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Blair Underwood To Topline Reboot Of ‘Ironside’ For NBC

Blair Underwood To Topline Reboot Of 'Ironside' For NBC

My generation will no doubt remember that old Ironside TV show on NBC, back during the late 60’s to the mid-70’s or so. It was huge hit for the network. If you remember the show, I’ll bet you can remember how the show’s theme music started. I’ll also bet that it’s even been sampled by rappers.

Starring Raymond Burr, who already was a TV icon for playing lawyer Perry Mason for many years, on the hit CBS show, Ironisde was a detective series in which Burr played a tough big city cop who was shot and left paralyzed from the waist down, from an assassination attempt; and with a group of young able-bodied assistants, he solved tough crimes plaguing the city.

Now NBC has decided that what worked in the past can work again, and has cast Blair Underwood in a pilot reboot of Ironside for a potential series. It’ll be his first TV series gig since the failed sci-fi NBC show The Event.

Interestingly this kind of shows you how have things have changed..somewhat.

On the old show, there was a black character, played by Don Mitchell, whose basic job was to push Ironside around in his wheelchair. Now this time it’s the black guy who’s boss, who gets pushed around.

This is part of the development/talend holding agreement Underwood signed with NBC/Universal TV last year.

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Rick Rothermel

Might be interesting, but only if NBC has jettisoned all their know-nothing programming heads from the last 20 years or so. Boomtown, Southland, and more, excellent, adventurous series that were cut for little reason because one of the heads didn't 'like' them enough to give them a righteous time slot.

This fine actor played in another cop show… High Incident … A Dreamworks/Stephen Spielberg EP series in the late 90s on ABC… and turned in a great performance, including his turn in the finale' episode, 'Shootout', a stirring take n the infamous North Hollywood Shootout, written by Ann Donahue, now exec on the myriad CSI series. Blair is one of those actors who shines best when put in great situations by epic writers.

I hope it works, but givebn the times and the locale (San Francisco) I fear it would become another nauseating preach-fest about gays/abortion/whatever PC drivel is the fashion this week. I wish Blair Underwood the best…


I would not be just a nuffun', my head all full of stuffin', my heart all full of pain. I would dance and be merry, life would be a ding-a-derry, if I only had a brain.

Yep, that's right, I am again singing the Scarecrow's song "If I Only Had A Brain." I mean, anyone who believes this project is heading for Hitsville USA, can't have a brain made out of anything but straw. Are you kidding me… Raymond Burr, Perry Mason, Ironsides and who? I'll tell you who… anybody except a black man.

Listen, I've probably said this 100 times, white people are in no hurry to spend their time watching a black man in a lead TV role (period!), especially not the iconic figure Ironside.

Soooooo, with the thoughts they be thinkin', they could be another Lincoln, if they only had a brain.


If they secure solid writers, we may finally see Blair get the hit vehicle that he deserves.


First Kojak with Vin Diesel, now this. I'm sure a Columbo reboot (with Taye Diggs) is coming too. But interesting choice for Blair. I wouldn't have predicted they'd go this route. My expectations are low, since NBC just hasn't done well recently with dramas revolving around black characters – Undercovers, and now Deception. The former was canceled before the end of its first season; the latter will likely be canceled since ratings haven't been all-that great.


Sergio forgot to mention that the Ironside's theme was created by Quincy Jones.


Good googa mooga! Sergio, thanks for selecting THIS picture of Blair!


Let's hope Blair's series can last a season or two.

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