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‘Django Unchained’ Coming To DVD April 16

'Django Unchained' Coming To DVD April 16

So the waiting is over. Django Unchained will very soon make its debut on DVD.

The film will be released on both Blu-ray and standard DVD through The Weinstein Company and Anchor Bay home video on April 16th, and can be currenly pre-ordered on

No word yet about extra features, though there are sure to be a ton of them, includuing several commentaries and "making of" features. And most likely, the DVD will include both the 165 minutes theatrical cut, and the original 192 minutes versions of the film. 

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Can somebody tell me why this site spent so much Time over what Spike Lee said about this film as if somebody was even going to follow his lead. He can't even get people to see his own film so why would we anybody think people would not see Django just because He would not. Like it or not the guy really holds no power in a Tyler Perry- Will Packer world. No trying to hate on the dude just never understood what the fuss was over somebody that people don't listen to in the first place. His rants on Eastwood did not work, his rants on Tyler Perry really did not work because TP is still on top on the world. His rants on his own cuz did not work and looking at Django Boxoffice his openion zero effect. Anyway looking forward to Director cut.


Can not wait. This movie was great. Sure it will be an even bigger Hit on DVD.


I wonder how many more people are going to claim this movie as an actual history story. I've ran into teachers claiming it really happened and they plan on using it for their lectures. Educated does not mean intelligent.


Who gives a F#@$

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