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Disney CEO Bob Iger Confirms ‘Star Wars’ Character Stand Alone Movies, But Not Part Of The Overall Saga

Disney CEO Bob Iger Confirms 'Star Wars' Character Stand Alone Movies, But Not Part Of The Overall Saga

So, remember that rumor from earlier today about how Disney was possibly planning a Yoda stand alone as part of their expansive “Star Wars” plans? Well, it just got a bit more weight from someone pretty high up the food chain.

Disney CEO Bob Iger chatted with CNBC today and dropped a pretty big bombshell: yes, “Star Wars” stand alone films are in the works and they will be “derived from great ‘Star Wars’ characters that are not part of the overall saga.” That last bit is the one that will be the biggest speculation point. Iger essentially says that while the plan is still to deliver “Star Wars” episodes 7-9, it seems they are not going to be employing the Marvel approach of massive world building. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We’d wager it’ll allow writers and directors to explore other areas of classic characters without having to adhere to a larger arc, so we could get young Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi (for example) which is a fascinating prospect. It also bodes well for people clamoring for a Boba Fett flick, and not tying it into the main series opens up a lot of possibilities. As reported in the fall, Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are penning these spinoffs, but are also doing it in consultation with “Star Wars: Episode 7” helmer J.J. Abrams.

One more thing: CNBC tweets that the rough release plan for these first batch of “Star Wars” movies is 2015-2021 — which means the suits are doing some, very, very long term thinking here. 

So here we go: what character do you want see in a standalone flick? Tell us below. While we were definitely wary of a Luke Skywalker movie tied to the main saga, freed from those constraints makes it much, much more interesting.

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Yoda is really my favorite character, by far the most intresting character & with him they could have a lot to show us. They could go back in time with a young yoda & show us the first war sith/jedi + the relationship yoda/dark sidious… they could go on and on.
I must admit that I have worries on how will Disney adapt it, I hope he won't be some kind of weird little green creature that you just wanna hug because he's actually awesomely bad-ass, he can fight so I hope that's what we will see.


Oh man, I have always really wanted a Darth Maul movie. That would be so badass.


So glad Kasdan is working on this. One of my SW fantasies is Kasdan having directed the prequels at the height of his directorial talents in the early 90s. I'd still like to see him give on of these a shot in the director's chair


Goddamn HAN SOLO! Leia is dead. Luke is off training his young Jedi apprentices, and Solo is 70 and a rogue once again. Kasdan could come up with something great that would appeal to Ford.

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