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Another Image From ‘Riddick’ – Diesel On His Throne

Another Image From 'Riddick' - Diesel On His Throne

In this week’s totally non-essential news, there hasn’t hasn’t been much coming out about the upcoming third installment of the on-going Riddick sci-fi series, entitled simply Riddick

But now this new image has just been released, showing Vin Diesel on his badass throne, contemplating the burden of the universe.

Along with this photo, there is this quote from Diesel himself: “It has been 9 years since the Chronicles of Riddick was released… all along I knew I would eventually have to return to that dark place, the mind of an Alpha Furyan…”

That’s it. That’s all so far. One assumes that more will be eventually come out before the R rated film’s release on September 6th.

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I thought the original movie was well done, it had many images of African or Islamic imagery. I really enjoyed it but I thought there is no way he'd get funding for another. So imagine my surprise when he did! I've got to hand it to him, those Fast and Furious movies are making tons of money and their diversity in unknown in any other movie franchise. The fact that the last movie was filmed in Brazil was a brilliant movie. They know where the future of film is going to be. (where ever brown people are)


Wouldn't surprise me if that's a nod to Conan.

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