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2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Foreign Language Film

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 85th Academy Awards through February 24th, when the winners are announced.

It’s perhaps a silly proposition to ever assume anything about the category where “Departures” beat “The Class” and “The Secret In Their Eyes” beat “The White Ribbon,” but come on: How could they not give this to Michael Haneke’s “Amour.” He’s a legend, he’s never won (and was aforementionedly snubbed for “Ribbon”), and the film got 5 nominations including best picture, best director, best actress and best original screenplay. No foreign language film nominated for both in this category and for best picture has ever failed to win the former, so if there’s no amour for “Amour” here, it will be a massive upset.

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here, and this list of all the Oscar-nominated films available ON DEMAND right now.

The nominees:
“Amour” Austria
“Kon-Tiki” Norway
“No” Chile
“A Royal Affair” Denmark
“War Witch” Canada

Will win: “Amour”
Could win: “No”
Should win: “Amour”

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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How I think it should have been:

1. "Amour" – Austria, Directed by: Michael Haneke*(WINNER)
2. "The Intouchables" – France, Directed by: Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano*(Runner-up)
3. "No" – Chile, Directed by: Pablo Larrain
4. "A Royal Affair" – Denmark, Directed by: Nikolaj Arcel
5. "Rust and Bone" – France, Directed by: Jacques Audiard


"when day breaks" and "The third Half" were my favorites.Too bad they didn't made the short list because both of them were truly emotional and excellent movies. Oh and that "Beyond the hills" movie-awful,can't understand how it made the January short-list.3 hours of nail biting and hair plucking for me. Couldn't stand the last 30 minutes,I just couldn't wait to get out of the cinema.If you ask me a really bad movie with no story to be followed.


best foreign films i saw have been or are all being remade …


GIRL DRAGON TATTOO remade with rooney mara


INSOMNIA remade with al pacino

PROFUMO DI DONNA remade with al pacino

NIKITA remade with bridget fonda


HEADHUNTERS being remade with mark wahlberg

UNTOUCHABLE being remade with colin firth

BROTHERS remade with tobey maguire


Oscars sometimes is unpredictable.. i dunno what wrong but some winners are undeserving.. i better rely on Frinzee for the people's pick about this

toni goethe

I love Amour, very good movie, wonderful acting, hope it will capture the oscar for best actress. Just watched war witch yesterday, very very good movie, just not sure if a brutal movie is something that the judges are keen on.


Mi vote goes to Amour, Kon Tiki and A Royal Affair. I cross my fingers for those films, that truly deserves the award.


"The Class" was actually a pretty bad movie… I don't understand why so many people like it.


Well… all the movies mentioned are outstanding, but the discussion should stick to the movies that are already nominated. Amour is a great film with superb acting, but a little slow and the story is not very good. My vote goes hand s down to "No".. this movie is the equivalent of Argo, for the international movie lovers… amazing acting, great ambiance, original and above honest in its purest form… watch it, enjoy it and then agree with me that it should win :)


Armour possibly has the most guaranteed chance of victory in this category in Oscar history. I mean, come on, it's nominated for Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and BEST PICTURE!


Its hard to believe this is not an Austrian website. Amour is NEVER going to win. The movie was soo painful to watch. Intouchables could have won last year & it will win this year. I have seen about 1/2 the nominated movies so far this year and Amour is at the bottom. People said the same thing about White Ribbon winning & I also put it at the bottom. Michael Haneke has a style that is just not uplifting in any way. I cant wait to watch other nations submissions, but after I read these threads I watch Amour & wish I would have not have.


even in FRINZEE, amour is on TOP!


I agree with Amour, but I don't think "any of them" could win. They're all good, true. But Amour's nominations in other key fields, including Best Picture, speaks loud and clear of how the Academy feels about it. The rest should just be happy to be nominated. The only film with a chance to pull an upset was The Intouchables, but that's history now.


Beyond the Hills, Kon-Tiki, A Royal Affair, The Untouchables, Amour…but I'd love also to see Fill the Void, Pieta, War Witch, No into that list.

I havent seen BTH or TU.

Amour maybe the fave this year but I still go for Kon-Tiki, no doubt the best among of them….in every aspect.


The winner is Beyond the Hills.


Psshaw you guys had Separation at #3 last year. This is the same issue. Amour will win.

gerard kennelly





There's a little mistake here: Our Children wasn't shortlisted. The Deep was.

Also, Amour should be listed first.


The Intouchables is the one to beat!


The Intouchables is the one to beat!


The Intouchables is the one to bet!


It's going to be Amour. Intouchables can get out.

Colette Hera Guggenheim

Ajjeeee good evening ,I really miss to see Life of Pie aswell in the predicted 5 of the nominated foreign movies,as Life of Pie helped me to survive Christmas in the North Europe Denmark thisd year,I know I am a bit late ,only I just felt like mention this wonderful movie ,really seriuosly a 5 + up stars.

Sincere Colette H . Guggenheim Denmark


The Intouchables is the best movie i've ever seen. It's simply perfect.


You should really update this list. The shortlist has been announced


I don't like a country can submit only one film: Rust & Bone (France) is the best film of the year, but France prefered to submit the box office hit Intouchables.


I think that Argentina's "Clandestine Childhood" should be among the 5 finalist contenders. Remember the great surprise in 2010 with "The secret in their eyes" that finally got the bouquet against all odds


My pick would be: Amour, Ceasar Must Die, Pieta, A Royal Affair, The Intouchables, Hypnotist, Sister, Kon-Tiki. Hope one of those actually wins!


"Amour" and "Blood of My Blood"! Best movies of the year!

lillian mizrahi

For foreign film category, do not forget about – THE THIRD HALF, the Macedonian
submission. It's a small country, but this is truly a worthwhile film and deserves

Juha Hovilainen

Five letters…."Amour"… End of discussion…Thank you !


"Bwakaw" A Beautiful ASIAN FILM from the PHILIPPINES this should be included on your prediction. It tackles minute issues that LGBT's are going through in their everyday life that has grown so big during their lifetime and yet remain unnoticed by the society. If you're human, do watch this and don't forget your Kleenex you will need it. There's no Drama into it no fancy acting…simple yet beautiful. arf..arf.. BWAKAW!!!!!


After Lucia from Mexico is good and should be among the final 5. It is a shame that rules only accept 1 film per country because this year France has 2 great pics: Intouchables / Rust and Bone. However, I think this will end up with a victory for Amour. My final 5? Amour (France), The Intouchables (France), A Royal Affair (Denmark), After Lucia (Mexico) and the last slot will be for Spain or Chile.


I think it is possible that "Amour" gets an best picture nomination, but it will lose against "the Untouchables" in best foreign film categorie at the Sscars . The Chances are small, but it is realistic, like 20%-30 % . The Untouchables won`t get an best picture nomination for sure . Sounds weird but it could really happen !


"Bwakaw" of the Philippines is also a great contender in this category, it has a great review from New York and Toronto. So Let see if it can make it to the list.


Barfi! (Indian Film) deserves a nomination for sure.. Its a really nice..feel good movie..Consider that please..


Argentina's "Clandestine Childhood" could very well sneak in, as well as Japan's "Our Homeland" and Italy's "Caesar Must Die" . Japan and Italy are always contenders.


Time to put Kon-Tiki back in the race.


Barfi! was a good movie (Indian film). It should be nominated, but definitely doesn't deserve to win. But hope it gets nominated. The Oscars have been pretty partial in never nominating Bollywood films :(


Does HOLY MOTORS not qualify somehow?


Barfi! Is one of the best movie Bollywood has ever made and the acting from the lead pair was incredible. Hopefully it will be nominated to represent India.


Blood of My Blood!!!

suraj kumar nanda

academyalways india.But barfi is a masterpiece

Rise 2012

"Myn Bala", "Blood of my blood"!..


The spanish Blancanieves grabs you through its aesthetic tecnically perfect! The music, photography, scenery, the make-up and costumes are fascinating! And keep an eye on actress Maribel Verdu (Y tu mama Tambien- The Pan's labyrinth-Tetro), she plays the stepmother's role masterfully!
I hope it is one of the 5! It deserves it.


The spanish Blancanieves seduces through its aesthetic technically perfect. The music, scenery, photography, the make-up and the costumes grabs you. Actress Maribel Verdu (Y Tu Mama Tambien- Pan's Labyrinth- Tetro) plays the stepmother's role masterfully.
Keep an eye on Blancanieves. I hope it is one of the 5!


I saw almost all of these films and I honestly, deeply, truly, madly hope the Oscar goes to BLOOD OF MY BLOOD!!


"Myn Bala: Warriors of the steppe", I think, one of the most interesting submissions.


What about Paraguayan movie "7 boxes"? I think it was incredibly surprising cause we've never heard about Paraguayan movies. It's definitely an A-movie, amazing production and for intance, a low-bufget one.


Blood Of My Blood !


How can you leave out "Kon-Tiki" and "Pieta"????


This category is almost impossible to predict. You have to consider that there's a commitee that watches all the movies. There's always great films there that no one expects to get nominated on these "lists", but it gets it (and in some cases even win). For example, "Secret in their eyes" didn't win any critics award or buzz but took the big prize. This year I suggest to keep an eye on "Clandestine childhood", it could make the shortlist (a "long shot" it would be).


This NEEDS to be updated. How can you say Amour will be nominated for 3 major Oscars and not win? Last year you put A Separation at #3 for about a month and everyone knew you were wrong and you were. Intouchables doesn't deserve it anyway.


As I see it, there are too many good movies for one single price.


The spanish blancanieves is beautiful, creative, and surprising despite of telling snowhite tail. it may be not the best from this list, but defenetely it has something that makes it worth seeing it.
I hope it is nominated for the last 5.


bunohan ~~


barfi (India)can win this…..


No way. There is absolutely no way Amour is not winning this. It's probably going to be nominated for screenplay, so it automatically wins. Intouchables is not oscar worthy.


Please remove The Hypnotists from Sweden, it has gotten TERRIBLE reviews in Sweden. Really, really bad. It


"If only everyone.." movie seems very powerful. I hope it gets nominated. It already one several prizes in other movie festivals


Blood of my Blood for sure!




Blood Of My Blood !!


Either going to Blood of My Blood or Amour that's guaranteed!


What about Caesar Must Die?


Blood Of My Blood, definitely!

Nuno Cunha

I hope the members of the Academy see Blood of My Blood and nominate the film. It is a Cassavetes/Scorsese/Tarantino kind of thriller, that will dry your goats. Besides, Portugal never got a nomination, and in the current crisis, no film is beeing produced or will be if we don't get this recognition. Nominating it will be a statement.


Because there is no "Caesar Must Die"? After all it won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival. And it was very popular all over the world…


Blood of My Blood, Amour and The Intouchables will be nominated for sure! Mark my words!!!!!


BUNOHAN – Dain Said from Malaysia, should most definitely be in there….


No,is the story of how a song change the destiny of a nation


NO (Chile) – Very Good


I think the italian entry "Caesar must die" is a favourite to be nominated. It has wonderful reviews. It won the Golden bear at the Berlin Festival. The film follows convicts in their rehearsals ahead of a prison performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.


Probably going to Amour.


The Spanish entry 'Blancanieves' (Snow White) the silent black-and-white movie could be nominated. It recieved really good reviews at Toronto International Film Festival.


The Spanish entry 'Blancanieves' (Snow White) the silent black-and-white movie could be nominated. It recieved really good reviews at Toronto International Film Festival.


The Spanish entry 'Blancanieves' (Snow White) the silent black-and-white movie could be nominated. It recieved really good reviews at Toronto International Film Festival.


Is Holy Motors not in competition?

Ivan DC

Blancanieves, a spanish surprise can hit in the oscars

Ivan DC

Blancanieves, a spanish surprise can hit in the oscars


Kon tiki is awesome! Best movie ever made

Gerry Veil

What about BWAKAW? This Philippine entry could be a dark horse. There were a couple of Academy members at the NY Film Festival industry screening who loved it, and said they'd campaign for it. The press loves it too. It's about an aging man in his 70's and his pet dog, Bwakaw. It's an lgbt film that's funny, moving and unsentimental. Someone one described it as 'Alexander Payne' meets 'Almodovar.' Seems to hit all the right notes that Oscar voters love.


Oh Amour, Amour….


Weird predictions guys! I am not a fan of Intouchables. I saw Blood of My Blood at San Sebastian FilmFest and loved it! It got the FIPRESCI award. You should def watch it :)


I agree! The Intouchables is just some French pop corn movie, France has such good movies I don't get it why they would submit this one. Rust and Bone was so much better!
Amour will be nominated for sure. I didn't get to see Blood of my Blood but I heard great things about it.


I can't say weather or not this will be nominated, but I felt like The Intouchables was merely crowd pleasing.


Amour, Pieta, Blood of my Blood and The Intouchables are my absolute favorites


Hoping for War Witch to sneak through, mostly because I love Canadian movies.

Kris R.

I agree with almost all your predictions besides "Fill the Void".
"Amour" is a masterpiece, really liked "Lore" as well but my absolute favorite is hands down "Blood of My Blood"! – OUTSTANDING performances and disturbing story. Took me months to digest the disturbing story! have you seen it? – it deserves at least a nomination!


"Lore" was my favourite film at TIFF this year – a masterpiece!

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