Well if you have great campaign and nice tits and hot ass like lawrence have, u can win oscar with any lame performance. for me her win is essentially as made by campaign. first her lame movie win eight oscar nomination with the waste of supporting cast and direction and editing nominees (by the way her role is suitable for suppoting). they win all nominee because of cooper and lawrence campaign. Cooper campaign stop with nomination because lincoln, lewis and oscar made for each other but in lawrence competition riva and watts are forigner and chastian she has no campaign. That shit thing happen in win of sovino in 95 who we barely know won over british winslet and other three actress who has no campaign , hunt in 97 win from all british actresses with no american campaign , paltrow in 98 win from foriegners and streep who doesnt need this at that time , barry win in 2001 as black campaign , witherspoon in 2005 from two british , felicity and theron with win already , her career will be now same like those ladies i mention. she is bitch and fake and lawrence welcome to the worst winners list same as the others , as far watts she will win for daina next year which will be more desrving


Jennifer is the best here. Why can't they all see that? She is the best actress in history.




naomi watts doesnt get a mention..? and whats with the abbreviations? I thought for a wierd second that Jude Law was up for a best female nom. i liked silver linings, but oscar worhty? i dont think so. i vote either Riva or Watts, but then having seen Chastain in The Help and thinking her performance was outstanding im sure she was good in zero dark thirty too


will somebody anybody please tell me
why Mary Elizabeth Winstead was ignored after her astonishing performance in SMASHED

Dixie Normous

"Riva ties the youngest nominee in this category — Quvenzhané Wallis of "Beasts of the Southern Wild" — and the two of them walk up to stage hand in hand, adorably play-arguing on stage ("I'm the man!"; "No, I'm the man")."

That's the cringiest thing I've ever read. So cringey in fact I've had to make up adjectives to describe it. What were you thinking?!


First of all i'd like to say that i've seen all 5 of the movies. and I'm in love with all of their performances.
-Emmanuelle Riva: at first she wasn't ranked in the top to win the oscar, she was the outsider. but i think her performance was absolutely fabulous. but her emotions were so deep because that's how the character was, not because she was that perfect like some said. She also has been favorite lately because of her age. what i think can hurt her is that she hasn't won MANY awards.

-Jessica Chastain: her performance was incredible, she was able to show us how good she actually was. What i think can hurt her is the fact that the character required to be strict, one sided. which people sometimes think is because she was a bad actor, which she is not.

-Naomi Watts: there has been a lot of controversy about the impossible. some people love it and some people hate it. that is definitly going to affect her.

-Wallis: she showed us that actresses don't have to be a certain age to give us an outstanding performance. she is a revelation. she is definitely going to grow a lot in this industry. what i think can hurt her is her age. She's only 9 and the academy usually does not give the oscar away to young actresses. she also hasn't won many awards.

-Jennifer Lawrence: she is to me an incredible actress, her character in SLP was very hard to play. it was very tricky, but she was able to play it to perfection. Her acting is very versatile. she is also really loved by the academy, knowing it's her second oscar nomination. What i think can hurt her is the fact that she is so popular for The hunger games, people think she'll win only because of that.

Who will win: Jennifer Lawrence
Who could win: Emmanuelle Riva
Should win: Seriously they ALL deserve that award.


All these actresses delivered great performances this year, each deserves to win. That being said winning an Oscar doesn't have the same prestige as it used to, just because you win one doesn't mean you're a better actor in the long run and loosing doesn't have an effect on their career either.

And what I like about this year is that these actresses have completely different profile :
The young Wallis, great performance for such a young child. Her acting was very intuitive and natural, she has a promising future ahead of her as a young actress. But child acting and adult acting is very different, young actors generally lose that spark as they grow and have to make a lot of effort to make the transition, but who knows, maybe she'll want to be a lawyer later.

Lawrence is a very talented actress, she has started very young and has a natural talent for drama and comedy. Hollywood and her peers have given her accolades since she starred in her very 1st movie Winter's Bones. If she manages her career wisely there'll be more noms to come.

Chastain one of the most versatile and reliable actress in the industry nowadays. She can do anything and is a professionally trained actress. Unlike Lawrence, she has struggled 10 years before getting public recognition. (you really need to have talent to get your breakthrough at 30+ in Hollywood. This is generally when the "average talented actresses" are put aside if their look start to fail them.) But I feel like Chastain is here to stay because of her great acting skills. Just like Lawrence, I feel like it won't be her last nomination.

Watts, she can do great but weirdly enough she never got that recognition from the public or from the profession. She has been working for so long and has done so many movies but people only know her for work in Mulholland Drive, maybe 21 Grams and now the Impossible.

Riva, she embodies the essence of acting. She's talented, has been working in films her whole life – away from the star system and Hollywood, never sought for fame. And now all of a sudden her name resonate and means something to the general public.

This year's Oscar is very exciting and unpredictable, I'm looking forward for this category! I'll be glad if either of Riva, Watts, Chastain or Lawrence wins. I'll be very surprised if the young Wallis wins though.


To the people saying Riva's BAFTA win means Oscar win, keep in mind, Streep last year and Cottilard in 2008 also had Golden Globe victories, which Riva does not. And to correct a post below that if you won a BAFTA and are nominated for Best Actress, you win Oscar in the last decade, that's not true either:
2000: Annette Benning, lost Oscar to Hillary Swank
2002: Judi Dench, lost Oscar to Halle Berry
2004: Scarlett Johansson, wasn't even nominated for Oscar
2005: Imelda Staunton, lost Oscar to Hillary Swank
2010: Carey Mulligan, lost Oscar to Sandra Bullock

Here's one very important statistic to remember: Since 1994, NO ONE has won the Best Actress Oscar when they weren't even NOMINATED for the SAG. (that includes Kate Winslet who lost the Best Actress SAG for Revolutionary Road but won the Supporting Actress SAG for "The Reader" which the Academy bumped up to Leading which she won). You honestly think Riva, left off of Globe wins and zero Hollywood presence, is going to be the one to do that?

You can't go by just folks talking of "oh, I know lots of people changing votes" and all that. After all, in a bunch of those "secret ballots" things in magazines and newspapers, folks talking of voting for Naomi Watts instead of others. Every year we hear of this stuff yet the front-runners wind up taking it after all (consider Melissa Leo supposedly out of the running after her ad campaign in 2011 yet she got it after all the "oh, I know folks voting others" talk). Yes, Riva can gain sympathy votes but also buzz from "Time's" Corliss on how some older Academy members stay away from "Amour" due to the brutal look at againg.

Riva is worthy, no one can doubt it but to say she can top two rising talents in acclaimed performances that have earned multiple trophies in Hollywood seems a bit much and more "oh, let's make this about the merit of film" than the realities of the Oscars.


Let me just start by saying I think all 5 give exceptional performances.
Here is how I would rank them:

5. Naomi Watts – The Impossible (a stunning performance, but I feel she should have been put in the supporting actress category, as her screen time is very limited, and halfway through the movie she is phased out. The lead is the son, and everyone else is supportive to his journey. No knock to Ms. Watts who I feel is a great actress and should already have an Oscar for Mulholland Drive)

4. Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook (another great performance which I feel was betrayed by its own film. Tiffany is a very layered and complex character and I think the script betrays her by painting her as desperate and ending the film in the veign of most PG13 romantic comedies. My problem here was the last 40 minutes of Silver Linings – not necessarily Lawrence, who I think is a phenomenal actress. I enjoy her performance, but not as an Oscar winning performance, especially considering the 3 below)

3. Jessica Chastain – Zero Dark Thirty (she is truly one of the most versatile actresses out – and this is a highlight performance of hers. The subtlety is not lost on me – this is a character who has been trained to be emotionless, and Chastain reigns herself in very tightly in ZD30. Really stunning work)

2. Quavanzhane Wallis – Beasts of the Southern Wild (I wonder if the people who complain about "a little kid" being nominated – have actually seen the film. Its a stunner and Q leads the pack. A performance that many actresses will never top in their careers. Although I'm sure she has no chance to win, but this is a career making performance. I cannot wait to see more of her.)

1. Emmanuelle Riva – Amour (The fact that there is even a question as to who gives the best performance of the 5 is laughable – and keep in mind I enjoyed ALL performances. But there is no way that Riva should not win this award. And I think when Amour was nominated for picture, director, screenplay, foreign film, and actress – Academy members will feel they MUST see the film, which they may have overlooked beforehand. It also shows a strong support for the film. Anyhow, reguardless of who has won awards so far, none of it matters. This award is Riva's, I just feel it. And its so deserved!)

If I would have had my way, my nominations would have been:
Marion Cotillard – Rust and Bone
Zoe Kazan – Ruby Sparks
Kierra Knigtley – Anna Karenina
Emmanuelle Riva – Amour
Quavenzhane Wallis – Beasts of the Southern Wild

.. with Riva winning.


if Lawrence wins over Riva the academy awards is a joke


I agree, had it not been for THG people would not care about JL winning. Her performance in THG was a lot better than SLP. Her performance in SLP is Oscar-nomination worthy, but it's not an Oscar winning performance.


Naomi Watts is winning Best Actress for "The Impossible". Actors have publicly acknowledged her work, anyone read the letter Reese Witherspoon wrote Naomi in "EW"? Lawrence is only 22 and will have other chances, Wallis's and Riva's nominations are their wins, and Chastain's film falls flat.


I am biased because I am a big fan of Sliver Linings Playbook, either way I am happy because Jennifer hasn't left award shows empty handed. Oscar or not, she has been nominated twice and since she is only 22 she has a chance of being nominated again. I would like SLP to at least win some awards, but tough competition.


LOL!…There is NO large amount of Jennifer Lawrence hate…it's one or two people posting basically the same message over and over again to make people THINK that a lot of people have the same anti-Lawrence opinion. The truth is, Jennifer Lawrence is hands down the most naturally gifted actress out there right now, incredibly talented and she was brilliant in SLP. Having said this, Riva will win but not because her performance was better, but because Lawrence is only 22, and the Academy will not hand an Oscar over to a 22 year old. Jennifer Lawrence will be in the Oscar conversation (along with Chastain, Watts,Wallis) for decades to come…they ALL have time to win. My guess is, many of these actresses will be back next year in the Oscar race; Jennifer Lawrence has Serena coming up which is already eagerly anticipated, Chastain has The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, Watts has Diana the biopic. I'm a big fan of Lawrence but I wouldn't be upset if she doesn't win…she has time, she's a wonderful actress, she has time and she'll win, no doubt long before she's 30.


Halle Berry Won SAG Awards 2002 For Best Actress (MONSTER'S BALL), Sissy Spacek Won Golden Globe Awards 2002 for Best Actress Drama (IN THE BEDROOM), and Judi Dench Won BAFTA Awards 2002 For Best Actress (IRIS). But then HALLE BERRY who won Oscar 2002 For Best Actress (Monster's Ball).

In 2013.
Jennifer Lawrence Won SAG Awards 2013 Best Actress + Golden Globe Awards 2013 Best Actress Comedy/Musical for Silver Linings Playbook
Jessica Chastain Won Golden Globe Awards 2013 for Best Actress Drama for Zero Dark Thirty
Emmanuelle Riva Won Bafta Awards 2013 Best Actress for Amour
The Oscar Goes to?????


based on datahuffingtonpost(dot)com , Jennifer Lawrence leads chance winning 72,8%. Emmanuelle Riva 17,2 %. Jessica Chastain 9,8%. Naomi Watts 0,2%. Quvenzhané Wallis 0%.

Based on Prediction of Intrade(dot)com : Prediction for Best Actres Academy Awards 2013 Winner : Jennifer Lawrence 61,5%. Emmanuelle Riva 24,6%. Jessica Chastain 13,0%. Naomi Watts 0,8%. and Quvenzhane Wallis 0,4%.


NAOMI WATTS should win!!!!!!!!! AMAZING in The Impossible!!! So touching!!


Sincerely Jennifer Lawrence….. I've watched all these performances and I have to say that Jennifer Lawrence (not JLaw) is just amazing.
who should win: Lawrence
could win: Riva
who will win? IDK


After seeing each of the movies from which the actresses secured nominations its clear that Naomi Watts delivered the best performance for her role in The Impossible. It was emotional, gripping and most importantly it was the most memorable. If she does not win the academy clearly have no idea. Chastain was good and Lawrence was ok, but Watts delivered an outstanding performance.


J Law??? J Cha???

Are you that lazy that you can't spell a person's name out? What happens when Jennifer Lawrence and Jude Law are in the same movie? Will your brain freeze up as you try and decide on what to do?


Not all of us hate Jennifer Lawrence, I think everyone in this category deserves the Oscar ( I don't have any comments on the 9 year – old nominee ). They've all given their very best performance, Jessica Chastain for me is so amazing and badass ( This is her best performance ever), JLaw is also the best in her performance (Her next best since The Winter's Bone), Emmanuelle Riva, she's the oldest and a veteran so she knows how to give away a damn fine performance and know this, we're all have different support so just bare with us


I cannot understand why all of you hate Jennifer Lawrence, seriously guys, have you seen the movie?! Do you know her?! She's AMAZING! An amazing actress and most of all: an amazing, incredible person! So unique, so special, original, and down-to-earth! And she has so much talent, she touches your heart and in 'Silver Linings Playbook' she was so.. I can't even find words to describe her performance! She took my breath away. Completely. SHE DESERVES THIS FUCKING OSCAR.


Ok seriously stop sayings rude things about Jennifer Lawrence, you just all wish you were as amazing as her

Wish you were

Sincerely Jennifer Lawrence


Can I just say that I don't mind who wins? I've seen all of the movies and I loved all the a tresses in them. The winning to me is just a cherry on top…these genres ate so different it's hard to pick a favorite. So no, I will not be mad if chastain or Lawrence wins. I wouldn't be upset if wallis or Rita wins. I think it'd be nice for watts to win. I just can't decide on my favorite, but they all moved me in some way or another and I'm happy for ALL of them. Is that so wrong?


No one seem to like Quvenzhane Wallis, PLEASE Watch the film and you will see how perfectly talented she is and how powerful she is at connecting with viewers who have seen the movie. I would love to see her win so that everyone can stop arguing about Riva, Watts, Chastain or Lawrence.


Stop saying that Lawrence or anyone in this category for that matter doesn't deserve to win. These women are here because they all did an amazing job in film this year. Just because some nominees have advantages or disadvantages when it comes to voting doesn't mean that they are more or less deserving of the award. That being said, in a way I think that everyone is at a certain disadvantage here. A lot of the Academy members won't watch Amour, much less The Impossible, the controversies around ZDT could hurt Chastain, Wallis is obviously too young, and so is Lawrence, h


RIVA winning Best Actress would be one of the worst in Academy historoy. Naomi Watts deserves the Oscar and that is the end of the story.






i will not be surprised if:

i will be surprised if:

i will be very sad if :

i will be very happy if:
RIVA win (she deserves the oscars not because of her age but because of her lovely performance and in every performance, you need to fall in love of what performance you are watching and that's the time you can feel the lovely performance that gives by a performer like what RIVA do in AMOUR. )


I think Lawrence has the best odds of winning, and I think she deserves her spot as the favorite. She brought so much emotional depth to a role that at first looks unappealing and underdeveloped. I think the problem with Riva and Watts, and possibly Wallis, people get caught up so much in the pathos of the role that they fall in love with the character and forget so much about the acting itself. People keep referring to how Riva is in another league, and I would have to disagree. She was very good, but the pathos of her role was deeper than any other of the nominees, and so it is easy to think she is the best because of her role, not because of her (on the otherhand, her male couterpart was outstanding, I think he got robbed of a nomination) Don't get me wrong, all of them were fabulous performances, and I have seen each of these movies, but I think that Lawrence conquered a far more difficult role. A side-note on Chastain, I thought she was very good, but I think she modeled her entire character off of Claire Danes in Homeland, they were strikingly similar even in their manuerisms, so it really took away from her performance that could have been surreal.


I am seriously tired of people saying J-Law shouldn't win. I have seen all of the movies nominated for oscar this year, and Riva did give a better performance. But why the hell is people including Chastain, she was terrible and only had one facial expression except for a few scene. Lawrence was by far better, her character was complex and the way she acted out her character was amazing. It should be either Riva or Lawrence, not Chast-aint.


All this Riva love is hilarious to me. She has so many obstacles. I mean what has she won in order for her to be a frontrunner? Seeing her movie does not count. The best performances don't always equal Oscar. For example, Ewan MacGregor from The Impossible got passed up for Alan Arkin. Jennifer Lawrence won SAG over Chastain. Lawrence has cleaned up comedy and action awards. Meanwhile, Riva couldn't even win Critics Choice. Now, all of sudden she is going to win Oscar. LOL Come on Man!


Can everyone Please stop saying that Riva should just win because she's old?! Her performance is in another league to the others (and especially Lawrence in my humble opinion), it was just a far more challenging and impressive role and she completely delivered. It was nothing short of breathtaking.


Who should win? Riva without a second thought. Not only did she give a shockingly realistic and physically demanding performance for an 86-year old lady, but she was also heartbreaking without ever being showy, but handling the role with class, grace and superb subtlety.

Now, I think the frontrunner is Lawrence. But if anyone could surprise it's going to be Emmanuelle Riva. In fact, I think that the BAFTA is between these two ladies. In case Riva wins it, this bodes well for her Oscar chances.

Kyle Windchester

VOTES, VOTES, VOTES……… It's Politics people…….. Jennifer Lawrence will win because she is the most favorite HOT YOUNG actress of the bunch. I hate when the Oscar choose FAVORITE (Lawrence) over the BEST (Chastain).


There is a reason why all 5 talented actress was nominated. The Oscar is the biggest Awards in the film industry world wide which is to say that the five nominee are the top 5 best actress in the world for that particular year. In order of BEST PERFORMANCES
5. Naomi Watts,
4. Jessica Chastain,
3. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Quvenzhane Wallis
1. Emmanuelle Riva.


Seen all five of the performances in the category. It will come down to Riva and Lawrence. Riva was heartbreaking in her role, but Julie Christie did it better in Away From Her. Lawrence was radiant and tender in SLP. She was breathtaking. Lawrence for the win, and it won't even be close.


Let's be real, in terms who deserves to win, it's either Lawrence or Riva.They both give very emotive and touching performances, and that's what the academy likes. This might be the last chance they have to reward an actress like Riva, unlike Lawrence or Chastain who will without a doubt be nominated again, probably multiple times. At the same time, how could they not reward Lawrence, who was a stand out in a movie filled with great performances. She really elevates the movie through her realness and force. Let's not forget, this is the most underwritten character in the film, and through her ability to convey such emotional truth and power she makes this character an unforgettable one, and really proves that the fact she has been nominated twice at this age, is not luck, it's pure class.


There is a reason people like Josh Brolin, Robert de Niro, Jodie Foster, etc. say that Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. She is never seems like she is acting. It is natural and effortless and comes across that way. Open your eyes people. Chastain is emotionless. Her biggest emotion comes with starring blankly or writing angrily on a window with marker.


This hate for Lawrence is pretty shocking to me. People that say her performance was bad and lacked range obviously didn't see the movie. To say her campaign is based on being a "patronizing seductress" is sexist and ridiculous. I am assuming the hate is stemming from the fact that she was in a film adapted from a teen novel that people through in with Twilight. Watch the movie again and re-watch Winter's Bone if you do not think she has talent or range.


I have to say… Jennifer Lawrence role was easy and if you really think about it, any actress could have play her role. She lacks that memorable scene. Every one will forget about her by next year. How can you award an actress that WILL BE FORGOTTEN BY TOMORROW.


I'm a huge fan of all the nominees, I really am. I don't think that Chastain nor Lawrence are "overrated"; that's ridiculous. I saw all the possible Oscar nominated performances this year and I have to say that Riva was by far the best performance of the year. I feel like there's no way that Chastain will win, she has only won the Globe and Bigelow isn't nominated and that does play a huge role when it comes to winning.

My picks are Riva and Lawrence. Both are nominated, both directors are nominated and the movies too. Lawrence has a slightly bigger chance at winning because of the SAG but I'm predicting Riva's gonna win the BAFTA. Hopefully she'll win the Oscar too. That would be lovely to see Jean Dujardin giving the Oscar to such a French legend as her!

But I'm kind of thinking Lawrence's winning it. I'm kind of rooting for her but Riva is my favourite.

Believe me, Chastain will have MANY chances of winning the Oscar, she is the new Meryl Streep. I would say Lawrence is more like the new Kate Winslet, not as good as Meryl.


Jennifer Lawrence is currently the frontrunner. I can't believe I'm actually surprised at this. Her performance was good, sure, but I could act those scenes back to you without a hitch. Playing crazy is easy, and more believable to pull off. The actor 'lets go' and suddenly they're incredible. Enough of this madness. She seems every bit the 22 year-old, she doesn't play older well. How is this even happening?


I really love Naomi Watts and her performance in The Impossible. She gave a heartbreaking and strong perfomance, she made me feel like she was really experincing the terrible tsunami and such pain. Although most of her parts was lying on a bed, she still gave a belivable perfomance as a seriously injured person who got weaker and weaker day by day. But I have to say I don't see any chance for her to win the oscar. She didn't win any awards yet and she is weak in campagining, no one help her to gain attention or votes. I think Jennifer Lawrence has it in bag.


i don't agree with the ''old woman always wins" thing. Yes, this year Emmanuelle Riva has an advantage because of her age, but you have to admit that her performance was brilliant…oh, and for the record Helen Mirren deserved the oscar for The Queen


I don't think it's Riva. I think it will be Jennifer Lawrence or Jessica Chastain and that it's about 55% Lawrence, 40% Chastain 5% Riva.


Jennifer Lawrence was good in Winters bone but Not SLP. She will be the biggest upset of all time if she wins. Watts was good but still not Oscar worthy. Riva has a chance since she is very old and will never have the chance to come back for another try so it's best to let her win. Wallis will be the biggest SURPRISE if she wins and she does have the potential to do so. Chastain has it in the bag, she will win if not Riva might steal it from her.


Young Q. Wallis should win;it's time for the "Industry" to ,truly, start recognizing "true talent" ;shit ,you old foggies git out of the way & foster in "the new"


5TH PLACER – JENNIFER LAWRENCE – i don't know why many people like to win Lawrence the Best Actress? for me,,, she has done a better performance in THE HUNGER GAMES than in SLP.. and i don't see an outstanding performance from her in SLP.

4TH PLACER – QUVENZHANE WALLIS – i was so amaze when i knew that this 9 years old child was nominated :-) but she is deserving only for BEST CHILD ACTRESS and not for BEST ACTRESS. i hope soon there will be a BEST CHILD ACTRESS/ACTOR or PERFORMER category in the OSCARS.

3RD PLACER – NAOMI WATTS – her performace in THE IMPOSSIBLE was not that GREAT but BETTER than LAWRENCE and WALLIS., and her performance was just SIMPLE but WONDERFUL because sometimes, you have to be simple to have a GREAT ATTENTION from the people.

2ND – JESSICA CHASTAIN – i don't know why many people hate CHASTAIN, is it because of what he wear in the scene where he is in the middle of the desert? this category is for BEST ACTRESS and not for BEST IN COSTUME DESIGN.. you only have to look the way she act and not what she is wearing . And i was amaze in her performance in ZERO DARK THIRTY but not that GREAT.

BEST ACTRESS – EMMANUELLE RIVA – RIVA has a lovely performance in AMOUR.. her acting is very EFFORTLESS..she don't have to move his whole body to have a GREAT ACTING… like WATTS , yet simple BUT SHE HAVE THAN THE BEST PERFORMANCE AMONG THE NOMINEES and she was lucky that COTILLARD was not nominated :-)


Jessica Chastain should win, Zero Dark Thirty must win something


for me…
will win: RIVA or CHASTAIN
could win : WATTS
should win: RIVA or CHASTAIN
should be on the list : COTILLARD ( rust and bone ) replacing LAWRENCE ( SLP )


Lawrence is the clear front runner, with Chastain right behind her. Riva has a chance of winning, but she is definitely not the front runner.


I don`t see a big favourite this year, from the acting point. Naomi Watts was good , but not that good to win an oscar (but she`s been overlooked in the past) , but she deserves to be nominated. Q. W. is phenomenal for a child but not winning deserving. I don`t see a big snub this year (haven`t seen Rust and Bone), so i`m fine with the nominations.
JLaw, JCh and ERi are almost on the same level for me. They are hard to compare and ERi for me is a small favourite, and it will defently be her only chance to win, so for me she derseves the most. JCh and JLa will defently come back a few times . JLa might be the talent of her Generation, because in the last 20 years i haven`t seen any Actress or Actor (maybe Kate Winslet) nearly at her age with so many very good (and two great) performences and with such a ranges of emotions. But still a talent, and the quenstion ist how good she can get. She defently need not to win this year.

One Love

If Jennifer Lawrence win then that surely means that the Academy Awards should no longer be taken seriously. They should change the title from Best Actress in a leading role to most favored actress in a leading role because POLITICS tend to over rule and the most popular or old sorrow woman always wins. Campaigning for a role that is clearly focus on sex appeal such as Jennifer Lawrence role. And boy can she run a campaign in her favor. Knowing that 85% of voters are horny cheating males who will obviously vote for her because she is young and sexy. Remember Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman, ring any bells. These ladies all had huge campaigns in their favor. Then their are those old actresses who the Academy feels sorry for and award them such as old Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Jessica Tandy which all won base on pure age. EVERY YEAR an actress wins that should not win. I am certain that either the sexy hot young Jennifer Lawrence or the old woman Riva win probably win.

Camilo Caballero

Chastain was wonderful in ZDT, I won't take anything away from her. However, Lawrence gave a much more emphatic and interesting performance all around. Her range of emotions and the personality she adopts is quite impressive, when Chastain's role is more one-sided. I mean, her character was only driven by the desire to find Bin Laden, and while she does a great job with that obsession, having different motivations for a character does make it the much more interesting. Lawrence does a great job with her performance, Chastain does as well, but for me the winner should be Jennifer.


I find it shocking that jennifer lawrence is even nominated, frankly her acting is abismal and the roles she's played show absolutely no range whats so ever. really its a race between Jessica Chastain, Emmanualle Riva and naomi watts. Quvenzhané, although enchanting, is basically a publicity scheme and jennifer lawrence, i really don't know what to say. It's embarrassing. Jessica Chastain receives no credit or praise for her roles, which are all completely different and beautifully sculpted. Just because jennifer lawrence is young does not mean that she immediately gets put high up on the hierarchy, there is much much more talented than her, frankly anything is more talented than her. I think all the nominations given to Silver Linings playbook are ridiculous, it cannot hold itself up next to the other nominees.


I think it's a bit silly to have Riva on "Will win", considering she's most definitely an outsider. With no Critics' Choice, no Globe, no SAG (as opposed to Chastain/Lawrence who tick all those boxes), it will take a lot for Riva to win this – unless she lucks out with votes being split evenly between the two aforementioned nominees, enabling Riva to edge ahead.

Either way, it seems a bit pretentious to have her as the favorite when not much is pointing in that direction. Did enough people in the Academy see Amour? Possibly, considering how many nominations it got. But did enough people watch it AND prefer her performance to that of Chastain and Lawrence? I'm not so sure of that. Either way, regardless of how one looks at it, both Chastain and Lawrence are bigger favorites than Riva. Sure, she may win – and perhaps she should – but to predict that she will, well – you should perhaps elaborate on why you think so. As it stands now, it seems as you think she will win because you think she deserves it. And that's not how it works.


Naomi Watts' performance was so powerful and real. I think she deserves the Oscar. She plays a real person and I thought she did it to perfection. Watching her, you are able to realate to her and what she is feeling and how is she going to over come this huge obstacle. She plays this person with such perfection and brilliance. In my opinion she deserves it. Then theres Jennifer Lawrence who has yet again proved why she should be nominated again and being this young. She is the face of Lead Actresses now but she has worked for it. Sheis such a down to earth person and her performace in Silver Linings Playbook is so raw and real. She is truly beautiful and breathtaking. Although she has plently of time to rake in the Oscars, she might just take it home on Feb. 24th. If either Naomi or Jennifer wins, I will be pleased.


well Jennifer Lawrence is obviously going to win because she just won sag (and people that win sag always win the oscars). wow the second youngest person in history to win lead actress award.


Emanuelle Riva by far is the best performance of the year – a devastatingly brave performance!

Quvenzhané Wallis

I would like to be taken seriously. That is all. #TeamMeYay

Jessica Chastain

Unlike you Naomi I didn't have to go under the knife to get roles. That facial expression stayed on my face after seeing you in that movie "the impossible" was definitely impossible not to cringe about your acting. Jennifer, oh please! Go back to the woods. Emmanuelle Riva..I have so much respect for you..that is why I suggest you back down. I wouldn't want to push your wheelchair by accident. Oops.

Jennifer Lawrence

I am a good person. I am better than Kristen Stewart. My dress did not rip during the SAG was supposed to be that way. I don't like to be catty and that is why I WILL WIN THE OSCAR for Best Actress. May the odds be ever in your favor. Peace. :) xoxo

Emmanuelle Riva

Shut your filthy Australian mouth! That Oscar is all mine!

naomi watts

I strongly believe that I deserve to win the Oscar for Best Actress. I am totally better than all these other women. No one knows who you are Emmanuelle Riva. Jennifer, you still have a lot of growing up to do. Jessica, you had one expression during the entire movie and it surely doesn't deserve an Oscar win. And forget about the other woman whose name can not be pronounced properly. The Oscar is MINE!! Mwahahahahah!!


Jennifer Lawrence!!


Jennifer Lawrence gives an outstanding performance in every role she's given. Amazing actress and she will go far. Everyone else is good too. Emmanuelle Riva who?


love love love love JLaw :) I hope she wins!!


I <3 Jennifer Lawrence. She's a great actor and is genuine :)


Jennifer Lawrence all the way :)


You really still think Emmanuelle can win? I think it's between Chastain and Lawrence


I don't know, but i go for Naomi because she's SO brilliant from "The Impossible" !! She deserves and award for that role.


Noticehow everyone says naomi, yeh thats because she is the best and she soooo deserves the oscar!!!

naomi fan 13



Naomi sooo deserves to win, i love her, the others havent had experiance except maybe the 86 year old but naomi is brilliant in everrry single thing she does and her performance was by far the best, i reallly want her to win, i hope the academy realise how challenging her role was and how perfectly she does it because she is perfection in everything she does


I am sorry there is NO WAY Emmanuelle Riva is going to win the award for Best Actress , she is a total stranger to the american film critics, the fact that she is old shouldn't be an excuse to give her an award … anyways.. the real fight is between Jessica and Jennifer , one of them is going to win and i am almost certain is going to be Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty


This category sucksssssssssss. neither chastain nor lawrence give you a memorable performance. Chastain make this sour face in whole film and not have that memorabl;e scene where we remember her individually and Lawrence should nominate in supporting because she support bradley in film , for lead its kind a character that many actress did already. Riva was an hounaray prize that old oscar lousy people give to old people every single year. Wallis is a sympathy vote i mean she did nothing remotely what we all called ACTING. she just doesnt have emotin she has sweetness that carry a story. Is sweet face an acting? and then its naomi watts the only choice for me to atleast give some mature acting. I think Cotillard for Rust and Bone , Weisz for The Deep Blue Sea and Dequenne for Our Children should be nominated but winner should be Naomi Watts


I hope Jennifer Lawrence win!!!!!!!! She is definitely a flawless actress, I follow her for years & I think She deserve it, Her performance in SLP was absolutely amazing. Go Jlaw!! <3


emanuelle riveres deserves it.


Emmanuelle Riva all the way

Speedy Delivery

Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild) was head and shoulders over all of these ladies. Rent the movie and you will agree. She was beyond remarkable and she's what, 9 years old? Absolutely magnificent performance. This movie was not a formula movie (e.g., rom-com, disaster, military, etc.). The movie is likely too unique for Hollywood to win Best Picture, but Wallis deserves Best Actress.


I hope JLaw wins!!!!


I think it's going to be Jennifer Lawrence, she just knows what she is doing and that's the main thing… Go JLaw!


Its time for Jessica Chastain


I've seen Beasts, the impossible and Zero dark thirty and, for me, the best performance was from the hushpuppy Quvenzhané Wallis. I think nobody talks about her in here because few people have watched the film. You should ;)

JD Thomas

Naomi Watts has been nominated many ttimes. Her body of work is outstanding. Her performance in The Impossible is one of her best. Time to give her an Oscar! She has certainly earned it!


Its between Jessica Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence you people are high if you think any one else like Emmanuelle Riva will win. My votes on Jennifer Lawrence. Shes a star and Silver Linings was only good cause of her. Jessica was good in 0 Dark 30 too but Naomi is outta the mix and the other two are just seat fillers. Jennifer is only 22 has 2Noms for Best Actress already and a Golden Globe shes gonna win, Cause the awards for the Best Actress.


For me Amour is the best movie and Emmanuelle is the best actress of this year.
So pity that the leading man role played by Mr Jean-Louis Trintignant has not been nominated for best actor because he was so good and should at least be nominated.


Naomi Watts put all her heart and soul into the IMPOSSIBLE. It's a winning performance. Let's hope the academy membership watches the film.


thats its not a prediction, YOU should say "Never ever ever ever ever win: Naomi Watts", ends of your article.


Ugh, I'm so tired of everyone saying now that Chastain was "boring" or "overrated." Did you people even watch the movie? She played a hard-to-read and layered character so seamlessly. The emotion and dedication she put into the role should earn her the Oscar. Naomi was great but half of the movie she spent mostly unconscious in a hospital bed. Chastain was strong throughout the whole movie. And if not her, then Lawrence please. They both deserve the frontrunner status they are receiving right now.


The best actress Oscar award 2013 will be given to either Naomi Watts in "The impossible " or Emanuella Riva in "Amour" this is our prediction.


Chastain does not deserve to win, neither does Lawrence. Both ladies are weak in their performances. Both are "JUST OK" or "Some What Good", the Academy needs an actress who is "GREAT" and has a "MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE." That can be seen in Watt and Wallis. HOPE either wins.


Naomi Watts has to win! Pleaseee, I just watched The Impossible two days ago and she was unbelievable. Her perfomance was breathtaking; she made cry so bad and really made me feel the pain and fear of such tragedy. I also agree with what many people stated above: she really worked her ass off! It must've been pretty damn difficult to be in that setting and still give an impeccable performance. I haven't seen the other actresses, but it seems that Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence are the front runners. Still, if someone could tell me, I'd like to know if Naomi has any chance of winning this? I'd really love it if she won.- I TOTALLY AGREE NAOMI WATTS deserves to WIN


Naomi Watts is the best in The Impossible very believable in the whole movie, i had to say Chastain bored me to death watching Zero Dark Thirty it was lousy performance.


Watts should be the spoiler! She was phenomenal!!


Call a spade a spade some women can/will offer more to get what they want.


I gotta say that as for this moment I've completely lost respect for the Golden Globes. I'm utterly startled, upset and disgusted by their choice of giving the award for Best Actress – Drama to the "just ok" Jessica Chastain. I really can't believe that the mesmerizing, excellent, impeccable, heartbreaking yet uplifting performance of Naomi Watts was overlooked by this shity awards. Fortunately, history has shown us that whenever the Golden Globes completely screw up, the Academy Awards makes the right choice. Please, pretty pretty please, do not be unfair to the perfecrt Naomi Watts, oscars. She deserves this award more than anyone in this category. Naomi Watts for Best Actress in a Leading Role!


First of all, Lawrence performance was amazing an stunning, it embodies both comedy and drama elements blend together…. blah blah blah BORING…. Haven't we seen this type of performance before like Sandra Bullock in the blind side which was both comedic and dramatic… Then Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty playing a versatile female which was very similar to Hilary Swank performance in Million Dollar Baby which was also versatile. I belief that the Academy Awards will go either for Watt compelling performance or get rid of drama completely and awards the talents of young Wallis… This year will be filled with SURPRISES and that little girl might just walk home with the big win….


Naomi Watts. Lawrence and Chastain are like the Brad Pitt and George Clooney of this year. Remember everyone last year thought that either Brad or Clooney would win and they didn't? Both were overhyped and they didn't win in the end. Same will happen with those two women.


The award will either go to Lawrence or Chastain, with Watts being the possible spoiler. Riva is fantastic but just doesn't have enough steam and power as Jennifer & Jessica have. Wallis was wonderful and it is so great she got the nomination but a win is very unlikely. Watts could scoop up the award, she was very strong in her role and the fact that it was based on a real person is a positive mark for her however she has no recieved as many awards, nominations and backings as J & J. It will be interesting to see what comes from the Globes, the BAFTAs, and the SAGs. The only thing Lawrence has above Chastain is the small amount more awards & noms she has gathered but it is not enough to give her much of a lead.


My blind faith in Peter Knegt knows no bounds.

Just placed $100 on Riva to win best actress. I have a feeling I'm going to regret this…! ;)


Definitely Quavenzhané Wallis or Jennifer Lawrence!


jennifer lawrence for the win. She will pick up votes for silver linings but also for hunger games as she was amazing in that movie, however the acamemy will never nominate such a film. she was also nominated for best actress already and probably deserved the award that year also, this all in a short space of time. and of everyone the public love her, and want her to win which was not the case last year with streep. so imo its hers


I agree. People forget that Watts had to portray a real life woman who suffered the 2004 tsunami. It was her duty to take all the emotions, the pain, the fear, the despair that woman felt. Watts's performance is set in a very emotional and physical demanding scenario. To act in this move must've been quite an exhausting and draining thing to do. Still, Watts managed to do an impeccable and heartbreaking performance. For this reason, Watts WILL and SHOULD win.


Right now many people may think that either Jessica Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence gave the best performance and it's between both of them, and Naomi Watts has no chance in winning. Nevertheless, I believe that by the time the ceremony happens, most of those people will have changed their minds. Most people haven't even seen The Impossible yet. Well, let me tell you that the performance of Watts was excellent. She gave the best performance and she also deserves to win for many reasons. Naomi Watts was breathtaking, and much better than those two.


Naomi Watts will win. Jennfier Lawrence and Jessica Chastain don't come anywhere close to her.
If not Naomi Watts, then Emanuelle Rievera.
But def not the little girl who was nominated. Ridiculous. That spot should have gone to Rachel Weiz, who was snubbed.


Wow. It's pretty surprising you think Riva will win. It will probably be Chastain, though.


I think… will win: Chastain or Lawrence, should win: Watts or Riva


Whaat? Seriously? Now, these predictions are totally wrong; I completely disagree.
Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain or Naomi Watts. Some people say is Lawrence, some Chastain and other Watts; I don't think it is a favourite. In my personal opinion, I think Watts gave the best performance of them all. Lawrence was great, but the movie was a bit comedic for my taste, and Chastain was just ok. I agee that Riva should win, though. This need to be changed, there's no way Lawrence has an advantage over Watts. One thing is that people like her, but this is the Academy and they will award the best performance, hence, Naomi Watts will win.


I really hope…. Naomi Watts for the win!!! (and if not, Emmanuelle Riva). This is my rank. 1. Watts, 2. Riva, 3. Chastain, 4. Lawrence, 5. Wallis


Check out my final predictions for Best Actress at


it is hard to limit the nominations this year to just five but I'm really hoping for
Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, and Rachel Weisz…I've seen Helen Mirren and Q. Wallis and for me they're the underdogs.


Watts, Lawrence, and Chastain for sure, but Marion Cotillard not a lock really? I highly doubt that. If she isn't nominated I'd be very very surprised.


I also hope Naomi Watts wins! Nevertheless, BAFTA nominations just came out and she wasn't even nominated, so I don't what are her chances of winning now that she's competing with actresses that have been nominated for several awards. I loved Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, but out of the three actresses, Watts gave the best performance. Pleeasee, will she win? Or at least be nominated?


Naomi Watts has to win! Pleaseee, I just watched The Impossible two days ago and she was unbelievable. Her perfomance was breathtaking; she made cry so bad and really made me feel the pain and fear of such tragedy. I also agree with what many people stated above: she really worked her ass off! It must've been pretty damn difficult to be in that setting and still give an impeccable performance. I haven't seen the other actresses, but it seems that Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence are the front runners. Still, if someone could tell me, I'd like to know if Naomi has any chance of winning this? I'd really love it if she won.


Cotillard, Riva, Chastain, Lawrence and Mirren: Cotillard win


I saw Silver Lining last night and it was such a great movie. I had high hopes but did not know what to expect in terms of acting. I was so positively surprise by Bradley and Jennifer! I cried and I laugh a lot! They truly are good togheter and the movie is about something that nobody wants to talk about but its so real; mental problems. I love it and wish all the best to both actor in the awards!! Amazing!


I think I'm going to have to go with (in no particular order): Wallis, Cotillard, Watts, Chastain, and Lawrence.

James K

An interestingly category for me this year, because there's not clear front runner, nor is there a clear top 5. It's blatantly obvious that Chastain and Lawrence are locks, and there the other two that are. Watts, Mirren, Riva, Cotillard and Wallis are all vying for those last 3 spots, and I don't really have a clue who's going to make it. Smaller critic awards would say that it'll be Riva, Watts and Cotillard, but Mirren has the SAG and Globe nominations to back her up, and Wallis is young and new, and they love that. I'm going with: Lawrence, Chastain, Watts, Mirren and Riva.


i am very pissed off that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is considered a ''long shot'' on this site


I hope Rachel Weisz will win the best actress this year and Anne Hathaway for best supporting acctress.


I really like Jennifer Lawrence, but I don't think she will win. I have a feeling this might be Naomi Watts or Rachel Weiz time or Emmaule Rivera. But Jennifer Lawrence will get an Oscar nom for sure. She deserves it.


Naomi Watts for the win,she gave the most powerful performace of the year,the most overrated actress of the industry deserves to finally win the Golden Globes and the Adacemy Awards.
Naomi Watts was really wonderful in The Impossible.


I hope Jennifer Lawrence & Anne Hathaway will take it this year. Both are fantastic and have done incredible work this year. Jennifer with her leading performances in The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook and Anne Hathaway with her supporting roles in The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables. It's sort of a no brainer that they take the Oscars this year. If they don't win, I would be shocked! Why isn't Mary E. Winstead nominated? She did incredible, she stood out this year for sure! I can't picture Jessica winning this year, maybe for another role but not this one. I can picture her getting a Golden Globe win but not an Oscar. Bradley Cooper stood out, Hugh Jackman deserves the win. He sang and carried through his performance in Les Mis and it was amazing. But Joaquin Phoenix did great as always and Daniel Day Lewis just embraced his character in Lincoln, although I didn't like the movie very much. His performance alone got me liking it. They all deserve nominations for sure. I don't care who win of those four. As for Supporting Actor, I hope it goes to either Philip Seymour Hoffman or Tommy Lee Jones.


Naomi Watts for the win. But hey, Why not Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She was great and it was truly a standout against her other works.


I have just seen Zero Dark Thirty and was pretty good… like many spy thrillers over there. Jessica Chastain was good, just good. I've never seen and Oscar worthy performance over there (Emmanuelle Riva does circles around her). I can't picture the Academy giving Chastain an Oscar for… "that". I think either Jennifer Lawrence or Naomi Watts are getting the prize.


My question is is that by reading these comments why does everyone hate jennifer lawrence. What did she ever do? Why do people think she is a less than stellar actress and that her oscar moms aren't deserved. I don't get it. She is a phenomenal actress, and young, too. And why do people think this category is weak because she is predicted to win.


I just want to tell Cinema that I think what I said was a little misconstrued and I could have written it better. I enjoy performances from young actors and actresses. I actually really enjoyed Jessica Chastain and I think she is worth her salt as an actress. But she is not an ingenue. She is 37. What I am trying to say is that these are the Oscars. The highest film acting achievement out there pretty much. Out of all the brilliant actors and actresses in the business, picking the best is very hard, so its all subjective. I just feel that Jennifer Lawrence's character was not incredibly noteworthy. Anne Hathaway got nothing for Love and other Drugs and her character had Huntingson's disease and Hathaway did a lovely job. I understand the nomination for Lawrence, but only because I think this is a weak year in the Best Actress categorie. Great supporting categories, however.


Jessica Chastain has been working hard in 2011 & 2012 and will be rewarded with a nomination and more than likely a win. Lawrence will without a doubt be nominated (her performance was stellar, she keeps racking up other nominations & the girl knows how to run a campaign) and has just as much as a chance as Chastain to win. Watts has also been running a great campaign & getting lots of love from critics however she has not been picking up as many nominations as others. Cotillard and Riva both have equal chances of getting nominations but it would be a tad surprising to see the academy give a nomination to 2 foreign actors in the same category. Wallis still has a pretty strong chance and she will more than likely grab a spot. The academy does love strong performances from young actors and that is without a doubt Wallis.


i think NAOMI WATTS has done a great performance in THE IMPOSSIBLE and i also looking forward for JUDI DENCH for THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL and MAGGIE SMITH for QUARTET…


There are going rumours that quite significant numbers of Academy members pick up Naomi as No.1…. So if votes will split between Jessica and Jennifer, then Naomi can take the statue. Other nominees will be Marion and Helen. Emanuelle and Wallis will be ignored by the Academy.

Larry limpdick

its quite a weak category this year with no big standout performances. Jennifer being a frontrunner proves this as she's woefully average.


Helen Mirren will be there over the Emmanuel woman. I think Marion could win this one. Disability films always do well :/


Jennifer Lawrence is the best!


I am having a hard time believing that they are going to nominate two French actresses.


Actresses on the top 5 are all great but my vote is on Jessica Chastain or Naomi Watts they both are great


Sigh. I really wish that the Academy could throw out eight noms instead of just five. All eight people listed above deserve at least a nom. Congrats to Wallis having such a bad ass performance in BOASW. At her age, it is amazing to get that much attention. Watts, Cotillard, Mirren, Weisz, and Riva also had resounding performances in their respected movies and deserve their noms. When i walked out of the theater, their performances stuck with me. But not as much as Lawrence's and Chastain's did. (Well, i havent seen Ms. Chastain's movie yet, but i have heard its perfection) They had amazing performances as well, and i hate that this is such a TIGHT RACE! To pull off what Jennifer did in SLP is breathtaking. and only at 21!!!! And Chastain, I believe she did well, too, even though i havent seen it yet. Personally, i think Jennifer Lawrence should win, but that is just my opinion. Congrats to all the amazing women listed above!!!


I'm sorry to disagree with most of you, but I personally believe that Jennifer Lawrence IS a great actress. Oscar worthy? Not yet. Getting there? Yes. As she's grown more popular, she has gotten to take on more relaxed roles that didn't require quiet a pool of emotional depth. But, when you look back at her role in The Poker House or forward to the sort of depth she'll have to portray in Mockingjay, the third in the Hunger Games series, you can or will see how far she will go someday. She's young still, give her a chance.


In "De Rouille Et D'Os", Marion Cotillard is just great


i hope JUDI DENCH will be nominate and i hope she will win. :-) she has done a great acting in THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL….and also MAGGIE SMITH for QUARTET :-)


I really need people to wake up. Jennifer Lawrence is not Oscar material. She is a good actress and I like that she is not some flighty igenue, but she does not make me feel anything. Why is it as a man it takes a career performance always to just get a nomination. But as a female it takes a popular performance. Yes she was good in the movie and very charming but the material lent itself to an easy and relaxed performance. Rachel Mcadams gives the same performance in everything she does and there is no Oscar for her. Winters Bone was a good movie, but Jennifer just walked around and because her face looks catatonic people raved about her subtlety. It was great do not get me wrong, but it did not take skill. Give this Oscar to a woman who is truly remarkable not just charming, pretty, and popular.


r0ckmypants,sorry I din´t realized I typed all in caps,my intention is not put me more than anyone in this site,I respect other person opinions ,about Jennifer Lawrence sorry but I really think she didn´t deserved this nomination,she is not bad in this movie but I don´t think she deserves the nomination in a year with so many great performaces.
I was really touched about Naomi Watts, Marion Cotillard and Emannuelle Riva.I think the Academy will put Helen Hunt not in the supporting category but in the Best Actress race.




Famke Janssen must get a prediction for an Academic Oscar 2013 in Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters ! her acting the most incredible with a short shots !


Rachel Weisz : The Deep Blue Sea my friends and I judge her acting is having exactly charisma which such as the title. she is gotten a character from the Movie. her romances, her performance really best of the best for the candidate of the Academic Oscar 2013

Max B



Please not an actress working in a pro torture film, that would be indecent and Chastain is boring as hell, Watts or Riva or both for the win


I really hope Naomi Watts to win the Oscars for her excellent, memorable tour de force in The Impossible.
It is really difficult to find a so strong and so subtle performace like this,she is much more better than Jennifer,Jessica or even the great Emanuelle Riva.
Thank you Naomi for really touch my heart.


If I may, perhaps best to comment if you've watched all films up for consideration, which I have.
I think they were all lovely. But anyone thinking Jennifer or Naomi should win has not sat down to watch Rust and Bone, or Amour or DBS. I know, they don't have sweeping score, or bombs, or capes.
Rachel was wonderful, however I wish the director had been better. I think his attempt at a 'controled' performance only dampened what could have been a masterpiece.
This is the problem with the Oscars. It's popularity. Many beautiful performances are out in the world this year, however these are the ones with commercial sponsorship, so to speak.
Whether she wins or not, I implore you all the see Rust and Bone. Sigh, it sounds as if I'm part of the team, pushing it. I just watched it last night and I can't shake it. That is the sign of a good film. Matthias gave a performance that…well, I just don't know any actor out there right now who could have maneuvered such paradoxical characteristics like he did. w.o.w.


Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in Silver Linings Playbook….only 21(!) when filmed and the depth and maturity shown in her performance is remarkable. Definetly, Jennifer Lawrence for the win. However the race turns out, this will be Lawrence's second nomination in only a couple of years and that in and of itself is incredible.


I have a feeling a lot of people have not seen Rachel Weisz´performance in The Deep Blue Sea! She´s amazing!!


I dont think Marion Cotillard would get the nom, she was great but Matthias was a lot more, so it's no affair that she get the nom and not him.
Even though I love Jennifer I think Jessica should win she was perfect.


Of the top 5 Jennifer should take the Oscar her performance in winters bone was amazing and SLP is a great movie the only competition will be Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain, but definitely Jennifer should win

Eulalia Díaz Yagüe

I have just seen "Zero Dark Thirty" today. Jessica's work is good but in my opinion, not for an Oscar, and the least beating Jennifer in her outstanding role in SLP.


Having read the SLP book and not seen the movie yet (it will be probably not even shown in theaters here, such a shame) I have to say Tiff's character doesnt improve or have a fully realized story arc. In the beginning, she is introduced through her situation and in the end, she fell 4 him – and that's all. The dance stuff work mostly for Pat. She is like Renee's character in Jerry Maguire, functioning as some1 to help Pat without having a real story on her own (though, in my opinion, hers will be MUCH MORE interesting than Pat's)

And, Keira wont grab a nom, that's for sure. It is also better 4 her in this case – she needs to reinvent herself and if gettting a nom this time, she could either suffer a slight blacklash or – WORSE – continue to drag in this kind of movie.

It's sad but last year has SO MANY great performances from female. Imagine if Charlize, Tilda or Kirsten (NOT KSTEW – Dunst)'s performances released THIS year?????? Those 3 are all challenging, esp in Charlize's case she also had 2 blockbuster hits in the summer. Those 3 will shoot to the top of contenders.


This is horrible and terrible! :PP where's SELENA GOMEZ here? :OO ok she just filmed 7 movies this year..and she's working on more movies..I really hope,when all her movies realize,that she will be nominated for an Oscar..if not for 2013..she surly have to be nominated for 2014 Oscar..I mean..Like seriosly..she will realize like 14 movies in 2 years..(1 animation movie and 13 normal movies) Isnt that soo great?

Juha Hovilainen

Where is Emmanuelle Riva…? No Golden Globe nor SAG nomination…Is her nomination for Oscar over…What a shame then…


In Spain we have only seen "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", "The Impossible", "Hope Springs", "Rust & Bone" and "Quartet" from that list. This is a very exciting race!!! who will win the Oscar this year? my heart says Naomi Watts 100% but my head clearly says Jessica Chastain.


Do the SAG nominations really matter as much as you think they do? If Quvenzhane Wallis doesn't get nominated that would be mean.


Naomi Watts deserve it
She is an actress who has done everything comedy, horror, drama and action.


The Master should win all acting categories. Amy Adams was unbelievable, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Juaquin Phoenix have never been better.


Definitely rooting for Jessica Chastain. Such a versatile actress.


Children should not be nominated for acting awards. I've worked in film and television for 30 years, and with a good number of child actors. In virtually every case, their performances are coaxed and constructed by the directors, by acting coaches, by other actors playing with them, even by their parents coaching them for weeks before the shoot. In all but the rarest exceptions the kids would never get there by themselves. Often they don't even fully understand the words and the emotions they're conveying. So pretending it's all their on work and giving them awards is just ludicrous.


Why is a 9 year old girl getting so much hype for her acting? Yeah I saw the movie and she was good but not worthy of an Oscar Nomination. Whats next? They will nominate a 3 year old girl for Best Actress in a few years time?

Jarrod Clure

Switch Naomi Watts with Jennifer Lawrence and you will have a decent list. Jennifer was good but Golden Globe for comedy nomination at best.



Eulalia Diaz

Also voting for Jennifer. She is outstanding.


but for real though. you guys saying that Jennifer wont win because SLP was overhyped and because other women have more talent??? that doesnt mean that she didnt give one of the best performances of the year and the best one of her career as well. she was better in SLP than in winter's bone tbh. im rooting for her or jessica chastain. and hasnt zero dark thirty not come out yet?? how do we know that jessica will give a better performance? i love jessica and i will defs be seeing zero dark thirty, but my front runner is Jennifer with Jessica at a VERY CLOSE second. could go either way.


I'm rooting for Jenifer Lawrence. Tbh, it's between her and Jessica Chastain that will win it.


jessica chastain pleasee


jessica chastain



Rachel Weisz is a serious contender, thanks to her recent NYFCC win! Better her than Lawrence or Watts. Take those two out and put Weisz and Cotillard in.


Are all the writers on this website stupid? Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables…nowhere on the list? Seriously? I mean nowhere on this list? Barbara Streisand but no Anne Hathaway. Yeah, you can replace the little black girl with her.

LOL this list is pretty ridiculous.


Saw The Guilt Trip yesterday. Streisand was wonderful. She gives a subtle, touching performance. Her acting with her eyes was amazing in this film. Not sure enough people will see this, but she deserves consideration


Naomi Watts or Helen Hunt. Jennifer Lawrence will get a nom atleast though. I bet all those who are saying Jennifer will win are teenage girls who watched the Hungars Games.






my nominees list: (in alphabetical order by last name)

1. Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty"
2. Marion Cotillard, "Rust & Bone"
3. Judi Dench, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"
4. Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook"
5. Quvenzhane Wallis, "Beasts of The Southern Wild"

Larwrence Stein

Sorry, I can't see Jennifer Lawrence winning. Hell, I can barely see her get nominated with all the amazing female perfomances this year. SLP was overhyped to the max, I know cause this is a Weinstein movie it is going to be campaigned like crazy but realistically the performance belongs in the Supporting category.
Oscars have been getting incredibly commercial these past few years, they will likely push out Quvenzhane and Emanuelle in order to make room for Lawrence. But seriously Indiewire? Jennifer winning over Jessica or Naomi? Fat chance.



Deb Stevens

Jennifer Lawrence will win for Best Actress. She is incredible!!


Mind-boggling that Streisand is on here for THE GUILT TRIP, but Rachel Weisz isn't mentioned for THE DEEP BLUE SEA…


Have you seen Lincoln yet?
Sally Field as Mary Todd?


Oh damn! Lol Keira Knightley was in the Predicted 5 until the movie came out and now she's number 10 haha. That's so sad


I pick Rachel Weisz for The Deep Blue Sea, Best performance of the year.


I definitely think Jennifer Lawrence will be nominated, but I just can't see her winning an OSCAR for this movie. If Zero Dark Thirty lives up to hype, Jessica Chastain has a far better chance.


I'm hoping for a late surge for Hyde Park on Hudson – I have no idea why Laura Linney and Bill Murray are 15th on their respective lists. They're both incredible and both due (especially Linney) for Oscar glory!


Sally Field for Lincoln!


Jennifer Lawrence makes the cut over Marion Cotillard ("possible spoilers")? – come on now; open your eyes


I love Quevenzhane Wallis performance in BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD A WORTHY OSCAR WINNER.


The performance of Marion Cotillard in Rust an Bone was really amazing ! She deserves an academy award !!


Keira Knighlty deserves a nom atleast.
Ins't Keshisa Castle-Hughes the youngest Best Actress nom ever? She was good in Whale rider but I don't know about this 9 year old or whatever. Has anybody seen her movie?

Juha Hovilainen

Marion Cotillard or Emmanuelle Riva (Of Course)…"It`s a tie"…
Also Judi Dench for "Skyfall".
Last year it was pure dullness…Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Michelle Williams and Rooney Mara in tv-movies. I tought it was the Emmy show.


Jennifer Lawrence will get a nod but I don't know about the win. Like everyone didn't know Merly would get it last year, and it was her third win. Helen Miran , Judie dench, Naomi Watts have a better chance at the win. Same with Keria Knightly. I hope Aaron Johnson or Jude Law get a best supporting actor nod.


Did you forget about Anne Hathaway, Les Mis?


Marion Cotillard deserves the Oscar Award


JENNILER LAWRENCE should win this award she deservies it omg iloveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her so damn much i cant even explain it i just love her and she is gonna win this award


It's like, mean if they don't nominate Quvenzhane Wallis because she'll probably expect it then cry. She also deserves it.


Noomi Rapace – Prometheus


Anyone is mention Emily Blunt, her work in Looper is remarkable, I would add her to Naomi Watts, Riva, Hellen Mirren and Helen Hunt


Laurence is fine but the other actor is who stars the movie, she supports him…I hope Watts or Riva can win the prize, since they are great actresses and they have not get an Oscar.


Lawrence is definetly a lock for the nomination and most likely for the win and it would be well deserved.


My prediction:

1. Emmanuelle Riva (Amour) (predicted winner)
2. Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook)
3. Naomi Watts (The Impossible)
4. Quvenzhane Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild)
5. Keira Knightley (Anna Karenina)

My opinion can change since I've been told too that Silver Lining Playbook is not the summum.


I have seen Lawrence movie at Toronto and it is overestimated, maybe Cooper deserves a nomination, not a win, Lawrence is good but anything special or remarkable. Watts is superlative in The Impossible and I can not wait to see Cotillard, I love her since Piaf


I know Oscars should be given on merit — and not on nationality and age etc. – but what a boring batch of nominees in the Top Five. They may give fine performances, but are we really going to recognize Marion Cotillard and Emmanuelle Riva for films that a handful of people have seen — at the expense of recognizing some of the other actresses. Really? It's galling, to me, that Streisand is so far down on the list, simply because she's in a "comedy" and is considered more a star personality than an actress. Well, wait til we see the film. I hear she's fantastic, and the movie will be a big hit, and I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.


I would love to nominate the actress Milla Jovovich :)! did a wonderful job in Resident Evil Retribution! and for many, to be nominated for the best actress and film resident in a better movie!Thanks!


Hoping Emayatzy Corinealdi somehow breaks out in Middle of Nowhere to fill that 5th slot. Still banking on Wallis, Cotillard, Lawrence and Riva as the 4 sure things.


Michelle Williams gives the performance of her career in TAKE THIS WALTZ. Absolutely absurd she's apparently not going to be in the mix.


I love Jennifer but her part supports Bradley who for sure will get an Oscar nod. I think Watts will be a surprise, the movie is a terrific hit in Spain and it is very emotional material, any one will be indifferent, I guess Watts is an unexpected shoo-in winner


This prediction looks very accurate, thou i wouldn't be surprised if Mary Elizabeth Winstead will crash the party !!! She can be "the Demian Bichir" of this year !!!


I'm not sure about Actress this year, there's no Phoenix or Hoffman in this category and it seems like the weakest Lead Actress race in a few years. I do think that Watts may give everyone a run for there money and end up being nominated with a possible win. I've heard incredible things about The Impossible and especially her performance. Lawrence is probably in, but is she too young to win? With Riva, Wallis and Cotillard, I'm not sure. I think Cotillard and Wallis have a better shot than Riva, but again, I'm not sure. You can, unfortunately, never, ever count out Streep. She almost won for Julie and Julia for god's sake, and can do no wrong. I think she should be higher on the list for her name alone. Winstead's role has Oscar written all over it but I don't know if it'll be watched by enough members. I'd love to see Fanning nominated, for being so incredible in the small amount of films she's been in and for being better than her sister. I'm going with…
Lawrence , Watts, Cotillard, Riva and Winstead.


Both Marion and Emanualle created the best performances this year, however, I can't imagine that Academy will select two French actresses in the same category. Jennifer Lawrence is probably to over-estimated, but she is for sure the best actress working today.
Naomi Watts looks strong and can be unexpected winner, but Academy will wait for next year and after next year as she has two award-style projects "Diane" and "The Rose of Desert" by W. Herzog.


I'm really looking forward to Silver Linings Playbook….some friends of mine saw the film at the Philly Film Fest and raved about it, particularly Jennifer Lawrence's performance in the film. So, between the excellent reviews from the critics and now, my pals, it would appear that Silver Linings Playbook is a great film and Lawrence is very deserving not only for the Oscar nomination, but a win as well.


Jennifer Lawrence is a force of her own. She is going to win that Oscar with all the buzz and praise surrounding her right now… Unless someone comes out of nowhere and beats her to it.


Won't Back Down bombed and therefore will receive no award attention, unfortunately.

Peter B.

Keira was bussed for "The Duchess" where she was miscast and horrible


I do think that Keira Knightley has a decent shot this year. The film so far has received generally favourable reviews, apart from a couple of major critics who didn't like it, but Knightley has received most of the raves and accolades for the acting. It has often happened in the past that even though the film hasn't done so well, an actor or actress still managed to get a nomination for a great performance. However, I do think Lawrence and Cotillard are going to be assured a nominations, Wallis – I honestly think they should give her a 'special' Oscar or something, because usually the Academy is very reluctant to give such a young girl a nomination.


definitely Keira would not have to be nominated, Lawrence as I know is a supporting role,


My longshot hope is that Amy Adams pulls off a double nomination. If she is to win in supporting, it'd be nice if her campaign momentum allows that to happen. Both actress categories feel more dank than ever in recent years!

01) Jennifer Lawrence (SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK)
02) Quvenzhané Wallis (BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD)
03) Marion Cotillard (RUST & BONE)
04) Emmanuelle Riva (AMOUR)
06) Naomi Watts (THE IMPOSSIBLE)
07) Mary Elizabeth Winstead (SMASHED)
09) Laura Linney (HYDE PARK ON HUDSON)
10) Keira Knightley (ANNA KARENINA)

By the way, I don't know who actually believes "The Guilt Trip" is anything more than a Golden Globes player….Just looking at it, you can tell. It's a Christmas-release comedy, not an Oscar pony.


Marion Cotillard did not get the best actress award in Cannes where the movie was in the official competition, Lawrence is pure buzzing (those kind of works that you do not understand why are being considered and some times nominated like Reese Witherspoon in Walk the line and Natalie Portman in Black Swan), Knightley is a very bad actress, Riva has to be considered, Wallis is a kid


Not sure where any of the logic below comes from….

@ Jesse: Cotillard's film is from the same man as "A Prophet", and she's gotten raves since Cannes and is a previous winner. Plus, she plays a disabled real-life person, which works incredibly in her favor.

Watts has a strong chance as well, although I don't think the film will be wholly received due to it being about white people in an Asian crisis. But it didn't stop DiCaprio in "Blood Diamond". However, a lot of that was due to "The Departed" as well.

I don't see Dench getting in here. I actually thought she was supposed to be in supporting, as an ensemble player, but if voters don't take to Watts, it could work. Speaking of lead/supporting, how is Mirren lead exactly?

Not sure Knightley will get in; seems like a tech-heavy film. And the role reminds me of Blunt's in "The Young Victoria"..or Knightley herself in "The Duchess".


Marion Cotillard's film is too small and overshadowed by Amour, just as she's overshadowed by Riva. Watts has a higher chance than Cotillard : her film is bigger and has a better release date. Also, it's in English. Helen Mirren will get in for her lead role in Hitchcock (Last Station redux).

Final line-up :

Wallis (Beasts of the southern wild)
Lawrence (Silver lining playbook)
Watts (The Impossible)
Mirren (Hitchcock)
Riva (Amour)


Rashida Jones – Celeste + Jesse Forever?
Aubrey Plaza – Safety Not Guaranteed?
lets mix up the nominees here! obviously they won't win, but a nomination would be nice.


Mary Elizabeth Winstead will win this.


I take Rachel Weisz over all of them for "The Deep Blue Sea"


I'm hoping Viola Davis wins this year- she's been snubbed by the Academy too many times.


We can't even say that Jennifer Lawrence in THE HUNGER GAMES is a longer shot? Did everyone just forget about that movie?




It's shaping up to be Jennifer Lawrence as the one to beat. Keira Knightley is losing steam fast – and is the Academy really going to nominate a six-year-old, no matter how great her "performance"? Why not award her a special Oscar, like they did for Judy Garland and Shirley Temple back in the day? Also, I predict a stealth, last-minute nomination surge for Streisand in "The Guilt Trip." Advance word is excellent, and they can't snub her yet again, can they?


I heard Naomi Watts was really good, I don't know why she would be moved down.


I have a hunch the Best Actress nominees will look pretty much like the "predicted 5" Mr. Knegt has listed here. Jennifer Lawrence is receiving rave reviews and everyone from Jeff Wells to Guy Lodge to Sasha Stone agree with Mr. Knegt. I think Lawrence will likely be the winner.


Judi Dench? Naah.


I'm iffy on Maggie Smith. Is she clearly lead ? Also I think Anna Karenina is going the way of Portrait of a Lady => no Oscar nom for Knightley but Law might make the cut (his reviews are better than hers and he's more respected)


Have you seen Andrea Riseborough in Shadow Dancer? I'm not sure when that'll be released in the U.S., but she's talented enough to be an out-of-left-field possibility.


Have you seen Andrea Riseborough in Shadow Dancer? I'm not sure when that'll be released in the U.S., but she's talented enough to be an out-of-left-field possibility.


The early reviews for Silver Linings Playbook, and specifically Jennifer Lawrence's performance have been extraordinary. I'd be very surprised if she's not included. This year she's given two great performances with completely different characters. Of course the Academy has snubbed what I thought were guaranteed noms before, like just last year with Michael Fassbender AND Ryan Gosling.

I love cinema

Honestly when you really compare each work, for me it's unquestionable that Marion Cotillard should win. Very powerful, intimate, real performance in "Rust and Bone". It's like "La vie en rose" you must see it to believe it. Breathtaking


my 2013 oscar prediction: ziyizhang-dangerous liaisons best actrss ,what a pity ziyi in geisha.she is always so best!!!she deserves an oscar nominations !!!


why not ziyizhang in the dangerous liaisons?she is the best in that movie,expect to see ziyi at TIFF brings new movie called dangerous liaisons.


@ Peter
Good to see Watts at No.1 .. but need to ask this .. what makes you put her at the top especially considering not much has been seen of Impossible … or are u one of the few lucky ones, who have seen the movie nd hence, confident that she might turn out to be a strong contender ??


I think Marion Cotillard and Naomi Watts have the most possibilities to be nominated, and i think also about Keira Knightley and Judi Dench


What about Helen Hunt?


I think Mary Elizabeth Winstead is going to end up being the dark horse that was never really that dark to begin with, especially considering how open this year seems to be… Her performance reminded me a lot of Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson. As soon as it hits its next festival I'm expecting the buzz she started to get from Sundance to explode.


1. Laura Linney РHyde Park on Hudson, 2. Quvenzhan̩ Wallis РBeasts of the Southern Wild, 3. Maggie Smith РQuartet, 4. Marion Cotillard РRust and Bone, 5. Naomi Watts РThe Impossible. I still think Anna Karenina will be a polarized film and Knightley's chances would jeopardize for that. Also, if Scott Feinberg is right after talking with executives of Fox Searchlight, there's a big possibility that Helen Hunt will compete as a supporting actress -And Wallis and Dench as a leading actresses-.


This is just my personal opinion. I think Jennifer Lawrence should get nominated for The Hunger Games.


I'm thinkin' Anne Hathaway might slip in with Fantine from Les Mis.


1.) Quvenzhane Wallis- Beasts of Southern Wild
2.) Keira Knightley- Anna Karena
3.) Laura Linney- Hyde Park on Hudson
4.) Marion Coitillard- Rust and Bone
5.) Maggie Smith- Quartet


Where's Michelle Williams – Take This Waltz?!?!

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