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Could Peter Dinklage Be A Motion-Capture CGI Villain In ‘X-Men:Days Of Future Past’?

Could Peter Dinklage Be A Motion-Capture CGI Villain In 'X-Men:Days Of Future Past'?

Okay, so we’re less than 24 hours from when it was first announced that Peter Dinklage would be joining “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” and the rumor mill is in full swing. His character is being kept under wraps, which led many to start ruminating on who he could be, with the actor’s unique size suggesting he might be Puck or Toad. But a couple new bits of info have changed the thinking a little bit.

Variety is confidently reporting that Dinklage actually will play the villain and “main antagonist” of the movie, though of couse, there’s no specifics on who exactly that will be. However, a recent statement by Bryan Singer has caused many to cock an eyebrow and stroke their chin. Speaking with MTV about the 3D and motion-capture gizmos he used on “Jack The Giant Slayer,” Singer said: “I definitely want to use this technology again, and I might even be using some of it in a different way in ‘X-Men.’ I don’t wanna say how, yet, but I’m definitely using some of this technology on ‘X-Men’ which I never used in any of the other ‘X-Men’ films.”

When pressed if he meant there might be a fully CGI character like the giants in ‘Slayer,’ Singer got a bit cagey saying, “That’s the thing I don’t want to talk about. I’m not sure. I’m doing research on it now.”

So does 1+1=CGI Dinklage? Taking that ball and running with it, Badass Digest is tossing out a theory that the actor could be playing Mister Sinister, a character co-created by Chris Claremont, who also happened to write the ‘Days Of Future Past’ story. The thinking here is that Minister Sinister isn’t iconic so he can played around with and is malleable enough that he can be written to fit into the storyline. It’s not the worst idea we’ve heard today, so it’s decent enough for speculation. And certainly, without CGI, the number of baddies Dinklage could play isn’t that long.

Your thoughts? Who do think Dinklage will play as the villain? Weigh in below.

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we always would want to see En Sabah Nur / Apocalypse along with Mister Sinister ( Apocalypse's Partnership ) and Holocaust ( Apocalypse's Son ) they are awesome villain bosses for X-men DOFP 2014 and they also are dealing with Sentinel plot

bring ;

1. famke janssen as a bigger role ( white phoenix of the crown )
2. charlize theron as emma frost
3. halle berry as an x-men leader ( Storm )
4. angelina jolie as scarlet witch
5. rebecca romijn as mystique ( working to join for Apocalypse )
6. kelly hu as lady deathstrike ( working to join for Apocalypse )
7. James Marsden as Cyclops
8. Ian Somerhalder as Havok
9. Taylor Kitsch as Gambit
10. Terry Crew as Bishop
11. Vinie Jones as Juggernaut
12. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
13. Tyler Mane as Sabretooth
14. Cliev Owen as Avalanche
15. Kevin Durand as Blob
16. Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
17. Daniel Cudmore as Colossus


Sentinels are the fully CG aspect. Think Dinklage is playing Bolivar Trask.


There are a lot of speculative leaps being made here. Chaining two different (and probably not directly related) items – "Dinklage is the villain" and "There might be a CGI character" – with the name of a random villain might make for an tantalizing rumor, but pardon me if I don't take it seriously; it's at about the same level of serious reportage as arbitrarily combining the Dinklage news with any other bit of news about the production. "Singer confirmed that Richard Nixon will be a character in the film? This just in: the villain is going to be Richard Nixon, played by a mo-capped Peter Dinklage!" C'mon, guys.


Him playing a mo-cap character bigger in size was my first thought. Reminded me of Ray Winstone playing Beowulf.


World's greatest small guy actor to play Motion Capture big guy, he's gonna be a sentinel, or not but I love the Dink.

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