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2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 85th Academy Awards through February 24th, when the winners are announced.

Here’s our take on best supporting actor, which was the most difficult to predict going in given the remarkable amount of worthy contenders. DeNiro, Arkin, Hoffman and Jones all came through on somewhat expected nominations, while the fifth, wildly competitive slot went to Christoph Waltz in the end. All five men have already won, and all could win again in the toughest acting race to call in some time. 

Jones won the SAG, Hoffman won the Critics Choice, Waltz won the Globe and the BAFTA, but DeNiro and Arkin are from films the Academy clearly were quite taken by… So my guess is as good as yours. Though that guess is that DeNiro’s heavy push for himself wins out in the end, and he gets his third Oscar (on the same night Daniel Day-Lewis gets his third, and a year after Meryl Streep got hers).

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here, and this list of all the Oscar-nominated films available ON DEMAND right now.

The nominees:
Alan Arkin in “Argo”
Robert De Niro in “Silver Linings Playbook”
Philip Seymour Hoffman in “The Master”
Tommy Lee Jones in “Lincoln”
Christoph Waltz in “Django Unchained”

Will win: Robert DeNiro
Could win: Anyone! But Jones and Waltz seem to be in a three-way race with DeNiro.
Should win: Philip Seymour Hoffman

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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How I think it should have been:

1. Javier Bardem, "Skyfall"
2. Robert De Niro, "Silver Linings Playbook"*(WINNER)
3. Leonardo DiCaprio, "Django Unchained"*(Runner-up)
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman, "The Master"
5. Tommy Lee Jones, "Lincoln"


You were wrong – again. Bad predictions.


Guy Pearce was my choice for best supp actor for LAWLESS

if you think heath joker was creepy wait till you see Pearce in Lawless


Hoffman, Hoffman, give it to Hoffman or I'll, I don't know… hunt down Tommy Lee Jones and beat him to death with the oscar he stole from Ralph Fiennes.

Then the one he could steal from Philip Seymour Hoffman


LOL DeNiro win? I wish, but it's between Waltz and Tommy Lee Jones.

Film Fan

What I don't understand is how people keep saying that Waltz's role as Schultz is too similar to Hans in Inglorious. They are both such different performances!! As Hans he was a cocky, manipulative, charming, untrustworthy monster with no heart. He was easily swayed by money and power and all he truly cared about was himself. As Shultz I will say he was a very confident person (but in a different way than Hans) but his character was more human and had a softer edge. He was caring, focus, hard working man who did kill people but only when it followed the law and it was part of his job. In the end he defined himself by an action that told how much he cared for others. If you think these two characters are so alike I greatly suggest rewatching both movies.


I love checking out these message boards just to get a big Laugh !


I don't really think DeNiro will win but I do think it's possible. Waltz should be mentioned. 4 way race kind of but I think TLJ will take it. Phillip Seymour Hoffman should win.


Could win "anyone"? Alan Arkin shouldn't even have a nomination. I think the only reason he got a nomination was because "Argo" needed at least 1 nomination in some acting category. I'm not saying he was bad in it, he pretty much stole every scene he was in, but the performance still consisted from a few funny, prickly lines. He didn't even have much screen time. The nomination should've gone to DiCaprio or Bardem. I hope Waltz doesn't win, his performance was too similar to Inglorious Basterds. But Hoffman would truly deserve this one.


Out of 5 only two are oscar worthy and thats jones and hoffman. besides that arkin is old lousy oscar people support old actor for nothing nomination , de niro is a decent unmemorable role in a movie that has been lot nominee for nothing nomination and waltz is he win it before and lets him nominate again for bad yet so far tarantino film nomination. jones is pretty good in lincoln but hoffman this guy is next streep , nicholson , brando and hepburn. he should get lot of attention from oscar because his passion for acting you can see in every big or small role even though i didnt like the film plot still i love his acting so hoffman should won


de niro and arkin have no chance to win it. Waltz is pretty much the front-runner and probably the one who deserves it. He has won the most awards, his character is the most entertaining one. It's all between Waltz, Hoffman and Jones. Jones played himself, but I can see the Academy pulling a nasty move and giving it to him. Waltz and Hoffman are the only ones that deserve it.


You all are insane. Waltz was as astonishingly amazing and breathtaking as he was in "Inglourious Basterds" in "Django Unchained"! He played two DIFFERENT characters in two DIFFERENT movies that happen to be directed and written by the same man! Waltz already won the Globe AND BAFTA! He will win a much much much deserved Academy Award!

Chrille Chrill

DeNiro was like nominated by Dallas-Fort Worth, a few more,SAG and only won at the Hollywood film festival. Neither his performance or pre-oscar stats suggest anything like a win. If he is going to be rewarded for a third time for long time served after having sucked since 1996,God…I mean,Voight should´ve got one for Ali and that was ACTING,not having 3 facialexpressions like Bobby to switch between. It´s an intyeresting race….

Despite that he pimped himself,impossible win. Arkin has zero wins,won an oscar many dont think he deserved(Hounsou,Haley,Murphy) plus he dissappears completely after a few great oneliners and scenes…. Jones has Las Vegas,Dallas Fort-Worth,San Fransisco and SAG-wins, Walz ;Austin,San Diego,Central Ohio and Golden Globe-wins. Hoffman Broadcast critics and 8-9 more….not from a film up for best picture balances it out.

I think Jones will get it. For once he wasn´t just Jones,he actually acted. In a film only worthy of two more Oscars,costume and DDL,big dissapointment.

Walz mirroring Landa.repeating the charming,manipulative german was fun but I´ve seen it and 1 hr more screentime gave him the nom instead of Leo,although men unlike females(The help,Gosford Park) have trouble ending up in the supporting category when from same film. He was doomed from the word go.

But Jacki Weaver got a nom despite not beiong nommed by ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD SO….anything can happen.


So the Academy "loves" SLP but they won't award Jennifer Lawrence who IS SLP?


We can't make the same mistake of underestimating the love for SLP. Lawrence was the standout in a movie with amazing performances, but the fact this film got so much love, puts De Niro in a good place too, especially since the film's chances in winning are the likeliest to be through acting wins.


I don't think Arkin will win. I would be so happy if it went to Phillip Seymour Hoffman. But I still think Tommy Lee Jones will win sadly. I think the odds are 30% Hoffman, 25% DeNiro, and 45% Jones.


It`s a Hell of a Year, because Matthew McConaughey, Leo D. , Samuel L. J. ; Javier Bardem Dwight Henry and are all left out . If we would give all this five the nominations , it would still a oscar worthy competition (compare it to 2010 when christoph waltz won). But i think this five are the right one to left out and the the Oscar`s have picked the rigth five people, but we can still discuess about Alan Arkin and Christoph Waltz. And if there`s a big snub this year, then its MMcC and not Leo Di Caprio. Prediction : near impossible but i would go with Tommy

Camilo Caballero

This one is possibly the hardest to predict. I will go out and say my guess is Tommy Lee Jones. He was very powerful in Lincoln, creating excellent presence throughout the film and hsi expressions are quite convincing. DeNiro and Arkin were very good, but I don't think they were good enough to win. Waltz gave a very good performance in Django, but his role is too reminiscent to that of Col. Landa in Basterds, so that may play against him or maybe in favor as he did win back then. Hoffman was breathtaking as well, if he did win I wouldn't really mind.


I'm still confused as to why Leonardo DiCaprio is not on this list, oh well. He's been nominated for many times for many outstanding performances, but has never won, disgusting. Tommy Lee Jones was outstanding so i believe he should win, Christoph Waltz is close behind he was excellent as well. Oh Leo, no wonder you're taking a break from acting. Hopefully Leo will be nominated and will win for his portrayal of Jay Gatsby in Baz Lurhman's The Great Gatsby. We all know it will be outstanding and a complete power house performance. if he doesn't win, i might file a personal complaint…..if you can do that. hmmm..

Sheldon Gaskell

Philip Seymour Hoffman or Christoph Waltz for the win.


Toughest category this year. I will give Christoph Waltz the edge


The best supporting actor award will be given perhaps to Tommy Lee Jones in Lincoln or Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Master.


Before I get to my comment for the best supporting actor, I must say I'm quite happy with the Best Picture nominations this year, although there is not a big list of films worth an Oscar nomination in 2012 – not much to debate with the Academy on that one. Yet, I'm surprised that The Master didn't make it to the list of nominees – oh well! Now, going back to orgininal topic: BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. Can anybody explain to me what is the evil conspiracy theory against Leonardo DiCaprio by The Academy? I mean…come on! So… Leo is not even nomitated for the supporting actor role? But what more does Leo has to do to be recognized by those inept members of the Academy? Obviously Leo doesn't need an Oscar for the best supporting actor since, he is the best actor in Hollywood period! (paradoxically speaking) However, for all fairness he should have been nominated for his exquisite role in Django for the very least. Leo portrayed his character magnificently, making anyone believe he is an absolute racist in the film. Therefore, I still don't understand why Leo never gets the recognition he well deserves by each an every character he has ever performed. Having said that, I don't want to discredit Christopher Waltz, he is an amazing actor as well. Although let us remember, the members are to vote for THE best, the one who achieved excellence, and even though Waltz made a terrific job, Leo made by far a better performance. Reading the list of supporting actor nominees, I am only disturbed to think that Cooper could win an Oscar before Leo…hahaha! that would be the biggest screw you to Leo ever!
…If next year Leo doesn't get nominated in Gatsby, nor win an Oscar for it, It would be the biggest disappointment in the history of the Oscars.

Mrs French

The only thinking that Arkin got nominated over Leo DiCaprio or Sam L. Jackson makes me want to pewke ! "Hugh ? I barely remember him" was the only reaction I had when I saw all the nominations for the guy this season. He just got in because of the "argo fuck yourself" magic line and his veteran aura, yeah watever ! I'm still really angry !


To be fair, Hoffman, Jones and Arkin were all very good in their roles, but at the same time, did not play any more than their usual selves.

On the other hand, Waltz was exceptional, as he was in Basterds. DeNiro seems to have gone a little out of his comfort zone and performed well too. I think Waltz and DeNiro deserve it more than the other 3, but that's definitely not to put down the performances of the former 3, which, as I said, were great.


The fact that all supporting actors have won an Oscar before means that this will be the best competing with the best and any one can win… However with the golden globes and SAG awards coming up will shed light on who is more likely to win… My pick would be Hoffman or Waltz…


This category is probably my favorite right now because of the fact that it could really go to any of these guys and it is kind of difficult to find a front runner. Which is fun after several years of this category being locked (Waltz, Bale, Plummer). The other acting categories are easier to predict sure as hell not this one. My best bet is that Arkin will be pushed to the side,he has not won any other awards, as well as De Niro who just hasn't been picking up as much awards, nominations and buzz as the others. Jones does have a bit of the upper hand with so many nominations under his belt and the fact that Lincoln could very well sweep The Oscars. However Hoffman was on screen much more and was just a total force, plus he has more awards for this role than Jones does for his. While Waltz does not have as much fuel for this performance as he did for his last nomination (I mean the guy took almost every award in the book for that one!) he played a pretty big role in his film and was very strong and could easily be a spoiler. It will be interesting to see what the BAFTAs, Globes and SAGs (which did not nominated Waltz btw) bring us. But unlike the other categories I think even with those it will not give much of a view into who could win here.


Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Critics Choice Award. I think he's the front runner now.


I fucking hope Tommy Lee Jones doesnt win. if he does I'll be PISSSEDDDD


Check out my final predictions for Best Sup. Actor at


Leonardo DiCaprio, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones are my sure bets for this category. The other two would probably go for Dwight Henry and Javier Bardem. My spoilers would be Mikkel Folsgaard, Matthew McConaughey, Michael Pena, and Robert De Niro, Christopher Waltz.

Nothing special with Alan Arkin, I don't know why he got those nominations.

The Oscar, hopefully, would go to Leonardo…I mean, he is really good in Django and I think it is time to give him the honor (even if it is just the supporting) especially on this role.

The Hills Are Alive

To see Eddie Redmayne's name on the nominees list for this category tomorrow morning would be nothing short of a great decision by the Academy! He certainly deserves a nomination more than McConaughey and Arkin (who I deeply admire, but Argo was certainly not his best work).


I wish Jason Clarke would get it. He really was the best
Art in ZD30. Hopefully Christoph Waltz wins, he's such a scene stealer.

Emma M.

A long-shot, but definitely deserving it a nomination, would be Aaron Tveit for his role as Enjolras in "Les Mis." His performance was outstanding and just as good as Jackman's and Redmayne's (perhaps even better). Tveit's experience in Broadway and TV make him an outstanding actor. He will never get the nom, also because the character is fairly minor, but he certainly is worthy of it!


This is probably the most competitive race in this category in recent history. TLJ was great in Lincoln. His acting revealed a far more interesting character in the film than DDL's Lincoln. Hoffman is probably the frontrunner in this race. Magnificent performance in The Master. Both Waltz and DiCaprio should get noms for their performances in Django… Waltz for his elegant hilarity and DiCaprio for his brutal villainy. Michael Caine will surely be snubbed for his emotional breakthrough in DKR, and Jackson will not be nominated for his role in Django (although it is also deserving of a nom… his representation of villainy in this film surpasses that of his performance in Pulp Fiction in my opinion). Arkin and DeNiro have seen better days (and that's coming from a huge Little Miss Sunshine admirer and DeNir fanatic) and should not be nominated.


Leonardo DiCaprio Deserves the Oscar this time round, it's bad enough that he was snubbed for fantastic performances in Shutter Island and J.Edgar. He played the shit out of his role in Django – you really did believe that the guy was a racist. His actual blood is in the final cut of the film and in that scene you can just see the surprise on the faces of Foxx and Waltz as DiCaprio continues with the scene like a boss with his hand all bloodied up, that is not only dedication to not breaking character but also awesome acting and he deserves to finally be recognized by the Academy for being the fine actor that he is.

Kaz Mordan

People, neither Leo, Waltz nor Jamie deserve an Oscar for their roles role in Django. I thought the movie was fantastic and a huge improvement in terms of script writing compared to Taranino's previous films, (I hated Basterds,) but there was nothing really remarkable or ground breaking about their characters or about their acting. It was just sufficient to carry their respective characters and to maintain the suspension of disbelief – that's it. Leo's character's stature as a villain was tremendously reduced, somewhat, by the fact that it was his servant, Samuel Jackson's character, that outsmarted the protagonists and not Candy himself. Waltz's character was also nothing especially groundbreaking. It was just decent, but did not require that extra magic or x factor that his character in Basterds needed from him. Jamie Fox's stoic and somber character placed a limit on the range of acting required from him. He had to look and act serious for the whole duration of his role and had to hide whatever emotions he was feeling, resulting in him only having one facial expression throughout the film.

There was nothing wrong with any of the performances in Django – the actors successfully delivered what was required to bring the characters to life, but none of the characters required performances that are worthy of an Oscar.

The film definitely deserves a nomination at least for directing, screenplay, cinematography or maybe even Best Supporting Actor for Samuel Jackson's very original character.


Ok, I'm french and i've just seen "Django Unchained" at the premiere in Paris. Sooo excitement before the screening by the way (Quentin Tarantino is loved by a lot of french eagers movie buff). And I have to say : Christoph and Leo both have to be nominated in the supporting category (even if Waltz should be in the leading one). They are absolutely astounding, especially in their last moments on screen. If none of them are on the list next thursday, well, the hell with the Academy !!!


This is always a loaded category


I would take out Bardem and put in Arkin for that predicted list. I'm sure TLJ is going to take home the gold, but I'm going to root for Waltz, because I'd watch that man cook rice for 3 hours if he filmed it.

James K

I'm never a fan of this category, and this year isn't any different. Besides some astonishing performances here and there throughout the years, this category does nothing for me. It's obvious to me that Lee-Jones and Hoffman are vying for this award, and they're as close as Chastain and Lawrence in Actress, so they're obviously in. I don't know about the other three. I'll go with Arkin, Waltz and DiCaprio. I don't think Bardem will be nominated, and is DeNiro's role baity enough for a nomination?


Why is John Goodman all the way at the bottom? He was the best part in Flight. With only 2 scenes and maybe 10 to 15 minutes of screen time, he stole the show. Goodman has proven himself to be a confidant, effortless, character actor working today. His performance in Flight was memorable, I'm getting that movie just because he made it so much better. I laughed so hard when he came on screen.

Matthew McConaughey's performance was better in Killer Joe than in Magic Mike. Why is anybody from Magic Mike even being considered? They story was great, and I did enjoy it but I didn't think any of those performaces were Oscar Worthy Consideration. Michael Fassbender did better work in Prometheus and even he isn't considered for a nom. McConaughey's performance in Killer Joe is Oscar Worthy to me.

I hope Philip Seymour Hoffman or Tommy Lee Jones take the win though.


I think Javier Bardem is an overestimate. I think Leonardo DiCaprio and Alan Arkin have better chances.


Christoph Waltz should be the Best Actor nomination. You can't point out a better performance this year that was more believable, funny, and awesome as his. Jamie Foxx is the supporting actor for 3/4 of the movie. Leo should be the supporting actor because he was. Just. So. Evil. Django is a seriously overlooked movie it doesn't even feel like two and a half hours when you're in the theatre.


Every year as I prepare watching the likely to be nominated films for the Academy Awards there is always one category where I typically become obsessed over on who truly deserves to win and though I feel Philip Seymour Hoffman did an excellent job as usual I think it would be the biggest sham not to give it to Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln. I've seen many of Mr. Jone's movies and I must say by far this role trumped every single role he has ever played including the one he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, The Fugitive which I personally thought he didn't deserve over the other nominees that year. It's truly saying something if while your leaving the theater as I did and you along with the other filmgoers are talking more about Tommy Lee Jones supporting performance than Daniel Day-Lewis' leading performance! Overall I can tell a lot of heart and research was done on Mr. Jones part to pull this role off and hopefully in the end his efforts will be rewarded with the Oscar this year.

Ms Nancy Hayes

Eddie Redmayne-Les Miserables-"Empty Chairs at Empty Tables." I have NEVER seen anything like that before, and I KNOW I never will again. Best Supporting Actor has never been so easy to spot.


didn't anyone see Rock of Ages.. Tom Cruise was magnificent. I don't even like the guy and I was bowled over by his performance. So it was a musical and a comedy. So what. people need to laugh too.


Christoph Waltz was 100% the lead until the final act where Django takes over as hero.
He leads every scene that he and Django are in. If not for the final act you could make the argument that Jamie Foxx would be categorized as supporting.

Clyde Barrow

I am really hoping Eddie Redmayne gets a final push to get nominated for Les Mis. He was brilliant and his talent shined through. He is so much more deserving of a nomination than Alan Arkin or Robert Deniro.
So annoying, Alan Arkin says the F-UCK and gets an Oscar playing himself and a newcomer breaksthrough and doesn't get recognized.


Sacha Baron Cohen should get nominated for his work in Les Miserables.


Crowe deserves one this time. He's already been robbed of nominations one time too many.


Umm how about Tom Hardy, the guy was fantastic in Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises. He had to rely on Body movement and facial expressions to get his character down, and he excelled. Don't overlook Hardy, the guy is a great actor.


I hope so much that Eddie Redmayne will receive a nomination. After reading some of the comments from the main page, I noticed that many people wrote him off as a teenybopper that turned the second hour of 'Les Mis' into a "teen romance." These people clearly did not see the film-not even a minute-and are going to write off the entire movie just because it's a musical drama. If it were in my power, every member of the cast would be nominated, but Redmayne's performance in particular was amazing. The emotional depth of his performance was powerful and striking, and had me at a standstill. Yet he's probably not going to be nominated because of the same reason he wasn't for "My Week with Marilyn" last year: his co-stars and other contenders were more recognizable and had more prominent roles in the film. I think Anne Hathaway should win for Supporting Actress, but I think it's sad that she's the only reason this movie is being taken even remotely seriously. I wish that Eddie Redmayne, Samantha Barks, even Hugh Jackman could receive even half the attention Hathaway is getting from this movie, because the entire cast was SPECTACULAR-if there was an Oscar for Best Ensemble, then 'Les Mis' would get it without a doubt. Again, I hope Redmayne is nominated-his performance was easily the best supporting actor's I saw all year long (to be fair to another great actor, Tommy Lee Jones, I didn't see 'Lincoln'!)


After seeing DJANGO tonight it would be great if all three, DiCaprio, Waltz and Jackson, were nominated. I think Chris Waltz was the better of the three but I was so surprised of how good Jackson was. He was funny and evil all in the same scenes. I thought DiCaprio did a really good job but like other people said below, there wasn't a "holy shit" scene from his character. Jacksons character was more of a villain than him.
I liked TLJ in Lincoln but after seeing Django I'd give him the boot. That movie didn't do it for me like other people. My list is DiCaprio, Jackson, Waltz, DeNiro, and either Hoffman or Javier Bardem.


This is such a great year for this category, I am getting really into it. It is fun because I truly have no idea who will win this year as oposed to years when it has been a complete lockdown (last year Christopher Plummer & 2009 Waltz, both well deserved). However the movie with the best supporting actor performances has to be Django, simply stunning. TLJ will be nominated & Hoffman were wonderful & are going to be nominated. I love Arkin but I just don't see it for this movie, and it is looking like he is a lock to be nominated which is too bad. DeNiro was great but I would be fine if he got booted for Waltz & DiCaprio to both get a nom. If it came down to either Waltz or DiCaprio getting that last spot for the longest time (before seeing the movie) I was all about DiCap because he deserves an oscar & he looked like a winner in this role but after seeing the movie Waltz was better. He was riveting & flawless in Inglourious & did some of the best acting I have ever seen, and this time around he played a totally different character (a good guy!) and was stellar. DiCaprio really pushed himself & totally emerged himself in that role, however I was looking to be knocked out the water right away (like with waltz back in 2009) because he was playing a villian but at first I thought it was good but nothing too special. It wasn't tell his monolouge with the skull that he truly amazed & was a total force. In a perfect world both would get a well deserved nom but I feel Arkin will take a spot. Waltz deserves to win this but I think TLJ will win and Christoph may not even snag a nomination because DiCaprio's role has been more highly publicized.


I am rooting for Eddie Redmayne to get nominated, 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' was genius!
Alan Arkin played himself in Argo, I have no idea why everyone is so excited about him. Robert Deniro was fine, but I didn't think it was Oscar good, but whatever.


I think leonardo dicaprio will win his first oscar. He was great in his first villian role, and in my opinion his best preformance since the avaitior. If not him than tommy lee jones. Also i think both Christoph Waltz and Samuel L Jackson are being over looked, they were both great. Also Javier Bardem from skyfall, he is great. So my nominaiontions would be 1. Dicaprio 2. Jones 3. Waltz 4. Bardem 5. either samuel L jackson or Phillip Seymour Hoffman


That kid from The Impossible is being overlooked. I mean he's not even in the race. His performance was as good as Watts and McGreggor in that movie.


Ididn't like the hobbit movie that much but I think that Richard Armitage as Thorin should get atleast nominated. He was perfect, a real star, he is maybe not that well known in hollywood. But Philip Seymor Hoffman and Robert de Niro, please kill me, its always the same guys.

José Cruz Rubio

It may sound like I'm kidding, but I really think that the Oscar for this category should go straight to the paws of Richard Parker, the Bengal tiger in Life of Pi. That was in deed an amazing act!!!!


I definitely think that Alan Arkin doesn't deserve the nomination over Christoph Waltz. The performance from Arkin in "Argo" I felt was actually kind of forgettable, whereas Waltz in "Django Unchained" was incredibly believable, and was easily one of the best parts of a fantastic film. I believe Waltz is getting overlooked way too much in this category, and Arkin really shouldn't be in the definite predictions, but should be in the possible spoilers at best.


I'm really hoping for Eddie Redmayne. His performance is the only one that made me cry all year.


I haven't seen DJANGO yet but I've been hearing that Samuel L. Jackson was great in it. I don't think he'll get a nod because his name hasn't been thrown into the mix at all. De Niro was classic De Niro and will get a nod but not the win. I liked Tommy Lee Jones but he has an Oscar already and so does Hoffman. My money is that they'll give it to Leo DiCaprio because he's been good in everything before and should have won for The Aviator. So it'll be easy for the Academy to give it to him with nobody really getting pissed off about it.


Just watched "The Impossible". Someone give that boy an Oscar, please!


I agree with CHRIS. People were so gung-ho about Arkin's performance, but I thought that both Bryan Cranston and John Goodman's performances were far better. I think the fact that Cranston and Goodman are more known for being television actors is probably what hurt their chances, which is pretty lame if you ask me. As much as I am rooting for him, I won't be surprised if DiCaprio gets snubbed once again. The Oscars seem to have somewhat of a bias against him for some odd reason. Sure he's been nominated before, but I feel like many of his best roles have been snubbed (Titanic, Catch Me if You Can, Shutter Island, J. Edgar, etc.). Still though, my predictions are Tommy Lee Jones (winner), Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert De Niro, Alan Arkin, and either DiCaprio or Christoph Waltz. As good as Matthew McConaughey has surprisingly been this year, I just don't think he's ready for an Oscar nomination….yet.


My favourite supporting male performances of the year (notice, I said favourite, and in no way believe that these will be the five nominations):

Ezra Miller—"The Perks of Being a Wallflower"

Ezra's performance as Patrick was undeniably my favourite element of the surprisingly charming and sweet adaptation of Chbosky's novel. What a turn from being a tight-knit psychopath in "We Need to Talk About Kevin," and then does a complete 180. Ezra has scene-stealing talent.

Sam Rockwell—"Seven Psychopaths"

Maniacal, insane, and cripplingly funny, Rockwell is the star attraction in "Seven Psychopaths." He makes blatant insanity hilarious.

Javier Bardem—"Skyfall"

Even with limited screen time, Bardem makes Raoul Silva terrifyingly come to life. The scariest thing about Bardem's interpretation is that you, as an audience member, can believe that someone just like this can, or already does, exist.

Philip Seymour Hoffman—"The Master"

In my mind, Hoffman boasts the strongest supporting performance this year (if you were to call his character a supporting one—he really is more of a lead.) It's always a joy to see what Hoffman will pull off next.

Michael Fassbended—"Prometheus"

Following his historical gyp of an Oscar nod for "Shame," I honestly believe Fassbender deserves a nomination for what I deem to be the most intricate and daring portrayal of a supporting character this year. Fassbender destroys as David, making a mediocre movie something of a treat whenever his mechanical facial movements sit center screen.


Honestly I'm not getting why people really like Alan Arkin in Argo, his role is great, mediocre at best. I think Bryan Cranston deserve a nomination way more than Alan Arkin, that last scene when he was on the phone call with Ben Affleck was amazing.


Ok, here's the thing : Tommy Lee Jones, Robert De Niro, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Alan Arkin have an oscar already (two in the De Niro's case). I'm sure the three first of them are great, and of course you have to consider a performance by itself and not by a potential first trophy but still… I just saw "Argo" and thought Arkin was pretty good but did nothing exceptional (it was the same with "Little miss Sunshine" by the way).

On the other hand it appears you have :

1) a spectacular return of career for Matthew McConaughey this year

2) a great comeback for Samuel L.Jackson, who I appreciate soooo much more than some actors who do have an oscar (Christian Bale, Russel Crowe, Jean Dujardin…)

3) Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the most talented actors of our time, in his first villain turn in a Tarantino movie. Already robbed for two of the most beautiful incarnations seen in the American cinema of the two last decades ("What's eating Gilbert Grape" and "The Aviator")

If not even one of these fellas has a nomination next month, well, I will definitely believe recognition and open mind can't be connected.

Sorry if I did mistakes, I'm french and I try to work on my english.


Christoph Waltz has been getting a lot of awards nominations and wins for his role.

Bruce Wayne

ok, why didnt Michael Caine (for The Dark Knight Rises) even make the cut for this category??? Gotta be kidding me! Come on….His performance was beautiful and purely emotional in The Dark Knight Rises. At least nominate the guy!

Juha Hovilainen

Javier Bardem, now that would be great…!


Why is Matthew McConaughey getting oscar buzz for Magic Mike and not Killer Joe? Yeah, he was good in Magic Mike, but he was brilliant in Killer Joe.

chris j.c

So hoping Irrfan Khan will get a nom. for his outstanding performance in 'Life of P'. Quiet, sustained, thought provoking….he truly lends to the telling of the story.


DiCaprio's going to do the opposite of what he did last year. He got a Critics Choice, SAG, and Golden Globe nomination for J. Edgar, but didn't get an Oscar nod. This year, I have a feeling that he'll make it into the Oscars without any other nod. (Note: Granted, He'll probably get a Golden Globe nod, they love nominating big celebrities. Alan Arkin will be the odd man out, not to say his performance wasn't good, but Argo was much more of an ensemble piece, and with most of his scenes being with John Goodman, there's not much that will make him stand out. Bardem will get screwed because Skyfall will be seen as way too commercial. McConaughey will slip in because of the huge year he's having, and the top three are all locks.

1. Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln
2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, The Master
3. Robert DeNiro, Silver Linings Playbook
4. Leonardo DiCaprio, Django Unchained
5. Matthew McConaughey, Magic Mike


I heard that the SAG didn't get the Django screening on time, so it's possible that the actors in that movie still have chances. I also heard the same thing about Zero Dark Thirty, which is odd since Jessica Chastain still got nominated, so maybe they just assumed that she was going to be great since she's the frontrunner.


Magic Mike.. give me a break… that was the crappiest movie..they really should have taken some hard stripping lessons for those roles….


How about Guy Pearce or Tom Hardy for 'Lawless?' I loved that film, and thought that they both kicked it out of the park, playing challenging characters. Might be dark horses, but possibly not…


what do you guys think about ezra miller? he's already won an award and he was nominated for another? any chance of him getting in, or do you think that it's just a critic's crush?

this is such a hard field to pick a favorite because it was an amazing year for all the men in this category.


If Leonardo didn't win this, he better, (and shall) win for Great Gatsby next year!


DiCaprio better be nominated and this should be his big chance to get a nomination. Out of all of the other possible nominees, next to Tommy Lee Jones, he deserves this. He should really replace Arkin on this list.


Why is End of Watch not shown any love? Both Jake and Pena were absolutely fantastic in it. The only reason I could see for not nominating would be that you weren't sure which to nominate. That movie was even just brought back to theaters in my area.


TLJ was very good but Phillip Seymour Hoffman was fantastic. Just because they like Lincoln more overall does not mean that the acting should be boosted. It would be non sensible to give it to TLJ


Just because The Master is losing steam in comparison to the other films, it doesn't mean the performances should be fading. Philip Seymour Hoffman was incredible in The Master, please Academy, get it right!!!


All reviews are pointing to Eddie Redmayne getting nominated, I predict that Leo will win. Oscars love a villian and lets face it, Leo can't lose again to Tommy Lee Jones he deserved it last time they were against each other. Eddie Redmayne will get nominated!


I haven't seen any of the films but from trailers and such they all look pretty good. I'm personally a big Dicaprio fan and I think he's long been dserving of an oscar. He's such an exciting actor to watch no matter what he does, he always draws you into a film. But I like PSH and TML, I'd be happy with any of those three. Obviously I haven't seen the films though so whichever's the best performance deserves the oscar! Just hope Leo's done enough to get it this time round…


where is JUDE LAW for ANNA Karenina ??????


I thought McConaughey had the most extraordinary year of any actor: very good in "Magic Mike;" a sly scene-stealer in "Bernie;" extremely creepy in "Killer Joe." He's not my favorite actor, but I'd love to see the Academy reward his continual development as an actor – and his risk-taking. Isn't that what the Oscars should be about? Hoffman seems to be losing some traction (though he's one of the greatest actors we have) for "The Master" – this might just be Jones' award to win. I think DeNiro will be nominated… 5th spot? DiCaprio doesn't quite seem like a lock anymore.

Eulalia Diaz

I was surprised by Matthew in "Magic Mike". Much better than expected but I would not say so good as for an Oscar.
Javier Bardem is "Skyfall" is fantastic, as always.


It will be Tommy Lee Jones for "Lincoln"

Michael M.

Andy Serkis deserves a nom. and win, if not Phillip Seymour Hoffman.


Why did you replace diCaprio with McConaughey? Ridiculous. And why is Alan Arkin still there? He barely did anything in Argo.


James Spader for Lincoln


I agree with that top 5. And I also agree with the two spoilers being McConaughey and Redmayne. Tommy Lee Jones is my prediction for the winner.




Tom Cruise for Rock of Ages!!!


Philip Seymour Hoffman was astonishing in The Master, completely held his own against Joaquin Phoenix's incredible performance. I hope he has this one in the bag. Hoffman is up there with DDL as one of the best actors working today.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I know that The Avengers isn't the type of film the Academy usually likes, but it would be a shame if Mark Ruffalo isn't nominated for Best Supporting Actor.


Javier Bardem probably won't get nominated, everyone.


I see James Gandolfini as more of a frontrunner


Michael Caine was breathtaking in TDKR but from what I hear, it looks like Tommy Lee is going to win this year. Some critics say his performance in Lincoln is on par with DDL's.


Please, nomenate a Javier Bardem, he is sensational, a very good actor, hofully he will win, what a actor, my god… superb, he put truth in such a scale, is probably the best actor since Robert de niro, in is younth


Alan Arkin for Argo? No way, he plays the same character as always, and is not outstanding in any way, he's just good.


DiCaprio looks sensational in the trailers, but it seems like he has to be beyond sensational to get nominated, so we´ll see.


I hope Michael Fassbender's performance as David in PROMETHEUS is not forgotten come awards season.

On merit alone, he should be nominated for one of the most interesting portrayals of artificial intelligence. Not to mention his horrible snub last year.

While I love Tommy Lee Jones and Alan Arkin, should two previous winners be nominated again for characters they've basically played throughout their career. Grumpy old man Stevens in Lincoln is similar to almost all of Tommy Lee Jones' roles in the past decade or so – I don't see why/how this performance is different than any of his other recent work. Wise cracking Arkin in Argo is very reminiscent of the role he won his Oscar for in Little Miss Sunshine. Again, don't see how this is a special performance but rather de rigeur for a great character actor.
I always thought Oscars should be awarded for work that is exceptional, daring, different, and challenging – not something an actor has played time and time again.


I'm hoping Javier Bardem gets nominated (and wins). He's amazing in 'Skyfall' he basically steals the show (or movie i should say)


i agree about Ian Mckellen but Michael Caine for The Dark Knight Rises? Noone in that movie gave amazing oscar-worthy peformences lol, that movie is sooo overhyped its too funny. Give Michael Caines a nom for any other movie, he has given better performences before.
Joquien Phoeinx is very good in the Master.


Sir Michael Caine for Alfred in TDKR. He gave one of the most emotional and heartbreaking performances in a long time. Tom Hardy and J G-L were good, but not oscar material.

also, Ian Mckellen. His performance as Gandalf has been one of the best loved ever, the fact that the academy only gave him a single nomination for it, should hopefully prompt them to right their wrongs and give him Best Supporting Actor at least once in the trilogy.

oh, and The Master can fuck off. Big disappointment. People told me it would be 'the best film since There Will Be Blood' and all its basically a movie about a being brainwashed into joining a cult. Boring.


Yes where is Ezra Miller? He was brilliant as were Lerman/Watson.


How about Ezra Miller for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower"? His performance was absolutely spectacular.


James Spader for WN Bilbo in Lincoln should be nomiated also. He was fantastic. Tommy Lee Jones was a 10 also.


Aaron Johsnon from Anna Kariena? He is good! Enough with the TDK actors. Please they didn't do anything spectacular. They all gave average performences.


Alan Arkin already stole an Oscar from Jack Nicholson, who didn't even get nominated when that was the best fucken performance of his career in "The Departed". Leo deserves to win this year, he has had great performances in the past, none really Oscar worthy until now. I think to many people are over crediting Affleck for Argo, the movie was slow and lacked even the slightest amount of charecter development.


I like Alan Arkin, but what was so special about his perf. in Argo?


The best is Javier Bardem in Skyfall

Forrest Cardamenis

Tarantino's track record for getting actors nominated is weak, and DiCaprio's track record on its own isn't brilliant. To put that role at #4 when no one has seen it is more than a little silly.


Cmon, Put Joseph back on the list. At least in the Dark Horses section. I am hearing good things about his performance, as well as the whole movie


John Goodman in "Argo???" But no mention of him in "Flight?" He absolutely stole every scene he was in during the movie "Flight." I left the theatre thinking he was a definite shoe-in to win or atleast be nominated for "Flight."


No love for Ezra Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower? He was absolutely amazing!


Bryan Cranston for Argo is not very possible, right? I'm pissed he was robbed of the Emmy this year, that's why…


Anne Hathaway in TDKR fo sure !

Sonia Summers

Joseph Gordon Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises. His performance was astouding.

Gian Franco

Michale Caine, Alfred in The Dark Knight Rises is very emotional and spectacular, no other character inspired me so much

Joe Hughey

DiCaprio and De Niro are both sure bets, but for longshots, I also think Samuel Jackson and Christoph Waltz could possibly snag nominations for Django Unchained (one or the other, not both).


The little boy who played Cid in Looper deserves a Nom. He was so amazing for a 5 year old


What is with this on-going fascination about Matthew McConaughey receiving an Oscar nomination for "Magic Mike?"


I think that you missed Tom Holland from THE IMPOSSIBLE (2012). Naomi Watts and he are the best actors of the movies, much more better that Ewan McGregor that is included in this list. He already received the Hollywood Spotlight Award 2012.


Same 6 movies rotated throughout this website. And yes half of them are bad.


I really like these predictions, and they seem like they'll be correct. If any changes, I'd swap Arkin for Crowe, but the former is incredibly well respected. Only issue is that the whole of the top 6 are pretty well known, and aren't the supporting categories famous for new comers and people who've never been nominated. If this happens, I'm expecting D'Arcy or Henry to sneak in. Do people really think that Lee-Jones isn't getting nominated? His reviews are better than Day-Lewis', and he's considered one of the best actors in the world. Hathaway has a stronger chance at a nomination than Hardy, so calm down, it's not happening. Caine has a higher chance as he's the emotional core as well.


Tom Hardy should be nominated for The Dark Knight Rises maybe Tommy Lee Jones for Lincoln


Really hoping DiCaprio gets the nomination. He deserves it after being unfairly snubbed for two straight years (last year for J. Edgar and the year before for Shutter Island). Not trying to hate or anything, but I honestly never thought I'd see the day that Matthew "never puts a shirt on" McConaughey would be in contention for an Oscar nomination. I guess hell really has frozen over.

Movie fan

What about Michael Fassbender for his role as David in Prometheus


Go Leo Dicaprio! I hope he finally wins an Oscar – he deserved one long ago!


Go Leo Dicaprio! I hope he finally wins an Oscar – he deserved one long ago!


Javier Bardem is getting some buzz for his roll in Skyfall. It'd be the first time playing a Bond villain gained an Oscar nom.


What about Richard Armitage or Ian Mckellan from The Hobbit? Do they have a chance? McKellan was nominated for the first lord of the rings.


I thought Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises was fantastic and shouldn't be forgotten and I'd love to see Robert DeNiro back in the Oscar race.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt for LINCOLN!!!!!

randall gerber

giving matthew mcconaughey an oscar nomination is like giving ashton kutcher an supporting actor:arkin,deniro,dicaprio,jones and hoffman.


It is gross that McConaughey is a legitimate contender….But then again, Jonah Hill UNDESERVEDLY made it in, so why not back-to-back crap nods?

For all those, like me, who were immensely impressed by TLJ in HOPE SPRINGS though, I think he'll get his nod here for both, in the same way Lawrence's Best Actress nod will be a dual honor, secretly.

01) Leonardo DiCaprio (DJANGO UNCHAINED)
02) Philip Seymour Hoffman (THE MASTER)
03) Alan Arkin (ARGO)
04) Tommy Lee Jones (LINCOLN)
05) Matthew McConaughey (MAGIC MIKE)
07) Russell Crowe (LES MISÉRABLES)
09) Sam Rockwell (SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS)
10) James Gandolfini (KILLING THEM SOFTLY)


I didn't see Magic Mike but Matthew McConaughey was seriously a Best Supp. Actor contender?


Ian Mckellen as Gandalf or Andy Serkis as Gollum. In my opinion, Andy Serkis's genius has been overlooked by the public……YES there is a man behind "my precious"

Zachary paul

Tom hardy in lawless, I thought he was very good in that. Also I hope david henry will be nominated considering beasts of the southern wild was his first acting job.


I think Garrett Hedlund should be in this list. OTR was well received at TIFF so even if the reception was not that enthusiastic I think he'd be in the game. Iron Lady is 53: rotten at RT and Streep won last year so that's not a problem.


James Franco in SPRING BREAKERS.


What about Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages! He was sensational.


You forget "Andy Serkis" for "the Hobbit". He could be a dark horse, after all they own him AT LEAST a nomination.


Where is Russell Crowe?


If Hoffman is as good as people are saying he is, he should have this award in the bag.

Donald Clarke

If anybody gets in for Seven Psychopaths it will be Christopher Walken. It's been a long time since he won and it's by far the better performance.


It looks from the trailer for Django Unchained that DiCaprio may only be in one scene and that they are advertising that he will be in more because he's a big actor. If this is the case, he will probably not get nominated. And from what I hear, Phillip Seymour Hoffman is amazing.

Jeff Kemp

I really hope they recognize Tom Hardy as Bane.
He was completely snubbed last year for Warrior and in TDKR he's not getiting any attention at all.

Ryan Lindauer

not a terrible list, but Philip Seymour Hoffman will be in the lead actor category, and Joaquin Phoenix will probably win supporting actor (also for The Master), but he'll DEFINITELY be nominated


Leo !!! Go Leo! You will win finally!


1. Bryan Cranston РArgo; 2. Philip Seymour Hoffman РThe Master; 3. Matthew McConaughey РMagic Mike; 4. Leonardo DiCaprio РDjango Unchained (I'm starting to lose the faith on him for winning this year); 5. Russell Crowe -Les Mis̩rables

Handsome Bob

Michael Caine a "longer shot"? he deserves this award hands down!


Where is Garrett Hedlund's name? His portrayal of Dean Moriarty in On The Road is just spectacular. This list is so off.


i really hope leo wins the award he really deserves it xx


Joe is top billed for Lincoln… There can be more than one acting nom for Lincoln. Who knows. There are always surprises




Do you even do research at all? This list is a joke. If you are going to be picking supporting actors from Lincoln (as you rightfully should) why not start with the top billed David Strathairn ?


Michael Caine or Tom Hardy from TDKR.


Where's Jaoquin Phoenix for The Master? Though I think he's a lead.

Austin Devine

I know Bryan Cranstons getting a nomination he is such a great actor


1.) Jaoquin Phoenix- Master
2.) Leonardo DiCaprio- Django Unchained
3.) Russell Crowe- Les Miserables
4.) Dwight Henry- Beasts of Southern Wild
5.) Woody Harrellson- 7 Psychopaths

If Phoenix goes lead, I'd say DiCaprio wins and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is 2.


Leo HAS to win this award. He's by far the strongest actor this year, with a chance of getting nominated for both The Great Gatsby and Django Unchained. I just hope there's not a vote split between these two films.


I think Fassbender's basically a shoe-in since his snub with "Shame." Not to mention that besides being eye-candy for the ladies, Magic Mike wasn't that good and didn't have that great a performance from McConaughey. Plus, don't forget about Bruce Willis in Moonrise Kingdom and anyone who's not Christian Bale in Batman. Tom Hardy may be the next Heath Ledger.


How about Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages?

Sunshine Coast

Although I heartily support Russell Crowe as Capt. Javert in Les Miserables, I hate this kind of prediction.


I can see Phoenix wins whether for Lead or Supporting. If he goes Lead, then my bet goes to Leo to win Supporting.

TC Kirkham

Where the hell is Ezra Miller? Just from the TRAILER of "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" I'm betting he'll be in contention, after getting screwed last year in "WNTTAKevin"…


russell crowe–in les meserable


Let it be Joaquin! Can't wait to see him back!


If Joaquin doesn't win, it would be wrong, wrong, wrong! The guy is amazing!

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