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Comedian (And Former ‘The Onion’ Writer) Baratunde Thurston Responds to Wallis Insult Controversy

Comedian (And Former 'The Onion' Writer) Baratunde Thurston Responds to Wallis Insult Controversy

Comedian, satirist and author (“How To be Black”) Baratunde Thurston has just publicly come out with a statement responding to The Onion’s stupid and offensive tweet about Quvenzhane Wallis during last night’s Oscar boroadcast.

His response was anticipated since Thurston, until last year, worked at The Onion as a writer and as their Director of Digital. 

The question is, do you buy what he says, or is he, pardon my French, trying to cover his ass?

Here’s his statement completely unedited:

I missed the Oscars last night, and so I missed the live tweeting, and so I missed The Onion’s tweet about Quvenzhané Wallis (just use google if you don’t know what i’m talking about). I’ve been flooded with questions about what they were thinking and why didn’t I stop it, and “SERIOUSLY BARATUNDE YOU ARE BLACK HOLLA AT YOUR BOYS WTF!!??” 

First, I haven’t worked there since May so don’t KNOW anything about this incident from an insider perspective. I’m not a spokesperson. I’m not an advocate or defender. I’m not their official black friend. I’m just writing this as ME though I’m clearly in a position to have some perspective since I tweet hard and used to do so with/at The Onion and do/love comedy and satire and also amazing child actors.

Second, I think I understand the underlying target of the joke: The Onion largely satirizes media and the general public. Everyone fawning over a clearly lovely and innocent little girl presents an opportunity to go the opposite direction with something contrasting and clearly false. It was also a take on tabloid media extremism. (I’m remembering the headline about the media’s struggles in covering Obama’s double homicide) but it was an extremely high risk move and missed that target by WIDE margin. Limited upside. HORRIBLE downside.

It wasn’t necessary and was loaded with horrible language. In the context of what I’ve read about Seth McFarlane’s jokes, I feel especially bad for Wallis and her family who won’t “get” or care what the comedic idea was and only know that some comedy news organization called their little girl a disgusting, sexist name. It just comes across as mean. Intention does matter, and based on my time there, I’m sure the intent was not, “Hey let’s call this little girl a cunt. Ha. Ha.” However, RECEPTION and context matter as well, and this utterly failed in that regard.

I’m glad The Onion removed the tweet (which BTW for that outlet is a massive massive decision).

Also FYI, this is not some new practice of “Baratunde Tries To Explain Place He No Longer Works At,” and due to time constraints and other priorities, I’m unlikely to get into back and forth commentary beyond this post for now. I don’t like explaining jokes. I don’t like overly deconstructing art in general or The Onion in particular, but this was an extraordinary situation, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and try to address the scores of questions people have been asking me.

Also, I believe the children are the future.

h/t to Candace Allen

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Have you ever seen a fat chick with mace on her keyring and think…"come on, sweety…lets not flatter ourselves."


Oh, yes, Baratunde, because satire is an acceptible excuse for picking on a child! Your little " I believe the children are the future" statement is irrelevent, random, and doesn't hide your slave mentality. You're a ridiculous black male who has been brainwashed deeply into white supremacy. You suck, and I pity you.


I reread what Baratunde Thurston wrote twice just to make sure I was comprehending what I was reading. Seriously, what is wrong with you? Not even one statement to support the innocence of a young, black girl. I guess your allegiance to the onion is worth more. Unbelievable.


Oh my! Get real, everyone. The statement was not called for, no.
However, it seems EVERYONE has forgotten one very important thing.
That statement was 99% ABOUT GEORGE CLOONEY. 1% about the young girl. The statement, is in fact, TRUE since they were pointing out that GEORGE dates EXTREMELY YOUNG LADIES


Come on now we know black people never have each others back, "too busy being jealous of each other", his response was exactly what I thought it would be. He still has to work you know, "with the white man".


@sagevalentine you forgot to add Amandla Stenberb from the Hunger Games movie. She received plenty of not so nice comments from closeted racists? This seems to be a new pattern.


First Gabby Douglass…now Quvenzhane…..smdh.

It is not okay to make fun of a 9 year old girl…period.

Quvenzhane Wallis is a brilliant little lady who has quite a career ahead of her. If not acting then she will become a dentist. Whoever, it was who wrote the tweet should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that this black history month makes this comment even more annoying. It is bad enough that the media butchered her name and used it as punch line. Not cool.

As for the Oscar voter who claimed that Quvenzhane would not recieve an Oscar because of her name….whatever. If you can learn how to pronounce Gruffudd(Gri-fith), Wasikowska(Vasicowska),Weiss (Vice),Joaquin and Fiennes (fines) then, you can pronounce Quvenzhane.

This is why I did not watch the Oscars for more than a half hour. I turned the channel to watch The Walking Dead instead.


"Second, I think I understand the underlying target of the joke: The Onion largely satirizes media and the general public. Everyone fawning over a clearly lovely and innocent little girl presents an opportunity to go the opposite direction with something contrasting and clearly false". <<<Due to responses like this and "freedom of speech" we are currently at a time where people can say ANYTHING about ANYONE, and it's really sad.

"In the context of what I've read about Seth McFarlane's jokes, I feel especially bad for Wallis and her family who won't "get" or care what the comedic idea was and only know that some comedy news organization called their little girl a disgusting, sexist name. It just comes across as mean."<<< Not only did he give his former employer a pass, he also insults Miss Walli's ENTIRE family by saying that they won't "get" the joke. Really?!!! He better hope noone ever calls his future daughters anything derogatory.

"Intention does matter, and based on my time there, I'm sure the intent was not, "Hey let's call this little girl a cunt. Ha. Ha." However, RECEPTION and context matter as well, and this utterly failed in that regard".<<< This is another problem. How does he know the intention of the tweeter? As he stated above, he no longer works there, so how does he purport to know the mind/intentions of the individual who sent the tweet? Is he psychic? Why is he defending an anonymous person? He ultimately blames the audience for not "receiving" the message properly in his opinion as opposed to calling out The Onion for the offensive tweet. He then makes sure to let everyone know that he won't be going back and forth on the issue, so that he won't have to have genuine dialogue about this topic. He would have been better staying silent on this issue.


What kind of diseased mind even associates a child with that word, and has the nerve to publicize it? I really appreciate Wendell Pierce's reaction to this, and wish I could say I'm surprised by these "liberal" neanderthals but I'm not. Someone mentioned if this was said about Suri Cruise the entire Onion staff would be unemployed today. Yes that's because of her father, but that brings up classism in addition to everything else—a little girl who does not have a Hollywood pedigree should not be up for fair game by some deviant looking for a cheap laugh.

Getthesenets brought up a good point about Twitter rules, I don't know them either but at the least the Onion CEO should be ashamed enough to fire that loser, and contact Ms. Wallis' parents to offer a personal apology–never mind simply posting one on the Internet.


I knew people would jump on BT because he isn't frothing at the mouth, leading a mob to storm the offices of The Onion. I'm glad the brother had a level headed response.


I made the comment about Seth's jokes at Oscars being in poor taste (with aCHILD in the front row) before I knew about ths story.

just poor taste.

Grown man or woman tweeting this flith about kid is just some loser shit. Even if your brain works like that were you would THINK of saying something like that, don't you have a conscience?

F these hipster low life racist pedo MFers.

and is there a law on the books that covers this type of incident?
at the very least, I would think this violates some kind of twitter rule ( i don't twitter, so I don't know)


What's to "get?" Your shameful and fawning defense of Onion and pitiful explanation for their ascribing such a vile, pornographic word upon the innocence of a little girl shows that you are also part of the problem.


The Onion has changed…. For the worse. Period. What was said was not a joke. It has no comedic value, as many I wish I was a commedian, commedians who think they are funny. BTW I don't think a former writer has to answer for or cover his A$$ I don't get that logic. Let's just bring someone black up front and smooth this over. Well, that didn't work for me. Get a brain and write something that makes sense.


Um, what would he be"covering his ass" about? He had nothing to do with this, at all.

I think his statement was well put, and I would basically say the same thing.

The wording of what The Onion said was just meant for an incendary response. You cannot use the word cunt in the direction of a female, black, innocent child and not expect ears to perk up, and buttons to get pushed. It's sexually charged, and them people then bring a racial aspect to it. That plane not only crashed, but it was then hit with a nuclear bomb.

If they said something different, something to the effect of "Quvenzhane's the worst person ever" or something else absurd like that, just in a PG way, no one would be talking about The Onion today.


I think that's a perfect response. Whoever wrote the tweet was targeting how beloved Quevenzhane is and didn't factor in any racial implications or how ugly that word is. I don't think there was ill intent, but it came off terribly and never should have happened in the first place.


What would he be covering his ass about?


Baratunde Thurston???????

WTF,,,did Gilligan's island boat shipwreck in Nigeria and the rich guy married local woman?

F the onion and whoever wrote the bullshit? Just name the person who WROTE the tweet..have him or her publicly apologize…and leave it at that…..the more BT acts like he's not the tap dancing Black friend…..the more he sounds EXACTLY like that guy.
if you have to explain a "joke"'s not any parts of funny..

lowlife stuff masquerading as "jokes" has been a problem for pop culture for years now…stuff that would only be said in private "roasts" now standard humor

blue humor is easy to do…being a lowlife is easy also.


He doesn't work there anymore and he hasn't worked there for a long while now. It is not his responsibility to address something he had no input on. I agree withe this statement and if I were him, I would not have a desire to do PR for company I don't work for anymore

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