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Alfre Woodard Says She’s Bringing The Life Of Fannie Lou Hamer To TV In 4-Hour Film

Alfre Woodard Says She's Bringing The Life Of Fannie Lou Hamer To TV In 4-Hour Film

While on the red carpet at the 2013 Art Directors Guild Awards gala earlier this month, actress Alfre Woodard revealed in an interview, when asked what projects she’s currently working on, that she’s bringing the life of Fannie Lou Hamer to the small screen in what she says will be a 4-hour film – likely broken up into 2 parts.

Hamer was a voting rights activist and civil rights leader, instrumental in organizing Mississippi Freedom Summer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and later became the Vice-Chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

She was known for her electrifying oratory presence, and relentless pursuit of civil rights for all.

Woodard didn’t say if she’ll be playing Hamer in the 4-hour film, but my guess is she likely will be, although obviously in her later life. Hamer died on March 14, 1977 at age 59.

However, she could also very well just be producing it, with some other actress (or actresses) starring.

Here’s the interview:

Alfre Woodard on Bringing The Fannie Lou Hamer… by starcam

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robert alpert

People turn dear mrs Hamer to suit their agendas, she said to me "ain't no way I can hate anyone and hope to see God's face" she was also a great foe of abortion please do her the dignity of telling HER story. I think more people should know about her but more –that we are called to witness the "costly grace" that drove her militancy. She (and many of the southern women) in SNCC were driven by a religious agenda which was emphasis the dignity of of the human person –other freedom fighters I knew were driven by a secular agenda which is fine but I think it was Unita Blackwell (I could be wrong) who said "God set her aside to do his work" (I may have that wrong) I don't think many committed people–like Anne Braden got that–please tell her story not a 2013 version–I wish you much good fortune

Robert Alpert

Did You know Mrs. Hamer? were you in her house? Do you know what she would have thought of that vulgar interview? Do you read scripture? Do you think she thought she was a "star" Her dignity is violated she might have said what about Herbert Lee I KNOW SHE WOULD HAVE SAID WHAT ABOUT JO -ETHA-COLLIER!!!! Hollywood making a film about her "PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD FOR WE WAR NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD BUT AGAINST THRONES AND PRINCIPALITIES" She would have been horrified


I am very happy to hear about this. If financials are a stumbling block I hope Samuel Jackson, Louis Gossett, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier,Danny Glover, Oprah, Denzel, Will, Forest, and yes even Barack/Michelle Obama will contribute to get this great story told.



Thank Gawd, Angela Bassett isn't leading this project. I would've screamed obscenities if that dynamo of an actress kept needlessly typecasting herself like that. The horror.

Congrats to Alfre though! We don't see her talents nearly enough.


Great. Alfre is a such a talent.


YES!!!!! It's about time Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer had her story told on screen. She, and many other women of the modern civil rights movement deserve the recognition. And I'm glad that Woodard is heading up the effort, because of the legacy that she's established herself. This is all good. Next up, The Ella Baker Story!

reading the writers

Glory Glory Hallelujah! I am sooooo glad to read this. I have always valued and enjoyed Alfre Woodard's work. And a 4 hour made for television project is fabulous. Go 'head Ms. Woodard, use your platform to tell the story of this 0h-so-important woman. I hear Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer singing "This Little Light of Mine"!

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