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Benedict Cumberbatch Circling Role Of Alan Turing In Black-Listed Biopic ‘The Imitation Game’

Benedict Cumberbatch Circling Role Of Alan Turing In Black-Listed Biopic 'The Imitation Game'

It seems like Benedict Cumberbatch is starting to get a taste for biopics of socially awkward computer geniuses who change the world. The “Sherlock” star is currently filming “The Fifth Estate,” in which he’s playing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, and now he’s lining up another hot role, in the shape of tragic mathematician Alan Turing.

Deadline reports that the British actor, next to be seen as the villain in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” is in “deep discussions” to star in “The Imitation Game,” which Black Bear Pictures are backing. The film is a biopic of Turing, who helped to crack the Enigma code during World War II, and paved the way for modern computing. But he was prosecuted for homosexuality in the 1950s, causing him to be chemically castrated, and he eventually killed himself with a cyanide-laced apple (which gave the name and logo to Steve Jobs‘ computing company decades later).

The script, by Graham Moore, topped the 2011 Black List, and was initially set up at Warner Bros, with Leonardo DiCaprio and David Yates among the talent interested. “The Disapperarance Of Alice Creed” director J Blakeson landed the gig, but Warners dropped the project, and Blakeson was replaced by”Headhunters” helmer Morten Tyldum. Now the film’s gearing up, with financing fully in place, and the presence of the increasingly hot Cumberbatch is sure to get the film close to production.

There’s no firm date for production yet, but with Cumberbatch due to film season three of “Sherlock” once he’s done with his blonde Assange wig, it’s hard to see it rolling before the summer. But that’s likely to mean that it’ll be well placed for the 2014 awards season when the time comes. Anyway, this is potentially casting so perfect it’s amazing it didn’t happen sooner, and it certainly points towards an extremely promising film whenever it arrives.

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This photo is fucking attractive.


SP–are you KIDDING ME??? Leonardo DiCaprio is a FINE actor. His falling, IF it can be called that, is that he was to G-damned good in the Jack role in "Titanic." Prior to that role he was exceptional in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" (did not see one other film he's been praised for). Leo has ALWAYS been underestimated in roles DUE to being so big as Jack in "Titanic." And that is Both the Studios' and Audiences' fault who want Actors to REMAIN one way when ACTING means being able to BE SEVERAL others. Sure, there's Type-casting, BUT no Role is a CARBON of another regardless of who's playing it!


It is actually a misconception that apple got its name and symbol from Turing killing himself.


When Di Caprio was mentioned for this film I thought it was perfect for Cumberbatch and its great to see him finally attached. I hope this doesnt mean the Epstein film is pushed back years. I was looking forward to that too. He was also reading a script for Hugh Hefner a while back and that wetted my appetite too. However it does look like the chances of him appearing in a Marvel film like Doctor Strange are getting slimmer by the day.


I am actually waiting to see Cumberbatch to play a trailer trash, which is on his wish list as he had mentioned in his interview with LA Times last year, but with a black-listed script, I guess the trailer trash can wait.


Great casting. Leo DiCaprio would have been a wrong fit for this role. Benedict Cumberbatch is an effortless thespian with unbelievable range ( he reminds me of Lawrence Olivier ) . I can always tell Leo is acting, and his difficult to hide boyishness hurts his manly roles. Cumberbatch is another Brit actor that will take over Hollywood.

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