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2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

2013 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the 85th Academy Awards through February 24th, when the winners are announced.

One award they will absolutely be giving to “Les Miserables” is best supporting actress. Basically since she was cast in the film people have been screaming Oscar for Anne Hathaway, and thankfully when the film finally came out it quickly became clear their premature assessment was a fair one. Hathaway is widely considered the best thing about the film (even by the many people that don’t like it) and has won every award there is to win for it so far.  And while there’s definitely been a  backlash toward the actress’s seemingly unstoppable march to the Oscar, she’s helped by one very important factor: There’s really no competition. The only person that seems like a feasible alternative is Sally Field. But Sally Field has already won two Oscars on two nominations… and with Daniel Day-Lewis and possibly Robert DeNiro also set for their third wins this Oscar night, it seems unlikely the third time will be the charm for Field.

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here, and this list of all the Oscar-nominated films available ON DEMAND right now.

The nominees:
Amy Adams in “The Master”
Sally Field in “Lincoln”
Anne Hathaway in “Les Misérables”
Helen Hunt in “The Sessions”
Jacki Weaver in “Silver Linings Playbook”

Will win: Anne Hathaway
Could win: Sally Field
Should win: Amy Adams

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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How I think it should have been:

1. Amy Adams, "The Master"
2. Ann Dowd, "Compliance"
3. Sally Field, "Lincoln"*(Runner-up)
4. Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"*(WINNER)
5. Helen Hunt, "The Sessions"


LOUD CLAPPING!!! Kiss it all of you Hathaway Haters!! You all clearly have no soul!

Film Fan

I do think it is funny how people think Anne Hathway will win just for the campaign she is running. It has been pretty obvious that just because you run a good campaign does not mean you will win. Last year was a perfect example. Viola Davis ran an intense and smart campaign that was just rocking it but when it came down to Oscar night Meryl (who ran no campaign) won.


Why doesn't anyone talk about Helen Hunt?! I am not saying that she is going to be the winner but even JackiWeaver has people talking about her. Jacki weaver is not a bad actress but Helen Hunt this year was a bit better this year


I think Helen Hunt deserves to win for the Sessions her performance was really very daring she was nude in the film for a lot of it. Also, Hunt gave an emotionally raw and powerful performance. I don't get the Anne Hathaway hype big deal she lost weight and cries a lot in her film. I also don't like Hathaway's pretentious and desperate Oscar campaign I would love for any of the four women to win.


ann dowd in COMPLIANCE


If there was one award where I most want an upset – its here.
I personally didn't care for Les Mis, or Ms Hathaways performance. It seemed very overacted and a bit awards desperate (as has her campaign).

I do agree with IndieWire – if any of these should win – it is easily Amy Adams in The Master.
(by the way I love people saying "She wasn't even in the movie!" – well lets look at Hathaway who has about 14 minutes of screen time. Lets look at Weaver with probably only a little more than that. It's a silly comparison. Screen time doesn't matter honestly. Adams did a lot with steely silence – which I prefer over Hathaways over the top performance.)

However I think these nominations are bogus. If it were me the nominations would be:

Amy Adams – The Master
Ann Dowd – Compliance
Sally Field – Lincoln
Gina Gershon – Killer Joe
Brit Marling – The Soung of My Voice

with Ann Dowd being the winner (she was ROBBED of an oscar nomination)

But as of now I am rooting for Ms. Adams!! A great, surprising performance!


Crosetti- I totally agree. Amy Adams should have won for Junebug but this yr's nom was all based on reputation. The Master was damn good but it was a Phoenix/Hoffman show.
Amy's character just didn't have enough meat.(unless you count facial expressions).
Oscar would be better served by delving deeper into the list of good movies instead of just piling on the nom's from the same movies. (case in point- Jacki Weaver for SLP)


Adams should win? Why? She's barely in the movie, does nothing of note and hardly has any dialogue. Either I'm missing something or this is yet another pretentious opinion with no merit.


This category is not suck as much as the lead actress. you can saw some great acting but first what the fuck this jackie thing doing here. i mean did she really is in the movie. just a waste. beside her the 4 are amazing. hunt is sensual and warm. hathaway, to be honest hate the film i was like shut the singing for once and act with talking but her acting is great better than j.hudson, atleast hathway is not depend on singing completely like hudson. field a complete professional legendary actress give spectacular performsance and adams "brilliant and memorable and best of them". for me i think hathway can give u more than that so adams should have win but field acting is oscar worthy


Les Mis was an amazing film. I love Anne Hathaway, she one of my favorite actresses in Holly Wood. Anne was far better than Amy when is comes down to performances. However, this Oscar should not go for her because Sally Flied did a better performance in Lincoln. Anne would be second place for me or my silver medal.


Seriously, I can understand the Hathaway hate and that's it. But there's no way Adams in The Master is better than her. Adams barely do anything, there. The movie is simply phenomenal, but is not an Adams' show. So goes for Field, except for the Tommy Lee Jones ball scene. But could I call that an Oscar worthy performance? Not. No way guys, that Oscar is Hathaway's. All the «should» it's just given by your love for The Master or your hate for Les Miserables. I hated Les Miserables but loved Anne, worshiped The Master but not impressed by Adams.


Anne Hathaway was good as Fantine but not oscar-worthing. However I am almost sure she will get it, although Amy Adams was clearly better. My prediction is that Anne will win, cause of her campaign, and the marvellous Amy Adams will lose…AGAIN. Sally Field wont get an oscar in her third nomination as she has won two oscars for her previous 2 nom.


I think Anne Hathaway should win, but I'm almost certain she will not.

So my prediction:
Will win: Amy Adams or Sally Field
Should win: Anne Hathaway


LOL @ the pretentious people pretending The Master had any merit, and Amy Adams did anything of note, let alone better than Anne and Sally.

I agree

I just watched The Master yesterday and it was incredible. I wish it was nominated instead of Django Unchained (which to me seemed like unfinished movie and I frankly agree with Spike Lee). I think in each acting category Phoenix, Hoffman, and Adams tops everyone easily.


Anne Hathaway SHOULD NOT WIN. She is a Amateur girl in TRAINING. She doesn't even know the meaning of acting an what it incorporates.


for me…
will win: HATHAWAY
could win : ADAMS or FIELD
should win : HATHAWAY
should be on the list : MAGGIE SMITH ( marigold hotel ) replacing WEAVER (SLP)


Are you "D"ucking HIGH? It's sad that Amy Adams hasn't won an oscar yet, but this is NOT her year. The heartwrenching performance of I dreamed a dream that was given to us from Anne, is nothing but perfection, and will never be topped by any other performance of the same role on a motion picture. THIS is her moment. THIS is her brilliance. THIS is HER award. So stop it with your "She doesn't deserve it" crap. Catwoman, yes, catwoman will take it home, because she DOES deserve it. THE end.


Anne Hathaway is a amateur girl in training who still has a lot of work to do before winning an Oscar. HOW in the world did she ever got nominated for Les Mis. This makes me believe that acting is no longer taken seriously. Amy Adams, I only hope that voters choose you for best supporting actress.

Oscar Award Winner Anne Hathaway

I deserved it …


Anne Hathaway was awful., the only thing that held that terrible adaption of Les Miserables was Hugh Jackman and that says a lot. Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed Anne in the princess diaries when i was 13, she should stick to that unfortunately. Oh and this argument over Natalie portman, black swan was an incredible performance, but you cannot be stupid and think the academy only looks at this one performance, they look at your entire body of films, natalie portman is a sensational actress and there were other movies she deserved the award for. Take Heath Ledger for an example, realistically the performance of his career was in Brokeback Mountain, he should have won for that, but after he died he won for The Dark Knight. He died, think seriously why they would give him the award. Amy Adams is an outstanding character actress, she or Sally Field should win. Anne Hathaway , it is embarrassing an appalling you are receiving credit for this terrible portrayal and acting performance. Anne Hathaway along with Jennifer Lawrence nomination makes me loose all faith in acting and awards. It's almost upsetting.


Anne deserves to win hands down! It is her time and she has been in two incredible movies this past year, The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables BOTH that are incredible and have made a statement in movie history. Don't get me wrong I like Amy Adams, but she's been nominated 4 times and still no win…thats something to be said she's a good actor, just that their are better perfomances. Amy's time will come soon and I mean very soon it's just that she has to find that one role where she is absolutley brilliant in, it will come very shortly just, not, this year.


Can't believe Anne Hathaway is going to take home an Oscar. In everything she does you are constantly aware that Hathaway is 'ACTING' and is making acting choices instead of just being the character. I have seen Les Mis and I don't get what the fuss is all about – she was good. That's it. She wasn't believable as Fantine. I'm hoping her obvious anticipation and annoying Globes appearance will turn some Academy voters off.

Juana la ranchera

I agree about the should win, Amy Adams ftw. However, as you said, Anne has it in the back. It's not like she doesn't deserve it, but I just hate when the most popular actress wins. (Looking at you, Natalie P)


I don't get how people can say Anne shouldn't win. Have you watched the film??????!!!!

Krystle Hrbacek

I voted Anne Hathaway at because she is so amazing!, The website frinzee is so cool and fun. You can predict, battle and win.


Okay people: saying "Anne Hathaway doesn't deserve it" doesn't mean anything! GIVE IT UP!! She is going to win, it is no longer a race.
And she totally deserves to win! One of the most wonderful performances I have ever seen!

And also I'm very confused with the "should win" category. I dont think you people at indiewire can tell us that. Just my thoughts. Id prefer predictions, minus the opinion.


Sally Field was unsuccessfully nominated for Best Supporting Actress 1994 for "Forrest Gump."


The best supporting actress award will be given to Sally Field in Lincoln as wife of Lincoln who
showed us wonderful image and dresses, very attractive personality of Mrs. Lincoln who talked impressively with American people, excellent dialogues, best historical image ofcourse. Good LUCK to Sally Field for an Oscar 2013 for Mrs. Lincoln.


1. Field, 2.Hunt, 3. Weaver, 4. Adams, 5. Hathaway :)

Ignatius Albert

No one would have predicted a nomination for Jacki Weaver. She was seen as a very long shot, and Weaver herself admitted to being surprised upon hearing her nomination. No disrespect to her, but I think she somewhat rides on the general success of Silver Linings Playbook and her fellow cast members (Cooper, Lawrence & De Niro).
Nonetheless, with her getting a nod, SLP becomes the first movie since Reds in 1981 to be nominated in all 4 acting categories. A pretty memorable achievement.
At this moment, Anne Hathaway should win it. I think only Sally Field in Lincoln can stop her seemingly unstoppable force now. It will be a major upset if she Hathaway does not win the Oscar.


Anne Hathaway does not deserve to win best supporting actress… First of all, look at the list of great supporting roles such as Helen Hunt and Sally Field which by all standards are better actresses and have perfect execution on their performances rather than Anne Hathaway… People you can not give an award to Anne Hathaway because you favor her over the others…. I hope the Academy Awards choose the best either Hunt or Field and not pick that "Some What Good" amateur girl Anne Hathaway…


1st Anne Hathaway,
2nd Amy Adams,
3rd Sally Field,
4th Helen Hunt,
5th Jacki Weaver


I would bet all kinds of money on the fact Hathaway will win this. She is a force at this point and with all the nominations and wins she is picking up along with the great campaign she is running, this is all her. It is like years past with Plummer, Waltz and Octavia Spencer just a total lock.


sad because Nicole didn't get the nomination… I think Amy Adams is a good actress but in this one is overrated… in fact, I think Helen Hunt did it better in the Sessions… Anyway, Anne Hathaway will win this year!!! Plus, I'm happy Judi Dench didn't get the nomination, that would have been very unfair


I think it will be Anne or Amy!


I have a feeling Amy Adams will win it. I saw both the Master and Les Miserables, and Amy is definatly the better actress.


Just heard the nomination!
1. Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables
2. Amy Adam in The Master
3. Helen Hunt in The Sessions
4. Sally Field in Lincoln
5. Jacki Weaver in Silver Linings Playbook
So surprised for the Jacki Weaver!


Check out my final predictions for Best Sup. Actress at


The nominees are:
Amy Adams in The Master, Sally Field in Lincoln, Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables, Helen Hunt in The Sessions and Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy!

And the Oscar goes to:
Anne Hathaway in Les Miserables!


I'm going for Amy Adams, Sally Field, Helen Hunt, Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway. Ann Dowd and Judi Dench are my spoilers.

I really like Anne to win but Nicole Kidman swept me away, recently watched her movie. She dominates it and her counterparts, and at the end died.


It seems like any time someone loses 20 pounds for a movie, or shaves a head they're seen as a revelation. Give me a break. I'd love to see Kelly Reily or Jennifer Ehle get a nom.

Emma M.

Samantha Barks definitely deserves a nomination for her role as Eponine. Her singing and acting were absolutely outstanding. Anne was great, but in my opinion, Samantha stole the show.


Samantha Berks. Anne was good but nowhere near her.


Now Nicole is number 6? Why? I don't think Judi Dench deserves that nomination, I mean, she has been doing this character like forever. Nicole did an amazing job in The Paperboy, I wish she wins but I'm not sure if she will… because everyone wants Hathaway for the win!!!


Even though I have only seen Les Miz, I still feel comfortable saying that Anne Hathaway totally deserves it! And Samantha Barks was incredible! Inwent in expecting Anne to be awesome (which she totally was), but wasnt expecting so much from Barks! She took what easily could have been a very forgettable background role and turned it into something beautiful, and boy, she can sing!! And both Helena Binham Carter and Amanda Seyfried were very good aswell. Seyfried was a lot better than I expected, and Bonham Carter portrayed her normal sacked out self amazingly again. Hugh Jackman was also incredible, but the females in general were the stars for me. (Crowe, Redmayne, and Baron Cohen were all good, but less fantastic, although I wouldn't be dissapointed if any of them got nods either). Go LES MIZ!!!


Well we all know this isn't going to happen but Samantha Barks deserves it SO much more than Anne Hathaway… I though Anne Hathaway was good but not on the level on Samantha Barks.


I've finally seen "Les miserables". What a dreadful movie (and I'm a lover of musicals… GOOD musicals: The Sound of Music, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Cabaret, Grease, Hairspray…). The acting was just OK or really plain bad. Terrible XFs and artistic direction (underground compared to Zero Dark Thirty). Everything felt so false and artificial… I couldn't find a single genuine emotion in that film, it was a soap opera. And I don't get the fuss about Hathaway's performance, she was as meciocre as everyone else… or even worse. Amanda Seyfield, Samantha Barks or Helena Boham-Carter were way better than her (of course Hugh Jackman was the best performance overall). Hathaway is not in the level of some other winning musical performances at all (Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins, Catherine Zeta-Jones – Chicago, Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls). To even compare her performance with that ones is an aberration. My top 5 is: 1. Sally Field, 2. Helen Hunt, 3. Nicole Kidman, 4. Judi Dench, 5. Amy Adams.


1. Anne Hathaway 2. Amy Adams 3. Nicole Kidman 4. Helen Hunt 5. Sally Field




why is nicole kidman at the sixth position when she was fifth till yesterday?she truly deserves this nomination!

James K

Hathaway, if anyone, is a lock. I hope she's picked out a spot in her house for her first and probably not last Academy Award. Oh, there a 4 other people? Oops… Field, Hunt, Adams and Kidman. This category seems locked up to me, but I guess Dench could come down and swipe Kidman's nod.


judi dench?????why?

Sean McKinley

I would love to see Jennifer Ehle nominated. She was absolutely wonderful in Zero Dark Thirty. In all honesty, Sally Field wasn't a right fit for Lincoln. The Oscar will probably go to Hathaway, let's face it. Surprises are dead in the Academy anymore.


GREAT EXPECTATIONS … helena bonham carter


I like Anne Hatheway but I didn't see anything special about her acting. She is campaigning for her Oscar non-stop like Natalie Portman. Which is a shame. You don't see the other actresses who are good in their roles, if not even better doing non-stop promotion like her. If she gets an oscar, it will like this years Natalie Portman.


Not even Kelly Reilly? She did amazing too, she had a strong performance and a good character arc and probably one of the characters that didn't get on my nerves in the movie. I hope she's considered for a nomination at least. I don't see how Judi Dench is even in there, she's played that role so many times, Skyfall was no different, take her out! And put Samantha Barks in. Amy Adams performance was strong but not worthy of a win to me. Sally Field did an okay Mary T. Lincoln. Anne Hathaway stood out most amongst these actresses that deserve a win. She sang her heart out and applied so much emotion and context to each lyric, she went through physical transformation by getting severely skinny and chopping off her hair, only has 20 mins of screen time but that movie and the story develops more because of her. If you really look at it, she is the heart of the story. She was the best part and I can tell you this much I saw Les Miserables twice already and I can tell you a lot of people were in awe or were crying for her. I was so blown away by her performance. She has all the right necessities for a win and she did amazing work in The Dark Knight Rises and stole the show in that too. She is destined to win! She HAS to win! No questions asked.


How is Samantha Barks not on here? First, they almost give her role to Taylor Swift (vomit) and then she is snubbed by Amy Adams performance in The Master? I'm sorry; I am a fan of Amy Adams but that role was so unoriginal and took very minimal effort. What makes someone worthy of winning an Oscar is if they play a role so well that you truly believe no one else could play it. Samantha Barks did that. Amy Adams' role could have been played by any one and it wouldn't have changed the film at all.


kidman deserves it more than Amy Adams


So… We have an amazing performance in the Supporting category, and then a mediocre performance (cough cough Jennifer I have one expression Lawrence) in the Best Actress Category.


Why is there so much hatred on these message boards? It's one thing to pull for your favorites, but to insult/disrespect other nominees just shows how insecure and immature you all are.

I've seen most of these movies and Anne's was the only one that actually made the audience gasp in the theatre I was in….you could actually hear audible sobbing. Powerful performance and she should easily get this award.


emma watson tambien puede ser nominada!!


Anne has this on lock. By far the biggest hot favorite.


Absolutely Anne Hathaway for this…the best performance ever in 2012!


Carmen Ejogo! Carmen Ejogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carmen has the best supporting actress of 201 oscars! Sistah did her thang in Sparkle!


I saw a different Les Mis than everyone else, it seems – Anne Hathaway was god-awful. She overacted every phrase of I Dreamed a Dream, I was not moved once. She had to chew the scenery in every frame. An absolute disaster. If she wins the Oscar people will look back in 10 years and mutter "what the hell were they thinking?"

John Matthew



I agree! Carmen Ejogo was divine, and breathtaking! She has it


Carmen Ejogo for Sparkle! The Critics named her first, and she deserves to win for that oscar role as Sister that had everyone reeling with excitement! Anne did great, but Carmen probably has this one in the bag!


What about Anne Hathaway for her role as Selina Kyle/Catwoman?


ANNE HATHAWAY, MAGGIE SMITH and JUDI DENCH :-) i hope they will all get nominated :-)


Mark my words: Ann Dowd WILL be nominated. and rightfully so. probably over Nicole or (my perpetual favorite but always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride) Amy Adams.


If someone will upset in this race, it will be Sally Field for Lincoln. I don't see Nicole Kidman winning, but I REALLY WANT HER TO BE NOMINATED. PLEASE ACADEMY!! FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Nicole Kidman, The Paperboy


Shocking! Brilliant! Nicole is always reinventing herself. She deserves the Oscar nomination for versatility and the risks assumed… Sexy, Wild, Exotic. Charlotte Bless is one of the characters for the history of contemporary cinema. Art


The Oscar belongs to either Nicole Kidman or Sally Field! Please not because Hathaway can sing means that she deserves an Oscar. She belongs in Disney type of movies because she plays them best. I dont understand why they talk about Hathaway to much! She is annoying and she loves attention! She is talking to much about how difficult was to cut her hair that she was nasty to her husband….. blah blah blah!! Who cares!? Be more professional Mrs Hathaway, it looks like you only love fame and you cry about it!


Nicole Kidman not only deserves to be nominated but she deserves the win! if anybody spoils Anne Hathaway's night it will be Nicole.


Just give Nicole Kidman her 4th Oscar nod and I will be beyond happy. :)


I think Amy Adams should get this one, Anne was good but her movie sucks
Sally field is the real one to beat for me but Academy wont give her a 3rd oscar :S
Btw I think Nicole Kidman saved The paperboy to be one of the worst movies of the year so If she gets the nom well deserved. Ann dowd is a surprise to see her on the spoiler list she was great.
This year supporting actress and supporting actor is so interesting, best actor is also great but everybody knows Daniel would win and the best actress category is good but nothing special.


Even though I know this can never happen. I wish that Helena bonham carter could win this year. I was so holding out for her in 2010 and I wish that she could get the win but her role is far to small in this movie. One of her best performances was as Enid blyton in Enid but since it was a low budget uk movie, it hardly stood above the other movies. I Think that Sally Field deserves the Oscar. It does not matter how many times she has won it in the past. That just shows us how amazing she is. The best performance should win and she was the best so she should take it. It is as simple as that


The race is really between ann and Sally. No one cares about anyone else. I have seen Sally field and she is brilliant, totally amazing. Let's see if it can be topped, although I doubt it


Precisely the only performance that I haven't seen of that top 5 is Anne Hathaway's. Having said that, Sally Field has given the best supporting performance by a female BY FAR, but of course she is not going to win anything (a 3rd Oscar for her??? hahaha, don't think so. Daniel Day-Lewis is the first in that line for that honor. And f—ing Meryl Streep (the best actress EVER) had to wait like 16 nominations and two decades to have her 3rd. So no). Field have the recognition she deserves and just leave it like that, but I just can't help to shout it: she was outstanding, so… a very strong applause from the other side of the ocean. I've my best 4 of the moment (this is only my personal opinion): Best actor – Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln), best actress – Naomi Watts (The Impossible), best sup. actor – a tie betwen the two best villians of the year Javier Bardem (Skyfall) & Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), best sup. actress – Sally Field (Lincoln)


This year I am interested in Best supporting actress more than the Best actress, because I think this year Best Supporting Actress is more powerful! I love Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman! :D


Yes! Anne Hathaway is the first at this moment and I personally think that she should won too! That was a great performance, I feel she will win GG, BAFTA, SAG and critics choice with Oscar! Yes the second place should be Sally Field because previous second place Amy Adams didn't recieve SAG nomination, but I think Amy Adams is my second favorite! Nicole should be nominated for an Oscar again for her performance too! But again, Anne Hathaway deserved to win this and she was a big favorite! :D


This award belongs to Anne Hathaway. I know there has been some bickering about her singing being "so so" and how she was not in the film for a large amount of time but the thing is..why does it matter? Her singing ability has nothing to do with this category (it is an acting award after all) and it doesn't matter how long a person is in the movie when it is a best supporting role, it matters how strong the performance is. And hers looks pretty damn strong. Plus it is just her time. Field, Hunt, and Kidman have all won oscars before as well Smith & Dench and this award should go to someone who has not won. Adams is the only other strong possibility with no previous Oscar and while her performance in The Master was good, it is not worthy of the award. Her other nominated roles were much better than this one. But it is only a matter of time before she does win one, Amy is a powerhouse of an actress.

Juha Hovilainen

Nicole Kidman…Hell yes…She has been overlooked so many times…
"Birth", "To Die For", "Dogville" comes to mind first. Also she should have won for "Moulin Rouge" over Halle Berry.


Nicole Kidman doesn't have a chance at winning the Oscar this year, BUT SHE DESERVES AT LEAST A NOMINATION.


AH seems to be the most deserving. The rest will get their chance when the right film comes their way.


Anne Hathaway is so overrated, she is this generations's Julia Roberts, America's sweetheart, good actress but nothing special, I have watched the movie and she does nothing special, she is in it for 5 minutes.


I'm like a 95% sure that Nicole Kidman will be nominated for best supporting role… She already got a SAG notmination and a GG nomination… I think the Academy will consider her… I think she must win but She probably won't… but at least she deserve a nomination this year!!!


Does Nicole Kidman have any chance to be -at least -nominated ??She was spectacular in paperboy!Besides I do not understand why Helen Hunt is not running for leading actress or why Zero Dark Thirty is predicted in almost every category( does it deserve all this care??)


I'd be happy for Kerry Washington to be nominated/ win. She's phenomenal and deserves recognition for her talent.


Why isn't Mena Suvari on the list for American reunion she deserves a nomination.


I was hoping Michelle Pfeiffer for People like us was at least a long shot…:(


I love Amy Adams, but in THE MASTER, she does not do much for being considered in this list.
I haven't seen Anna Hathaway's performance, yet, but I believe she has a big chance to be nominated and got the win!
THE PAPERBOY sucks, but Lee Daniels' PRECIOUS wasn't that great,either, but somehow, someway , it got loved by the OSCARS!. Nicole Kidman deserves to be nominated! She was amazingly seamless in THE PAPERBOY!
I never liked Whitney Houston as an actress , but she always had a huge presence on screen. And SPARKLE which is not a good movie, I have to admit that Whitney is extremely convincing in her little part as the protected mother. It would be nice to see her getting nominated, but Carmen Ejogo has the best role in the film, and it would be unfair not to see her in the short list!
Sally Field is a good actress, but she overacts in LINCOLN- OK, Mary Lincoln was kind of crazy, but I did not like Field's approach!:(
THE SESSIONS is a great film, and I don't understand why Helen Hunt is considered in the supporting category, as she is in the leading actress in the film. Nasty politics from the FOX SEARCHLIGHT PICTURES.
Today, my list would be:

1. Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
2. Nicole Kidman, The paperboy
3. Helen Hunt, The Sessions _ I include her here because she has no chance to get nominated in the leading category, anyways!
4. Whitney Houston, OR Carmen Ejogo, SPARKLE
5. Maggie Smith, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Kristen Stewart, On the Road.

Eulalia Diaz

I like Sally Field since ever, but I think that her performance in "Lincoln" is being overstimated.
I rather see much more brilliant and difficult Helen Hunt's role in "The Sessions"


It will be Field for "Lincoln"


Jennifer Ehle is outrageously good during her screentime in ZERO DARK THIRTY. Would be such an incredibly well-deserved nom…fingers crossed you're right.


I personally don't see Nicole Kidman winning, but she CAN be nominated.


Don't drop Nicole Kidman off. She still has chance.
Maggie Smith's chances are falling apart.
Jennifer Ehle?


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It's a crying shame that Nicole Kidman is not even predictions for supporting actress. If the film had done better and not been divisive by critics, I'm sure she would be on the top five list.


Maggie Smith for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. PERIOD!


I pretty much agree with that list except IDK if Dench will get the Nom.

My prediction for the Winner is Anne Hathaway. I mean just after seeing the trailer for Les Miserables I felt so sad for her and just wanted to give the Award to her right there and then.

gabriel G

You guys haven't seen Salma Hayek's last movie: SAVAGES, She stole the movie, Hayek deserves the nomination.period. thnks


Carmen Ejogo needs to be nominated at least! She was A Revelation! Girl killed it # Sparkle


Carmen Ejogo for " Sparkle".. Hands Down it needs to go to her!.. She was brilliant


I just don't understand how Samantha Barks was predicted to get nominated last week, and now she's all the way down at #10. To be honest, I'd much rather her get nominated over Helena Bonham Carter.


Sally Feild. I honeslty dont see Anne Hatheway winning. I heard her performce was great and all but I bet she will only be nomitated. If not Sally Field, then Amy Adams.



I HOPE ^_^


Allison Janney in Struck by Lightning. It's less ridiculous than the Whitney Houston suggestion.


Carmen Ejogo for Sparkle, the critics acclaimed her before all else, they have verbally stated Carmen is more then likely up for an Oscar for playing Sister the way she did! if Jennifer Hudson won for Dreamgirls, then we all know this is going to Carmen, who again has been stated by critics to be in the lead running for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar, the only person besides her with that chance is Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables, and that's if she pulls I Dream A Dream off, but yeah, Carmen's got this award people!


How does Samantha Barks go from #5 to #10 in two days?!


Nicole Kidman was extraordinary in the paperboy!!I think she has good chances to be nominated!


What about SCARLETT JOHANSSON?? She's been snubbed several times. Hitchcock is great, she has to be nominated for playing Janet Leigh. Period.


Follow @NicoleKidman143 on Twitter! Let's campaign for her! Nicole Kidman all the way!




helen or judi


All I can say is, i hope Judi Dench gets nominated


Anne Hathway for TDKR ? LOL. Most ovverrated pice of crap of 2012. Anne hatway has given better peformences before. Her role in TDKR was painful to watch. So awkward and her line delivery was poor.
If anythig, she should get a nom of Les Miserables.


I agree. Nicole Kidman is a serious contender. Pete Hammond already predicted her to be one of the nominees. I think people should realize that a performance and the film itself are separate entities. The Oscars should be objective. When determining the best performances, film quality should only influence a little. Undoubtedly, Kidman has won raves for this role more than any other contender despite the film getting mixed reviews.




From what we've seen so far, Anne's singing is pretty so-so. It would be a total shame to nominate someone who can barely sing for a musical. Plus, I can totally see the Eponine character drowning out Fantine, just like at the Tony Awards. I wouldn't be surprised to see Samantha Barks become the favorite. I'm not sure the creator of this list is familiar with Les Miserables at all if they put Amanda Seyfried at all. Cosette is barely in it. She's pretty important to the plot, but hardly in it. That said, Sally Field might keep her perfect Oscar record in tact since Lincoln is destroying the Oscar buzz right now.


I think Scarlett Johannson is picking up heat for Hitchcock. We will have to keep an eye on that.


Whitney Houston for "Sparkle"

Joe Hughey

You're forgetting Helen Mirren for Hitchcock. She has a definite shot.


I think Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy is very good option!!!!


Team Annie FTW


I need you to get Kerry Washington on that list, man.


This is the weakest year for women in both categories for SO long. I'm having trouble with a plausible top 5 at the moment but I'll give it a shot. I know nothing of Les Mis, but isn't Anne's role small but meaty? If so, I think she's in. Adams is probably the only lock in this category, if there is one and I prey to God she finally wins, because she should have won for Junebug and The Fighter, so that'd be amazing. If Dench dies in Skyfall I think she's in, but I don't know. If anyone is going to beat Adams, it's Hunt, but are they really going to give another Academy Award to Helen fucking Hunt? Don't know. She's getting nominated most likely though. If they go ape-shit crazy over Lincoln than Field is in, and they probably will. I have a sneaky suspicion that Johannson will sneak in out of no where and take someone everyone's predicting's spot. I'll say…
Adams, Hathaway, Field, Hunt and Johannson with Smith right behind, for being Smith.


Anne Hathaway should get nominated for The Dark Knight Rises and Michelle Pfeiffer for People like us.

Indy Cinema Fan

I just saw "Detachment" and Sami Gayle's performance as a child prostitute was riveting and definitely Oscar-worthy. Adrien Brody's performance was superb, as well. I just hope that Academy voters see the film…


What about Shirley MacLaine for Bernie?


Could Emily Blunt be nominated for Looper, I didn't recognise it was her until the credits, and she's very hit and miss with her acting i think, but in Looper she was amazing.


Maggie Smith was good, but she was barley in it and all she did was play a dumb old person. The performance doesn't seem nomination worthy


I believe, if it comes out before the end of the year, everyone would be then way overlooking the solid Robert Redford's film "The Company you Keep" which had extremely great reviews by all established major critics, while only the younger ones from the web have been against to it!
I saw the film and loved it, Time's super Film Critic, Richard Corliss liked the movie a huge deal, and, especially, loved, just loved the scenes between Julie Christie and Redford: it talked of Cinematic glow! If the movie will be out before Christmas, i will be expecting a Best Supporting Actress nod for Julie Christie!
And maybe more nods for the film,too!


I would really like to see Whitney Houston nominated for Sparkle. She did a phenominal job!


I'd love to see Bette Midler get an Oscar, but like Streisand's film, this is a Christmas-release comedy and at best, has GG-potential, not AA hopes.

Hathaway as the likely frontrunner? I loved her in TDKR, and am excited to see her in this, but I don't think I see a winner. I think between her two flicks this year, Adams has a strong shot at this and this will be her 4th nomination if so. Some may consider it her time to shine. And I sure hope so!

This category DESPERATELY needs a first-time nominee. Every category going as far back as you can remember has a first-time nominee. Who's it going to be here?…I'm still unsure. I'm gonna lean towards Williams, because I have no clue.

01) Amy Adams (THE MASTER)
02) Helen Hunt (THE SESSIONS)
03) Sally Field (LINCOLN)
04) Anne Hathaway (LES MISÉRABLES)
05) Olivia Williams (HYDE PARK ON HUDSON)
07) Frances McDormand (PROMISED LAND)
09) Helen Mirren (HITCHCOCK)
10) Alicia Vikander (ANNA KARENINA)

Edward P. Jones

Amy Adams will own this category. She is long overdue for an Oscar.

Oogle monster

So is this the year where Amy Adams goes from being a 3-time Oscar nominee to a newly minted Oscar WINNER? Hopefully! I mean… we're not really going to award Anne Hathaway's singing & crying schtick, right?!


Judi Dench is not even in this category. Why is she in the picture?


Kidman will get a nomination somewhere this season but she's not getting an Oscar nom for Paperboy, it's much too out there for the Academy. But her reviews are certainly better than some of the probably nominees

Aunt Peg

I think that Helen Hunt is lead. Whilst her role is not the 'central' role in the film, she has nearly as much screen time as John Hawkes including scenes with the husband. I hope Fox do the right thing and push her for lead. She and John Hawke are wonderful in the film, as is the whole cast, and I consider them locks for nominations.

Ginger liu

Right film, wrong actress. Your photo is wrong.


why not ziyizhang in the dangerous liaisons?she is the best in that movie.


I agree that Bette Midler deserves an Oscar ! Her performance in "Parental guidance" is told to be wonderful ! Please, a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for The Divine Miss M !


Where is Salma Hayek in Savages? This movie doesn't even appear in any cathegory… What a shame indiewire… The academy is also so oldfashioned even when this is Oliver Stone's greatest job so far.

Alberto Martínez

No Nicole Kidman for The Paperboy? :-(

Omar Badawi

I think Carmen Ejogo needs to be recognized for her captivating performance in Sparkle.


Best Supporting Actress nominee : I'd like to see BETTE MIDLER for "Parental guidance" !

ryan lindauer

amy adams wins…this is the kind of list a thirteen-year-old would make…

missing helena bonham carter for les mis, and have anne hathaway on there two too many times


Of the possible spoilers, I believe it will be Jennifer Lawrence, because many critics who have seen the film have stated that Lawrence steals the show.


1. Anne Hathaway РLes Mis̩rables; 2. Amy Adams РThe Master; 3. Olivia Williams РHyde Park on Hudson; 4. Samantha Barks РLes Mis̩rables; 5. Helen Hunt РThe Sessions. Sorry Sally Field, but you're in the same position before with "Forrest Gump"


Carmen Ejogo for Sparkle

Babyfaced Assassin

Michelle Pfeiffer- People Like Us; everything that a good supporting performance should be about!

sexy stan



Anne Hathaway in TDKR


Emma Thompson, Effie.


1.) Vanessa Redgrave- Song for Marion
2.) Anne Hathaway- Les Miserables
3.) Amy Adams- Master
4.) Annette Bening- Imogene
5.) Judi Dench- Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


People!! Whitney Houston – Sparkle!

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