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Emma Watson May Put On The Glass Slipper For Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella’

Emma Watson May Put On The Glass Slipper For Kenneth Branagh's 'Cinderella'

At one time, Saoirse Ronan, Alicia Vikander and Gabriella Wilde were in the running for the title part in Disney‘s (inevitable) live action reboot of “Cinderella.” But that was before Mark Romanek exited the movie over differences about his cash and his vision for the movie, ultimately to be replace at the end of January by Kenneth Branagh. And now a new leading lady seems to be ready to put on the glass slipper.

Variety reports that Emma Watson is in early talks to take on the role in the Branagh directed movie. The trade notes the three names above along with Playlist fave Imogen Poots were in the running, but for a variety of reasons none of them could be locked down. If Watson takes the role, she’ll be joining Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother in the Chris Weitz and Aline Brosh McKenna-penned tale that is presumably bringing a fresh spin to a familiar story. It’s the latest in Disney’s new string of big budget fairy tale/fantasy movies based on existing properties that started with “Alice In Wonderland,” continues this year with “Oz The Great The Powerful” and will keep running in 2014 with “Maleficent.” (Oh yeah, we suppose “John Carter” counts but we don’t want to remember that one).

It would be a return to blockbuster territory for Watson, who has been spending her post-Potter time in fare like “My Week With Marilyn,” “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” and the upcoming “The Bling Ring.” She’s also got a role in Darren Aronofsky‘s “Noah,” which we suppose is a blockbuster too, but certainly not a conventional one. Disney is aiming to get this one in front of cameras in the fall. 

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I love Emma. Her acting is Perks earns her San Diego Critics Award. maybe that's a sign of her slowly being a stronger actress. I hope she will be better and better in the future.

Saiorse Ronan is a good actress too… the only movie of her I don't really like is probably The Host from Stephenie Meyer book. I don't like the book and the trailers, so maybe the only thing I like is going to her her acting.

Simon Paiva

I have nothimg against Watson, but I agree that in spite of all her supossed likeability, she is not a strong actress, not even a good one in my opinion. Now the biggest dissapointment for me is that Saiorse Ronan is not going to be involved in this, I'm a huge fan of hers ever since her terrific breaktrough role in Atonement ( for which she was nominated for an Oscar), and I've been following her carrer ever since. She has so much depth and is an outstanding actress (I am looking forward to see her in Mary, Queen of Scots) , if this role had been hers and if it would have been directed by Mark Romanek, who directed the amazing Never Let Me Go, then I would be on opening day to watch this.


I thought watson was in beauty and the beast now cinderella I was pulling for ronan or vikander even wilde.


After hearing that Romanek left/was fired because the studio thought his take was too out there and not broad enough i knew this thing was gonna suck. Now we got Branagh, who's like about as stock as it gets. Oh and Ronan isnt listed at all in Variety's report, probably turned this down, good for her. But Cate…….Nooooo!!

Alan B

I feel the same way about Branagh as I do about Scorsese and Lucas: "dude, just do the personal film that you're always harping on about!" In the same way that Scorsese has pushed back 'Silence' since forever, Branagh has recently been committing to blockbusters instead of the other, more personal projects that he's been linked to, like the political film set in '60s Ireland, the Henning Mankell adaptation 'Italian Shoes' (which could be a 'Marigold Hotel'-style hit with Dench and Hopkins involved) and the post-war drama 'The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society', with Kate Winslet. Clearly, Branagh knows what is like to be stranded in the commercial wilderness so he wants to be as marketable a director as possible, but I would also like to see the guy handle something a little more intimate after 'Jack Ryan'.


So glad to hear this. Emma is the best. I didn't have much hope for the other girls anyway. None of them have the same charisma that Emma possess.


I was rooting for Alicia Vikander as Cinderella, so prettier and more talented than Watson! Sorry , Watson is all kinds of nice, funny and lovely girl but as an actress she's a little weak.


Aww man I was really looking forward to seeing Imogen Poots, when I kind of joke casted the Disney princesses, Imogen was either Cinderella or Aurora for me. But I guess Emma Watson could work, wonder if they will dye her hair blond if they go that route.


OMG, stop making these stupid wannabe-blockbuster fairy tales.


She seems determined to play a fairytale princess! Wasn't she attached to a different Cinderella ages ago? And she's also attached to a Guillermo del Toro to play Sleeping Beauty.

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