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Bruce Willis Says There Will Be Sixth ‘Die Hard,’ Speaks Out Against Gun Control

Bruce Willis Says There Will Be Sixth 'Die Hard,' Speaks Out Against Gun Control

So the fifth entry in the wheezing “Die Hard” franchise comes out in just over a week, and surprisingly, it’s taken this long for the inevitable talk about a sixth entry to crop up. But with Bruce Willis on the press trail, the question has been asked, and the answer from the actor is simple: “Yes.”

That’s the answer he gave BBC‘s “One Show” (via Bleeding Cool) when they asked about “Die Hard 6,” but really, that’s about it so we won’t speculate further. Basically, as it always goes, if the movie does gangbusters and is a big success, you can bet Fox will hire hack Skip Woods (who wrote this one along with stuff like “Hitman” and “Swordfish“) or whoever to fart out another script. If not, look for a reboot in a few years. Franchises just don’t die…they just go away for a while. But post-Sandy Hook and Aurora, the question of violence in media and gun control is one that increasingly comes up in press rounds and Willis has weighed in on the touchy subject of gun control. And he’s against it.

“I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone,” Willis told The Associated Press (via NYPost). ”If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn’t they take all your rights away from you?” He also adds that “there’s no way to legislate against insanity.” We’re sure the NRA will send him an awesome gift basket next Christmas. 

But however you may feel about his stance that perhaps limiting military grade weapons and magazines might be a benefit to society, rather than wholesale destruction of the fabric of everything we hold dear, his thoughts on whether or not entertainment plays a role is a bit more even keeled. “No one commits a crime because they saw a film. There’s nothing to support that,” Willis said. “We’re not making movies about people that have gone berserk, or gone nuts. Those kind of movies wouldn’t last very long at all.”

So, some thought provoking comments from John McClane on an issue that continues to inspire furious debate. But if you believe in freedom and sequels, go see “A Good Day To Die Hard” on Valentine’s Day. 

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As much of America holds a death grip on their guns, we should be asking why we are so dependent on the idea of protecting ourselves and from what? We live in a post-9/11 society in which fear is bred 24 hours a day through television and media. Other countries with similar social structures such as the UK don’t have this problem and don’t have guns in the hands of every man, woman and child. Read more about Living in a Society of Fear and how we are at War with Ourselves at


Bruce Willis gives me douche chills. I hear Die Hard 5 is shit and all the more reason to not pay to see it.


Bruce Willis is correct. Bruce Willis is awesome n I will definitely will see his movies


w/e, if he wants to be a dickhead about it maybe I'll be swayed to not see this or GI Joe. I was always going to wait for reviews anyways, but this may tip the scale


Bruce Willis is a Republican, of course he is opposed to gun control.

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